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Neighbours Episode 2336 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2336
Australian airdate: 06/03/95
UK airdate: 27/10/95
UK Gold: 15/10/01
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Grant Fenn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Marlene tells Danni that she wants reimbursing for the money she's sunk into her work.
Helen's painting is accidentally sold at the Bric-a-brac shop.
Ren tells Danni that she wants her to come in and work with her.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Helen, Marlene and the assistant try to work out who bought the painting, but the assistant's description isn't very good. Helen is gutted but says it's her own fault for leaving a painting to dry out in a shop!
Marlene says they could put an ad in the paper - after all, the painting is for Susan's birthday present.
Coffee Shop
Susan is a bit more relaxed now Malcolm is working after school. Bianca and Sam have an interview for a gardening job today. Ren shows Sam her new business card but is very secretive about her new business.
Mal tells Danni that he's working at the Coffee Shop at lunchtime. She says she's got a surprise for him if he comes by her place after school.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Marlene has made a notice about the portrait to put up in the shop. Ren comes in and gives Marlene a cheque for $100 on behalf of Danni. Marlene says she hasn't sent Danni her account yet, saying she'll only deal with Danni. Marlene is very cross and shows Ren the door.
The Pub
Cheryl is showing Danni how to pull a pint. While she practises, she advises Danni on customer services. Danni is excited about running the place on her own, but Cheryl laughs and says she has a lot to learn yet.
Coffee Shop
Susan is tutoring Mal in how to make decent sandwiches. He's very stressed out.
Karl comes in to see how Malcolm is getting on. He gives Mal a complicated order(!)
The Pub
Marlene comes in to have a word with Danni. She tells Danni off for sending Ren to pay her bill. Marlene says that Danni must either complete her contract with Marlene, or offer Marlene 10% of her profits for a year. Then she storms off grumpily saying she doesn't want a granddaughter who's a welcher. (What is she on??)
Danni is moaning to Mal about Marlene. Mal says maybe Danni could design other things, like hats and umbrellas, so she wouldn't be going against her contract with Marlene.
Customer's garden
A customer is telling Sam and Bianca about the gardening job he wants done. They agree to take on the job. They agree to have a quote to him by 5 o'clock. Bianca asks how the customer got their number and he tells them he saw it at the Bric-a-brac shop.
Coffee Shop
Susan and Karl are having a cut of coffee at a table. Susan is looking a lot more relaxed now that she's got the rota sorted out. She tells Karl off for his complicated order to Malcolm earlier(!)
Helen comes in and asks to put up a notice about one of her paintings. When Susan is clearing up, Helen tells Karl quietly that the painting has been lost. Karl is upset, saying there's not enough time to paint another portrait.
Lou and Cheryl's
Mal and Danni come in talking about er...something...I can't quite make it out on the tape.
Ren comes round and Mal hides. Danni quickly gets rid of her so she can give Mal his present - a necklace she has made. They have a pash.
Outside the pub
Sam and Bianca are sitting with Helen and working on their quote. They're having a bit of trouble keeping their prices low. Helen is still fed up about the missing painting.
Lou and Cheryl's
Ren has come to look after Lolly. She apologises for the situation with Marlene, saying that Danni is ambitious and wants to further herself. Marlene comes in and isn't pleased to see Ren there. She tells Cheryl that she could have babysat for Louise. Cheryl tells Marlene that she's being too dramatic about the situation with Danni - it's just not worth the aggro. But Marlene says that she's not giving in because it's a matter of principle!
Customer's house
The customer is pleased with the quote and asks them to guarantee that they won't add any extras. He gives them the job and they agree to start the next morning.
Sam and Bianca depart, and as the customer goes back into his house, we see the Kennedy children portrait on the wall.
Helen is trying to paint another portrait, but isn't doing very well, not least because Marlene keeps talking to her(!) Marlene has put an announcement on the community radio, but no luck.
Karl comes round to tell Helen that the kids are busy and don't have a lot of time to sit for Helen. Helen politely asks both Karl and Marlene to leave so she can get on with the portrait.
The Pub
Danni is moaning to Ren about Marlene not letting her out of the jewellery contract. Danni says she'll just diversify into other products. Ren agrees.
Danni dashes out to do something, leaving the bar unattended.
Coffee Shop
Malcolm is really stressed out in the Coffee Shop with a difficult customer. Susan looks on sympthetically. As the customer continues to give Malcolm a hard time, Susan has to step in and send Malcolm to the kitchen.
SUSAN:(to the customer) I'm terribly sorry about my son, he's been under a lot of emotional strain recently.
CUSTOMER: Perhaps he should have counselling.
SUSAN: Yes, we're arranging it(!)
Danni comes in looking for Mal. She wanted to put his necklace on him. She dashes off back to work.
No.24 (Balcony)
Marlene has brought Sam and Bianca a bottle of champagne to celebrate their job. She is still moaning on about Danni. Also she's worried about the portrait - it could be anywhere.
They make a toast to "Kratz and Zanotti - Landscape Gardeners!"
The Pub
Danni dashes back in, just before Cheryl arrives. Cheryl is surprised that the pub is so quiet. She asks Danni to gets her some change for a $50 note. When Danni opens the till she sees it is empty.
<<2335 - 2337>>
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