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Neighbours Episode 2348 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2348
Australian airdate: 22/03/95
UK airdate: 14/11/95
UK Gold: 31/10/01
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Jon Riner: David Whiteley
Environmental Consultant: Terry Brittingham
Elderly Colleague: David Hunt
Worker: Brett Tucker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Mark tells Ren off for not telling Kingston about Danni's input into her clothes.
- Lou hears that the council are distancing themselves from his recent actions, and seeking legal advice.
- Karl gives Libby a message from Jon Riner - the art director for the photographic competition.
- Kingston tells Ren that he wants to make her an offer she can't refuse.
No.30 (morning)
Luke and Mark stagger in from clubbing. Ren tells them excitedly that she's now the Creative Director of her own brand new company! Kingston has agreed to set her up in business - it's her big break. Mark and Luke congratulate her but are looking rather the worse for wear. Mark tells her she's still lying about Danni's designs though.
Libby is frantically tidying up as Jon Riner is coming round. Mal wishes her luck and then heads off, just as Jon arrives.
They sit down and he asks her about why she chose the subject of the photo. He offers her some advice on the photo, and then says he'd like to see her portfolio.
Brett shows Lou the annual report of the compnay building the freeway - it is run by the mayor's wife - her father set up the company. There's no direct link, but it does seem a bit suss. Lou says he's going down the Council Chamber to do some digging.
As Lou is leaving, Mal arrives. He tells her that Jon Riner has come round to see Libby's photos and Danni is not very pleased as *she* was the competition winner!
Youth Centre
Marlene, Mark and Brett are having a meeting about the Youth Centre. They talk about the classes and Marlene says Karl has agreed to do "Sex in the Nineties".
Jon Riner is advising Libby on what's gone wrong with her photos. He says she's got the talent for photography, she just need to learn the camera technicalities. He asks to borrow Libby's portfolio to show her boss.
No.30 (Garden)
Ren asks Luke to be a model for her business and pushes a contract in his place. Luke is still very hungover, and groggily tells Ren that he doesn't want to be pushed into anything. Ren is outraged, but Luke says it's not a good idea to mix business and friendship - they live together, and he doesn't want them to work together too.
Mal and Danni ask Libby how her meeting with Jon Riner is. Danni is rather jealous to hear that he's taken Libby's photos away to show his boss.
Council Chamber
Brett meets Lou coming out of the Council Chamber. He tells Brett that Erscon didn't submit their tender for the freeway until the very last minute - they may have had insider information about the other tenders. Perhaps a husband helping his wife.
Freeway Protest Site
Libby and Luke have arrived at the protest site, which is full of people holding banners. Luke has heard that Erscon have allowed 15 days for protests in their contract, but thinks they could still turn things around with people power. Just then, some bulldozers arrive.
Ren tells Danni about her deal with Kingston and she is very pleased.
Brett overhears some randomers talking about the freeway. Apparently one of them was involved in the environmental report for the freeway, and all his recommendations were completely changed! He's tempted to release the original report. Brett pipes up and says they could help each other out.
Lou says he needs a "smoking gun" in order to stop the freeway development. Even if he proves collusion on the tendering process, it will only delay the freeway, not stop it.
Danni tells Cheryl about the job with Ren and Kingston. Cheryl warns her to formalise her business relationship with Ren and Kingston - things have to be watertight in business.
Freeway Protest Site
Marlene, Ren and a few others are sitting in deckchairs. The bulldozers have stopped for now. A builder comes over to talk to Ren and Marlene and it turns out to be Lou in disguise. Ren doesn't notice and kicks him in the shins(!)
Youth Centre
Jon Riner comes to find Libby - he's shown her portfolio to his boss and he thinks she has "fantastic potential". He has a proposal for Libby.
Marlene is ranting to Cheryl about the builder at the protest site, when Lou comes in and reveals that is was him. He's limping a bit from Ren's kick(!)
Ren and Danni are working on some designs and Mark asks her pointedly if Danni is going to get any credit for them. Danni tells Ren that maybe they should draw up a contract, and Mark and Mal agree. Ren says it's simple, she just expects designs from Danni, and distracts Danni with talk of putting her in fashion magazines. When Danni pushes the point, Ren says that she can't sign with Danni until she signs with Kingston herself. In the meantime, Danni should keep designing.
Brett rushes in and finds Lou holding ice on his leg(!) He excitedly shows him the environmental report about the freeway, and Lou sees that the recommendations have been doctored - it's his "smoking gun". It was Ellen Carnie that altered the report - there's a cover up going on.
Libby is polishing her camera when Danni and Mal come in. She tells them that she's been offered a job - a cadetship at the Erinsborough News! Danni does not look pleased.
<<2347 - 2349>>
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