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Neighbours Episode 2337 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2337
Australian airdate: 07/03/95
UK airdate: 30/10/95
UK Gold: 16/10/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Grant Fenn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick can't believe he and Cody only have two weeks left together.
Helen is trying to paint a replacement for the Kennedy portrait.
Phil says Hannah can go to the gymnastics meet.
Danni leaves the pub unattended for a minute. When she comes back, the till has been robbed.
The Pub
Danni tells Cheryl they've been robbed - she just slipped out for five minutes. Cheryl is rather calm given the circumstances. Then she gets out a bag of money. It seems Cheryl came in when the bar was unattended and took the money out herself to give Danni a fright. Cheryl tells Danni that she must never ever leave the bar unattended. She tells Danni she has to clean the pub from top to bottom as a punishment.
Rick wants to buy a mobile phone so he can keep in touch with Cody. Ren tells him that she's never known a long-distance relationship to work. Rick looks a bit fed up. He says he's scared of Cody relogating him to "just good friends" when he leaves.
Helen is struggling with the portrait while Cody offers to take over her chores so she can have more time on the portrait.
Hannah is trying on leotards for her gymnastics routine. She wants Helen to sew something on it, but Helen is too busy. Helen tells Hannah not to get her hopes up to high with the gymnastics competition.
Coffee Shop
Phil comes in looking for Susan. He asks her if he can borrow her microwave to warm up his lunch. He's joined a weight management programme. Susan warns him not to diet again, but he says that it's strictly healthy eating.
Phil thinks Hannah will be disappointed at the gymnastics competition. Susan asks if she can come along to watch. Phil agrees. Then he look longingly at the sticky buns(!)
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is practising his speech to the mayor when Danni and Cheryl comes in. Danni isn't very pleased at being punished over the money (silly mare).
Lou tells Cheryl he's scared about his first council meeting.
The Pub
Jen introduces her brother Luke to Cody. Apparently he's been studying art. Luke says he shares a house at the moment, but he's been wanting to move for a while. Cody suggests Luke could take Rick's room when he leaves.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni is looking at her jewellery - Ren wants to make a catalogue, so she's deciding what the best layout would be. Lou is just off to the council meeting.
Hannah is wearing her leotard and generally distracting Helen. She asks Helen to come to the gymnastics meet, but Helen says she has to get on with the Kennedy portrait.
Phil comes in through the back door and he and Hannah leave for the gymnastics meet.
Coffee Shop
Susan, Phil and Hannah have met up to go to the meet. Mal is exhausted from his latest shift at the Coffee Shop.
When they have left, Mal takes a call from Danni.
Ren is planning her business again when Rick comes in with a Thai takeaway.
Rick tells Ren that he and Cody are going to give the long-distance thing again.
The Pub
Cody, Jen and Luke are playing darts. Luke isn't doing very well. They chat about the uni ball and Cody says that she can't go because her boyfriend is leaving.
Lou and Cheryl's
Mal arrives - Danni has called him over because she wants him to model her jewellery for the catalogue(!) Mal is not best pleased but he reluctantly agrees.(He is obviously in love!)
Danni tells him to take his shirt off. Mal thinks she is trying to seduce him.
Cody and Jen have brought Luke round to look at Rick's room. He's not very pleased that Cody is finding a replacement for him. Luke likes the room and says he'll meet Mark just to check that they all get along.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni is taking photos of Mal who is wearing her jewellery. He says he feels silly. Lou comes in and finds them modelling, saying it looks like they're making a porn movie(!)
Cody and Rick are talking about their relationship and vowing they'll be fine when separated.
Hannah has come last at the gymnastics competition and is very upset.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou tells Cheryl that them not being a married caused a bit of a stir at the council meeting. He thinks now they've got a baby, they are going to keep running into old-fashioned episodes. Lou tells Cheryl that he wants to make an honest woman of her.
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