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Neighbours Episode 2338 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2338
Australian airdate: 08/03/95
UK airdate: 31/10/95
UK Gold: 17/10/01
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Packo: Verity McIntyre
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Sassy: Defah Dattner
Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Kristy: Jodi Haig
Alan McKenna: Ian Swan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Susan tells Libby, Mal and Danni that she's got a job at the school. Mal is not amused.
- Lou tells Cheryl that they could get married.
- Hannah is upset that she did badly at the gymnastics meet. Susan says Billy is in trouble.
Susan is angrily telling Billy off for laughing at Hannah. Billy says it was all harmless, but Susan continues to row him. It doesn't help that Karl starts giggling too(!) Billy says that he'll apologise to Hannah after breakfast, but Karl sends him off straightaway!
Hannah insists that she's not going to school (although bizarrely she is wearing her school uniform). Phil tells her that all she did was enter a competition before she was ready, and she'll have to face up to things at school.
Just then, Billy pops around. Hannah races to her room and slams the door. Billy asks Phil if he can wait for Hannah to emerge.
Cheryl is still peeved that the council think she should be married. Lou calmly says that they *should* get married and gets down on one knee. Danni tries not to choke on her corn flakes(!). Cheryl says she doesn't want to be anyone's wife - especially not to attend a Mayoral dinner. Lou has to get to work, but says he wants some answers later!
Phil and Billy are talking about teasing girls at school. Hannah finally emerges and Phil makes himself scarce saying he's going to "put some compost on his worms"(!)
Hannah lays into Billy and calls him "skum"[sic]. He apologises, but she just rants that he ruined her gymnastics career. Billy points out that she did ruin his night at the disco, so they decide they're even and they'll be friends again.
Susan is frantically looking for her purse. She picks up her notes. Karl suddenly asks Susan about having a new baby.
SUSAN: I hope you're joking, Karl.
KARL: Why would I be?
SUSAN: Because I told you the other week I don't *want* another baby, you obviously don't listen to a work I say!
KARL: Of course I do, I just thought you might have changed your mind, that's all.
SUSAN: You just want me to do whatever you want!
KARL: So you're saying I'm self- ...
But they are interrupted by Mal and Libby leaving for school. Susan goes off to work, crossly.
Bric- a- brac Shop
Marlene shows Lou an old radio and says that she was listening to him on the radio - after all, he's just like one of the family.
LOU: That's just what I came to talk to you about - marrying Cheryl.
MARLENE:(gasps) Lou! I've been longing for you to make an honest woman of my daughter!
LOU: Well, I'm afraid you might have to wait a bit longer, love, she won't have me.
MARLENE: Oh, she's not still being stubborn...why does she keep refusing?!
LOU: Well, I was hoping *you* could tell *me*? She won't give me a straight answer.
MARLENE: Well, maybe it's got something to do with her first marriage to Maurie...
LOU: No, no, no, no...they were as happy as Larry.
MARLENE: Well, maybe she might feel she's betraying him by marrying again?
LOU: Well, if that's the case, hy did she move in with me and have my child?!
LOU: The only possibility left, love, is that she doesn't love me anymore.
MARLENE: Oh, that's a load of codswallop. You're like a couple of love- birds!
LOU: You think so? Marlene, you're no help at all, I'm more confused than ever!
MARLENE: You're not the only one!
Outside No.28
Karl is crossly leaving for work. Mal and Libby wonder what's up with him.
Coffee Shop
Phil is musing that he needs someone to invent a low- fat sticky bun! He chats with Susan about Billy and Hannah. Phil says not to worry, the two will probably end up getting married(!) Susan rolls her eyes.
Sassy is back in school and Danni welcomes her. Apparently she has recovered pretty well. Danni tells her that she's going out with Mal.
Susan comes in and introduces herself as their relief teacher for Miss Stoner. Susan tells them that Malcolm will be getting no special treatment and then throws him out for talking to his mate.
Marlene searches out Cheryl to ask why she won't marry Lou(!) Cheryl mutters under her breath that she will kill Lou(!) and then tells Marlene it's none of her business. Marlene insists that it *is* her business. Cheryl says she won't be bullied into marriage by anyone. Marlene stomps off.
Some kids are teasing Hannah over the gymnastics. Toadie does an impression of Hannah. Susan comes over and puts Toadie on litter duty. He shouts at Hannah that she's a loser and she runs off.
Coffee Shop
Susan chats to Phil and Karl who are having lunch. Karl thinks Susan is crazy for trying to hold down two jobs. Phil is supportive of her though, saying teachers don't get paid enough.
Lassiter's Lake
Mal isn't impressed that Danni told Sassy about their relationship. Danni says she's sick of sneaking around.
Lassiter's Complex
Susan is heading back to school and Karl catches up with her to apologise for his behaviour. They hug.
KARL: What is it with us two lately? We can't seem to talk to each other without it turning into World War 3!
SUSAN: There wouldn't be any arguments if you could be a bit more supportive about my work. It's like Mission Impossible trying to get a word of encouragement from you!
KARL: That is just not true.
SUSAN: Even Philip managed to say the right things, and compared to you he hardly knows me!
KARL: Yes, well, Philip's not your husband, is he!
SUSAN: So?!!
KARL: So he doesn't have to suffer your moods from stress, from overwork...he doesn't have to watch you neglect the family!
SUSAN:(angry and upset) That's rubbish!
KARL: I'm just thinking of the two of us. Imagine the time we could spend together if you weren't rushing around from place to place!
SUSAN: Time to do what, Karl? Have another baby?!
She stalks off.
KARL: Susan!
SUSAN: Time's up, I have to go!
Toadie is on yard duty. Sassy tells everyone that Mal and Danni are going out. Mal is embarrassed. One of the teachers (Mr McKenna) tells Toadie to get back to yard duty and says he hopes he and Billy have their assignments ready to give in. Billy looks a bit worried.
Lou comes in and sits Cheryl down at a table.
CHERYL: Why was Marlene at my bar this afternoon, ordering me to get married?!
LOU: Because she's a smart woman!
CHERYL: Because you're out there telling tales!
LOU: The only reason I went to Marlene was because you wouldn't give me a decent reason for refusing my proposal.
CHERYL: Louis, we've been through this a hundred times...
LOU: And I still don't know what the problem is!
CHERYL: Alright then, hear this: we've got something very special going and we don't need to complicate it with marriage.
LOU: You complicated things with Maurie, why not me?
CHERYL: I was very young and foolish when I married Maurie, I didn't realise that I had a choice!
LOU: Well, I suppose that's an improvement on your last line, when you said marriage was something we should only do once!
CHERYL: Did I? Well, there you go, then!
LOU: Cheryl, I didn't accept that then, and I don't accept it now! I want a straight answer!
School Yard
Libby sees Hannah hiding behind a tree and they talk. Hannah tells her that she's a loser, but Libby convinces her not to give up. Hannah is inspired, saying no- one would laugh at her if she won gold at the Sydney Olympics(!)
Coffee Shop
Phil tells Karl that he's sorry he got between Karl and Susan earlier. Karl moans that Susan is working too hard. Phil says that he used to be a workaholic too, but he's much better at the newsagency.
KARL: Family is very important.
PHIL: It's everything, mate.
Mr McKenna comes over for a word with Susan about Billy. He asks if it's true that Billy has left his assignment in his father's car.
MR MCKENNA: Now, tell me. Is Billy telling the truth. In the background, Billy looks shifty.
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