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Neighbours Episode 2360 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2360
Australian airdate: 07/04/95
UK airdate: 30/11/95
UK Gold: 16/11/01
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Summary/Images by: Clare
Previously on Neighbours
- Cheryl says that Danni's really busy and was home after 3 AM, now too tired for school
- Stonie stuns Cody with a present of a laptop
- Billy tells Mal he needs to wear Karl's safari suit the next day to school as a punishment
- Cheryl realises that Lolly has tried eating a tube of cream
- Lou decides to ring Karl but no luck
Libby is on the phone as Lou arrives and tells Karl that Lolly's swallowed some analgesic cream. Lou is worried as Susan grabs Karl's bag but Karl reassures him. They're not sure how much Lolly got hold of. Everyone looks stunned as Karl and Lou leave.
Cheryl is trying to give a now crying Lolly a bottle as Karl arrives and stops her. He looks at the cream. He gets ready to listen to Lolly's chest anthd tells Cheryl to empty the milk in the bottle. He asks for water instead.
Hannah is telling Helen that cool Lucy has offered to let Hannah wear some of her clothes. Helen thinks they will be too big, Hannah points out they're on the small side. Cody offers to lend Hannah some of her clothes. Hannah can go and watch any modelling work but Cody doesn't look so impressed. She rejects Hannah's offer to come too! Cody is considering moving out of No.26 as there won't be enough room when Lucy comes back. Helen thinks they've been fine before. Cody and Lucy have had their differences before but they're older and wiser now. Cody doesn't look so convinced!
Lolly is still crying as Karl requests an ambulance over the phone.
Later on, Brett is pacing. He and Danni go to the door as they hear the key in the lock. Lou, Cheryl and Karl have returned with a calm Louise. She's fine apart from being hungry, tired and cranky! Karl thinks she will be ok as well. Karl advises them all to ring the Poisons Information Centre if this happens again. Looking for Karl wasted time. Danni and Brett are happy to get Lolly off to bed.
Cheryl realises she should have known all the things to do but when it happened her clear thinking went out the window. Karl reassures her it's the same with his own kids. He's a parent before a doctor. Cheryl is very grateful, Karl doesn't think she will be so grateful after the bill! He advises them to watch her overnight as he leaves. Cheryl calls him back to smooth over past arguments. Karl brushes it off.
Lou's Place
Cody joins Jen at the table with their beers. Cody is worried about arguments as it is Lucy's family. Jen is rather taken by Phillip, Cody thinks they suit each other. Jen doesn't think it will change her and Cody's friendship. Cody thinks as she gets along with them both they'll both sound off to her. Jen promises not to do that. They banter about doing it anyway. Jen promises she won't do it, she doesn't think they will possibly fight!
Susan is relieved to hear Lolly will be ok. Susan thinks Karl still doesn't look or feel well. Mal has clothes to take to charity so Susan goes to find some. Billy points out he usually has to be nagged to do this! Billy thinks the bag is usually in the garage and reveals that Mal was trying to get rid of the safari outfit! Mal refuses to wear it the next day. Susan refuses to get involved as Billy got to choose the punishment. As Mal thinks it will never be forgotten he asks for another punishment. Billy chooses for Mal to wear Karl's slip ons as well as the safari outfit!
Lou claims the house is now childproof! Cheryl checks her list and is satisfied with it. She asks Danni and Brett to childproof their rooms and not leave little bits lying around. Brett points out as she's not crawling it will take a while! Lou admits he is at fault over the tube, Danni points out they're all capable of making mistakes. Cheryl wants Danni and Brett to read a book about Child Safety. She starts to go through it.
Danni is glad to escape when Mal knocks at the door. She's not impressed with his safari outfit and refuses to walk with him to school. She is worried it will ruin her reputation. Mal isn't impressed and knows who his friends are now! Brett chases after Mal.
Ramsay Street
Mal is still peeved after what's happened as Brett brushes it off. Mal worries about it. Hannah runs up laughing at his outfit and they tease him about his outfit as they head to school. Stonie catches up and asks Hannah where Cody is as he wants to hear about the laptop. Hannah reports that Cody has already left. Mal is impressed Stonie didn't comment, Stonie then turns around and laughs at him!
Danni lets them go ahead. Cheryl halts her to talk about the stage she's now going through. Danni denies this, Cheryl points out she is really ruthless. Cheryl tells her she needs to be assertive but doesn't need to walk over others. Libby is manipulated and Mal is bossed by Danni. Danni now refuses to walk to school with Mal and Cheryl thinks she's getting big for her boots. Danni points out that she's been put under pressure. Cheryl reminds her to consider others before she loses all her friends.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Helen, Jen and Cody are sitting at a table. Helen tells Cody that Lucy is looking forward to seeing Cody again but Cody is sceptical about this. Helen thought it would be too much for Lucy and Cody to share a room. Whilst Helen is away Lucy can have her room and they can sort something out when she returns. Helen and Reuben have been planning their itinerary and are looking forward to their trip. They plan to visit the Eiffel Tower and travel on a gondola. Jen thinks it's very romatic. Cody thinks Helen will be looking at Reuben instead of the sights most of the time! Helen will try her best to notice the sights and is off to buy a new wardrobe to wear.
Jen and Cody get down to studying. Jen wants to use the laptop but Cody isn't so keen. Jen realises it cost a lot but points out that Stonie insisted it was Cody's. Cody worries that the laptop has been stolen as Shane is known for getting items off the back of a lorry! Jen isn't sure this is the case but Cody can't think of any other explanation. Jen thinks Cody should look into what's really going on.
Erinsborough High
Everyone is still laughing about Mal's outfit and Mal vows his revenge. Packo comes over and compliments his outfit. She is reminded of the Coral Snakes lead singer who wears this by choice.
Danni wants a word with Mal so Packo heads off. She's heard from Brett the real reason for the outfit and apologises. Mal is fine with that but isn't impressed with the way she behaved this morning. He thinks she's getting up on herself which Danni denies. Him looking stupid gave her a shock which doesn't impress him. He now doesn't mind so much being different to everyone else. Danni thinks there are different levels of different. She reassures him that she is interested in him, not what he wears. Mal agrees to put the matter aside. She doesn't him to keep wearing it though!
Karl has his head in a bowl whilst Susan is on the phone telling Mr Ryder that Libby will be agreeable. She promises Libby will call him. Susan comes off the phone and Karl isn't impressed that the man keeps hassling Libby about the job. Libby didn't come to her decision lightly. A part time cadetship is available as none of the other candidates was right for the role. Libby can choose her own hours and she'll be able to put schoolwork first. Libby can get photography experience as well. Karl wonders if Libby will manage all this. Susan thinks Libby will do really well and get so much out of it.
KARL: I taught her everything she knows you know.
As Karl bends over the bowl again, Susan goes to crush his head and stops herself!
Erinsborough High
Libby is really pleased when Susan gives her the news. Susan doesn't want her to get a big head. They laugh about it. Susan is surprised to see that Mal is back in his ordinary clothes. Billy has apparently cancelled this punishment! Mal is pleased when Susan tells him Libby's news and congratulates his sister. Susan heads off. Mal thinks that Danni won't be impressed when she finds out but Libby doesn't look very bothered.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Stonie wants to know why Cody is still using pen and paper, Cody explains she's making notes. She wants an instruction manual for instructions for a programme but Stonie didnt get one. She asks for the name of the shop, he shrugs it off. As apparently Big Kev gave Stonie the laptop, Cody suggests Stonie asks him. Stonie promises to sort things out for her. Stonie isn't impressed she thinks he stole it, she thinks it's a fishy story. Cody is still sceptical so Stonie admits he didn't want to hurt Big Kev's feelings that he gave it to Cody. He wanted Cody to realise he really likes her, Cody apologises. Stonie brushes her off as she just always thinks the worst of him.
Erinsborough High
Danni is apologising to Packo and Libby. To make up for what she's done she is going to withdraw her application otherwise it wouldn't be fair otherwise. Libby doesn't think Danni would really do that for her. Danni wants to make amends and wants to know what's going on. Libby isn't impressed that she got the job when Danni pulled out of this. Libby doubts how genuine Danni would be now. Packo thinks Danni is a schemer which Danni denies.
Lou's Place
Karl is taking the mickey out of himself being praised as Lou and Cheryl laugh. Cheryl is still grateful as Karl brushes it off. Cheryl is impressed how he handled the situation and embarrassed how she's acted in the past.
KARL: Susan's often told me my bedside manner needs improving.
He admits to not being very easy to tolerate at times. He needs to head off and tries to pay, but Cheryl insists he doesn't need to. Karl accepts and heads off.
Erinsborough High
Libby isn't impressed at Danni's apology. Mal thinks that Danni was trying hard, Libby heads off.
Packo asks why he changed, clothes, he tells her that it happened after what Danni said. She wants to know why Danni has so much say. Mal denies this and Packo wants to know why she doesn't just want the real Mal. Packo's convinced that Danni has Mal just where she wants him and wants to know why he lets her get away with it. Mal wonders the same at times! If he wishes Packo would be the woman who really appreciates him for who he is!
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Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2360
Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2360
Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy, Cheryl Stark

Danni Stark, Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2360
Danni Stark, Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark

Jen Handley, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2360
Jen Handley, Cody Willis

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2360
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2360
Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark

Hannah Martin, Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2360
Hannah Martin, Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Stonie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2360
Stonie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2360
Helen Daniels

Jen Handley, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2360
Jen Handley, Cody Willis

Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2360
Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2360
Susan Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2360
Malcolm Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2360
Libby Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy, Leanne
Malcolm Kennedy, Leanne 'Packo' Packington

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