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Neighbours Episode 2335 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2335
Australian airdate: 03/03/95
UK airdate: 26/10/95
UK Gold: 12/10/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Reuben White: James Condon
Jackie Ortez: Sandra Moon
Val Pomerantz: Deidre Oliver
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Mark tells Rick that he wants to leave Erinsborough for a while. He saw Sam and Annalise together.
- Bianca wants Marlene to give the job at her Bric- a- Brac shop to a street kid. Helen suggests Marlene contacts a scheme called Second Chance.
- Rick advises Ren about business.
- Hannah finds Phil passed out on the floor.
Hannah tries to rouse Phil, but he is definitely unconscious. She gets up and runs to the phone, but just then Helen comes in. She's shocked to see Phil on the floor. Phil is moaning a bit now, and Hannah goes off to call an ambulance.
Helen puts a cushion under Phil's head and tells him to stay lying down.
Bric- a- Brac Shop
A lady from "Second Chance" has arrived to talk to Marlene about the job at the store. Marlene tells her that she's looking for someone she can train up as a buyer - someone with a good eye for an antiques bargain. The lady says she'll get back to her with a suitable person.
Lou is preparing for his council meeting. He is suggesting a "Park Watch" during the construction of the bypass. Danni says he should push for better public transport instead of roads.
Ren asks Danni if she'll give her an exclusive on her jewellery - her customers really go for it. Danni agrees, but Cheryl reminds her that she already has an arrangement with Marlene.
Phil is up and sitting on the sofa. Apparently Karl has visited and advised Phil to eat something - his diet is too extreme. Helen says Phil is not giving very good messages to Hannah about anorexia, especially as she's keen on gymnastics (many of the gymnasts are very thin). Phil agrees to find another way.
Ramsay Street
Mark sees Sam. They talk about Annalise and Mark tells Sam that Annalise has "ended up with the best bloke". Sam admits that he misses her.
Bric- a- Brac Shop
Ren has come to collect Danni's jewellery, telling Marlene that she and Danni have done a deal. Marlene tells her crossly to put the jewellery back - she has a deal with Danni. Ren advises her to talk to Danni.
Marlene is ranting at Danni, who explains that her exclusivity with Ren is only a business deal, it's not personal. Marlene points out that she was the one that took a chance on Danni to help her get started, and Cheryl agrees. Marlene tells her she wants reimbursing for all the money she's put into Danni's work and Danni will have her bill by tomorrow(!)
Hannah is practising her stretches. Helen suggests that Phil joins her at Qi Gong, but just then an advert for a diet ("Fat Evictors") comes on the TV. Phil gets up and dials the number(!)
Marlene is ranting to Sam about Danni over dinner. Sam tries to calm her down. He is sad that there hasn't been any post from Annalise, even though she hasn't been gone long. Marlene tells Sam that Annalise could be gone for some time, and Sam has to get on with his life in the meantime.
MARLENE: You don't know what the future might hold.
SAM: Yes, I do. Me and Annalise, together.
MARLENE: And your darling old nan!
No.30 (garden), the following morning
Mark and Ren are hanging out the washing. Mark tells her he's really looking forward to working with Outback Relief. He asks her to donate some of her clothes to Outback Relief. Ren isn't too keen at first, but then agrees.
Helen is just off to the framer and invites Phil to come with her. Maybe he could get some gentle exercise on the way(!)
Lou arrives - he's found a box on the doorstep from "Fat Evictors" (which has a logo that appears to have been drawn by hand!) While Phil opens the box, Lou invites them to join his "Park Watch". Helen is not impressed with Phil's new diet pack, saying it's a waste of money. Lou agrees.
Danni is telling Ren about Marlene hitting the roof over the jewellery. Ren says it was only a verbal agreement and Danni will make loads of money selling through Ren. She insists that Danni breaks with Marlene, once and for all.
Bric- a- Brac Shop
A middle- aged lady called Val comes in from "Second Chance" about the job. Apparently she's been a shop assistant before and is willing to start right away. Marlene suggests a trial run and shows her around the shop. She tells her to enter everything she sells in the sales book.
Ramsay Street
Mark is heading off in a taxi, and Ren, Lou and Phil wave him off. When he's gone, Lou and Phil talk about how drastically some people's lives change - Mark: from chef to community worker, for community worker.
Bric- a- Brac Shop
Marlene tells Val that she's popping out for a while, and reminds Val to write down any sales in the Sales Book. When she's gone, a gentleman asks her if she has any more paintings. Val goes out the back to look.
Phil and Lou are back from their dog walk. Lou moans about them building a freeway over the park, and says he must get the "Park Watch" scheme going. He's going to raise hell at the council meeting next week.
PHIL: Never mind them. You frighten the hell out of me!
LOU: Boo! (!)
DANNI: Mum...
Danni tells Cheryl that she wants a part- time job at Chez Chez to pay back Marlene. Cheryl doesn't think it's a good idea as Danni needs to study.
Lou comes in and takes Danni's side(!) saying it'll make her more independent, and Cheryl will be able to keep a close eye on her. Cheryl relents and agrees.
Bric- a- Brac Shop
Marlene gets back. She shows Val some things she's picked up. Val tells her that she's made three sales, which she has written in the book.
Helen comes in and Marlene introduces her to Val. Helen has come to pick up her paintings and Val suddenly looks rather worried - she's sold Helen's painting!
VAL: It was a Mr White. He said it was just what he wanted for his...lounge room.
Her face falls.
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