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Neighbours Episode 2349 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2349
Australian airdate: 23/03/95
UK airdate: 15/11/95
UK Gold: 01/11/01
Writer: John Upton
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Vince Hayworth: David Strudwick
Hamish Dwyer: Stuart Fenton
Melissa Sidebottom: Sally Kiel
Simon Hornby: Mark Cutler
Melissa Yoe: Katherine Bedford
Nathan Frie: Karl McMillan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou and Brett discover proof that the freeway tendering process for dodgy.
- Jen invites Phil to a dinner on Friday night. Phil thinks Jen just feels sorry for him, and he can't make it anyway as he had his dating club.
- Brett discovers that the enrironmental report for the freeway has bene doctored.
- Libby is offered a cadetship at the Erinsborough News.
Cody finds Phil reading a fashion magazine(!) as he's worried about his dating club. Cody tells him to relax.
Cody tells Phil that she's working really hard at Uni, but feels everyone else is still miles ahead of her.
Lou comes in and tells them about the environmental report for the freeway.
Libby tells Karl and Susan that she's been offered a cadetship at the Erinsborough News. Billy tells them that Libby wants to leave school to take it up! Karl says it's out of the question, but Libby says she's thought about it carefully and is going to take the job.
Ramsay Street
Danni is obviously jealous of Libby's cadetship. Mal points out that Danni is going into fashion anyway!
Karl comes round to see Mark. He can't make the "Sex in the Nineties" lecture as he needs to talk to Libby. He gives Mark the notes and asks him to do it! He doesn't want to, so say he'll ask Phil instead!
Youth Centre
sam and Bianca show Danni their formal business agreement. Danni asks to have a look, saying she needs to get one donw with Ren soon.
Brett, Mal and Billy are playing table football. Mark and Phil come in and Mark introduces Phil as their replacement speaker for today.
Phil starts to read Karl's notes but it turns out they're the wrong ones. Phil just has to wing it! They start off talking about dating.
Karl tells Libby that she is not leaving school early while he is living under their roof, and Susan agrees. Libby cries and angrily tells them she'll move out if she has to!
Youth centre
Phil is just finishing up his talk on sex. He advises them all to be prepared - not only carrying condoms, but not to feel pressured.
PHIL: The best relationship you can have is with someone that you care about and that they care about you. That's the way it's always been with me at any rate.
Everyone applauds a rather- embarrassed Phil!
Cheryl thanks Luke for spotting the bulldozers moving in on the freeway.
Jen tells Cody that she's fed up of Phil not taking her seriously. Cody thinks Jen and Phil are made for each other. Jen says she doesn't think she'll come along to the dinner, she doesn't want to be the only single in a roomful of couples. Luke offers to stand in, but Jen says it's a bit sad to take your brother!
Susan is trying to calm Karl down. Karl is taking a hard line with Libby, but Susan says they have to be careful - what if Libby goes through with her threat to leave home?
Danni is making Mal try on her suit. He is initially reluctant, but has to admit it is quite sharp.
Ramsay Street
Billy is trying to train Holly to catch a frisbee in her mouth and failing miserably. Libby retrieves the frisbee and sees Brett coming out of his house. He's off to do some more freeway research. Danni and Mal come out and they laugh at his suit.
Sam is all dressed up to go to the dinner with Cody. Sam asks Bianca if she's thought about looking for her parents, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Tonight, she going down the freeway site to plant some trees!
Sam, Cody, Jen and cody are heading off to the dinner. Phil is dressed up for his dating club outing. Jen looks a bit sad.
Everyone is choosing from the menu, when Jen and Cody are surprised to see Phil at the same restaurant!
Phil sits at a table with another bloke and a lady called Melissa who seems a bit feisty. He suddenly catches sight of Jen and Cody and looks a bit embarrassed. Melissa puts her hand on Phil's thigh!
Libby tells Danni that she may have to leave home to take the job at the Erinsborough News. Danni tells her she kind of agrees with Karl about not leaving school - the job might not work out and then Libby would have nothing.
Jen and Cody are watching Melissa fawning over Phil. Cody thinks Phil needs rescuing.
Danni is moaning to Cheryl about Libby being offered the cadetship, even though Danni won the photo competition! Cheryl says Danni wouldn't have taken the cadetship even if she'd been offered it! Danni obstinately says she might have a word with the Erinsborough News about it.
Phil is having an agonising evening. Melissa the man- eater invites her back to his place and he desperately looks over at Cody and Jen. Finally, Cody cracks and goes over. She tells everyone that she and Phil are old friends and drags him off.
Brett gives Lou a shareholder list of IrzCon Construction. One of them is a relation to the council member who doctored the environmental report!
<<2348 - 2350>>
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