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Neighbours Episode 2339 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2339
Australian airdate: 09/03/95
UK airdate: 01/11/95
UK Gold: 18/10/2001
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen is trying to paint a replacement for the Kennedys portrait.
Susan is upset that Karl isn't supportive of her work. She says he's obsessed with having another baby.
Rick tells Ren that he and Cody will be OK when he moves.
Another teacher rants at Susan about Billy's failure to give in an assignment.
Susan is angry that Mr McKenna has put her on the spot in front of the students. He won't believe his story that his assignment is in Karl's car.
Coffee Shop
Bianca and Sam are getting ready for the day's work. Karl tells them he's been asked to do an "Ask Dr Karl" slot on local radio. Bianca suggests that Sam could sponsor the slot, saying it could be a good investment.
Danni is showing Libby photos of her jewellery, saying she's going to design clothes next. Billy comes in - Mr McKenna has given him a detention. He thinks Mr McKenna has got it in for him. Danni says he's got it in for everyone!
Karl has brought Susan a chocolate cake. She tells him about Mr McKenna and Billy. Karl says he hasn't got the assignment in his car - so Billy was lying after all.
Karl tells Susan that he's going to be a radio star. She suddenly comes over all cross - when she wanted to take on more work, Karl wasn't willing. She rants at Karl that his rules are different for her.
SUSAN: Oh forget it, I'm going to have a bath. I'm sick of this!
Rick is packing his things into boxes, like a troll doll(!)
Libby has come to sit for the portrait. Karl is worried about the portrait - Helen doesn't think it can be ready on time. He's upset - the original was perfect and he blames Marlene for letting it be sold. He wanders off, quite upset.
Libby tells Helen that it's not her fault - Susan and Karl have been going through a rough patch recently.
Susan has calmed down a bit. Karl is lying on the sofa wearing silly three quarter length socks. Karl says he won't do the radio show, but Susan says he'd be good at it. Karl hugs her and says he's got a great wife and a great family. They laugh about Billy teasing the girls at the gymnastics competition. Karl says he'll have a word with Billy about his behaviour.
Suddenly Karl starts talking about having a baby again and Susan is not pleased.
Reuben's house
Sam and Bianca come to the door. Behind Reuben, they see the Kennedy painting on the wall.
Lou and Cheryl's
Ren has come to get jewellery from Danni - she's doing the rounds of the local shops this afternoon.
Danni is designing her "Autumn Collection" and Ren likes it. Danni wants to make the clothes out of hemp fabric. They agree to meet up in a couple of hours for Rick's going away surprise party.
Reuben's house
Sam and Bianca are explaining the mix-up with the painting. Reuben is sympathetic - but he thought it was too good to be true to get a Helen Daniels painting for such a good price. Reuben agrees to let them have the portrait back.
The Pub
Cody and Rick are having a drink. He starts staring at Cody so he can remember her face when he's in Darwin. Cody thinks that, realistically, Rick will forget her. Rick says that soem long-distance relationships work and they can see each other in the holidays. They agree that if their relationship is strong enough, it will survive.
Sam and Bianca have come to see Helen. She's really stressed out. They tell her they've branched out into detective work. Helen is gobsmacked to see the portrait. She laughs happily in relief and starts to cry.
Kennedy Garden
Susan has brought Karl a cup of tea. They sit down to talk about the baby thing. Susan says that she loves being a mother, but the time for child bearing is over - she wants to go back to who she was before she was a wife and mother. Karl says he'd help with the baby this time. Susan says she's got a compromise - she'll go through another pregnancy, on the condition that Karl becomes the primary carer. That would mean Karl leaving work.
The Pub
Danni tells Rick and Cody that Ren has called - she wants them to come home straight away. They are suspicious, but head off anyway.
Karl is ranting at Susan about her suggestion. He says that medicine is not the sort of thing you can slip in and out of. Susan says that she's not being pig-headed - if Karl wants another child, he should look after it (I think it's perfectly reasonable!) They are really yelling when billy and Libby come in.
Susan tells Billy and Libby about Karl's suggestion about the baby. Karl storms off.
Ren, Bianca and Sam have decorated the room for Rick's party.
They arrive and everyone shouts "Surprise". Not much of a surprise as there's only Ren, Bianca, Sam, Danni and Cody as guests!
Karl has come to look for Phil. He's not there, but Helen shows him the recovered painting. Karl is delighted, but asks if he can leave the painting there until later - it's a bit awkward at the moment.
Libby and Billy is making dinner - Susan has gone out. Billy can't believe Karl and Susan were fighting - they never fought before. Libby is worried too, but tells Billy that they'll make sure Karl and Susan sort things out.
<<2338 - 2340>>
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