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Neighbours Episode 2350 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2350
Australian airdate: 24/03/95
UK airdate: 16/11/95
UK Gold: 02/11/01
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Ellen Karney: Jan Frazer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou tells Phil and Cody that the environmental report for the freeway has been altered.
- Karl tells Sam and biance that he's been asked to do a "Ask Doctor Karl" slot on the radio.
- Cody saves Phil from a terrible date.
- Lou and Brett work out who the corrupt councillor is.
Phil comes in looking rather depressed and tells Helen he had to rescued by "Cody and her friend". Helen advises him to join something he's really interested in, perhaps a sporting club, to meet people with similar interests. He says he's not interested in anything(!)
Lou and Brett are looking up Ellen Karney in the phone book. Brett advises Lou to make a political speech to the council about corruption.
Brett rings Ellen Karney (nee Ermack).
Libby tells Mal that she's not sure if she can take the Erinsborough News job - everyone thinks she should finish school.
Sam comes in and finds Marlene and Bianca still up. Marlene wants details about Cody, but Sam says they're just good friends. Sam says Annalise is coming home for a while before she goes overseas. Bianca rolls her eyes and says Annalise changes like the wind.
No.28, the following morning
Susan and Karl are having breakfast. Karl is nervous about his "Ask Doctor Karl" slot on the radio. Libby comes out and decides them she's decided to think about the job offer a bit longer, rather than rushing into anything.
Karl puts on his headphones and Lou introduces him. Karl immediately presses the wrong button and mutes his microphone!
Susan and the kids are listening in to Karl's radio segment and it's going reasonably well. However, they've run out of calls. Susan rings in with a boring question off Karl's list to help him out.
Brett is listening to Karl's radio segment and writing a speech for Lou. Cheryl moans that her feet are hurting. Maybe you shouldn't wear high heels, love. Brett advises her to ring Karl's radio show!
Mal decides to ring in to the radio show with an interesting question. Cheryl is on at the moment talking about her feet. He advises her not to wear fashion shoes. Cheryl is not amused and puts the phone down.
Mal is next and asks is sex is one of the best forms of exercises for the heart(!) Karl realises it's Mal and tells him to get off the line!
Lou congratulates Karl on his radio slot and says the fan mail will soon be pouring in!
Sam gives Bianca a leaflet about an organisation that helps puts kids back in touch with their estranged parents. She tells him stiffly that she'll look at it later.
Ramsay Street
Helen and Marlene are gardening and Marlene is trying to get some more details about Reuben(!) Susan comes over and they tell her that Karl was very good on the radio.
Helen has given Susan a lift. They see Phil and he tells them he's decided to join a badminton club - his first lesson is tonight.
Susan asks Phil if he has "any games for young- at- heart adults". He goes off to look.
No.22 (Back)
Lou likes the speech that Brett has written for him. He says they'll take the council by storm.
Cheryl tells Karl off about his advice on the radio this morning! Karl looks at her shoes and says he rests his case(!)
Susan comes in and tells karl she's got a present for him - it's a game of Twister!
Karl and Susan are playing Twister when the kids come in and just stare at them in bemusement.
Council Chamber
Lou and Brett see Ellen Karney coming. He asks her to read his speech in advance, but she says she's too busy. He presses the point, telling her to "just read it". He and Brett depart.
Everyone is playing Twister.
Helen asks Phil how his badminton lesson went. Phil says it went well, and he thinks Helen was right - he needs to start enjoying life for its own sake, not just to find a partner.
Biance tells Sam she's read the pamphlet about finding her parents. She isn't sure what to do - perhaps her mother didn't want her and hasn't given her another thought. Sam says her mum could just have been in bad circumstances. Bianca tells him she's decided to find her mum - she needs to know where she comes from.
Lou and Brett tell Cheryl that the council meeting was brilliant - both Karney and Oster resigned on the spot! Additionally, it looks like Lou is going to be elected Mayor!
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