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Neighbours Episode 2334 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2334
Australian airdate: 02/03/95
UK airdate: 25/10/95
UK Gold: 11/10/01
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan is offered a job at Erinsborough High, but says she can't leave the Coffee Shop - she promised Annalise.
Cody qualifies for the cricket team.
Phil is on a diet.
Phil is drinking juice again, and looking on longingly as Hannah and Cody eat cake and icecream! Cody torments him by eating her icecream under his nose(!)
Hannah tells Phil he's already lost a lot of weight, but he thinks he's got a long way to go.
Karl and Susan come in to find the kids watching TV. Karl explains to the kids about the job at Erinsborough High. They agree that Susan can't let Annalise down. Susan says she wants to think about it on her own.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Susan is run off her feet again. Rick comes in and sits down with Jen and Cody. Cody is eating a big breakfast for energy before the cricket match!
Phil comes to the door and asks Rick quietly to get him an orange juice - he daren't come in because the smell of food makes him too hungry!
Karl is cooking breakfast again. The kids are in chaos getting ready for school. There's a knock at the door and it's Danni, much to Malcolm's delight. Karl makes her wait for Mal outside though as it's "too chaotic inside" (!)
Coffee Shop
Rick, Cody and Jen are just leaving. Phil comes in and tells Cody he's feeling great. Then he tells the girl behind the counter that he's starving(!)
Susan and the part timer chat about the school job - the part timer thinks Susan should go for it. Susan can't see how she can though, she's committed to Annalise.
Cricket Field
Cody is bowling, dressed up as a bloke again. Mark and Rick are watching. Mark tells Rick that he wants to get out of Erinsborough for a while - he's upset that he accidentally forced Sam and Annalise together, it's shaken him up a bit.
Cody catches a very high ball and everyone claps.
Coffee Shop
Karl comes in to see Susan who is wiping the surfaces down. She tells him she's decided to accept the teaching job. Susan says with a bit of organising, she can do the teaching job AND the coffee shop. Karl isn't pleased, saying it's impossible.
Danni and Mal are having a chat. Mal wants to keep their relationship secret for a bit - because it's noone else's business. He says he's not embarrassed, but she's his first real girlfriend. He doesn't want anything to go wrong, and if they put themselves in the spotlight, it might. Danni agrees to go along with the secrecy. But just then Libby comes in and sees them having a pash, so that's that secret blown then!
Libby shows Danni an article in the paper about a photo competition. She's thinking of entering. Danni is interested too. Mal just sits there, clearly in lurrrrrve.
Cricket Field
Cody is scoring a lot of runs now. Then she hits a six.
RICK: What a woman!
The coach hears this comment from Rick, and comes over to tell him to keep his smart remarks to himself. He says that "Willis Kennedy" might act a bit of nance but "he's" got more get and go than anyone else in the team. (How can they not twig that Cody is female??!)
Phil is eating a lettuce leaf(!) while Hannah makes herself a jam and cheese sandwich. Hannah is banging on about going to the gymnastics competition. Phil agrees that she can go, as long as the teacher doesn't object to her competing. Hannah is very pleased. Phil warns her not to get her hopes up and then be disappointed.
Coffee Shop
Susan has drawn up a rota for the Coffee Shop. It's looking a bit dodgy though.
Danni and Mal come in. Susan calls Mal over.
Cricket Field
Cody is still batting and wins the match. The coach is very pleased and says "Willis" has played a real "man's game" today. Cody whips off her moustache and beard and asks the coach to tell her more about this "man's game"
Apparently Susan has "told" Mal that he's working in the Coffee Shop after school. Libby and Danni discuss photos again. Susan tells them she's back teaching English at the school. Mal isn't too happy about having her in the same school.
Cody, Rick, Karl and the rest of the team are laughing about Cody's gender revelation. She doesn't think she'll be kept on, but the guys say they'd never have won without her. They make a toast to Karl who had the idea to make Cody into a boy.
Just then the coach arrives and a silence falls. He says that Cody completely fooled him.
COACH: I'd hate to lose a player as good as you, but believe in going by the rules, and the rules say you can't be in the team.
CODY: Yeah, right.
COACH: So...I've decided it's time to change the rules.
The coach says she's in the team and shakes her hand. Everyone cheers and they pour the coach a beer!
Hannah runs in and tells Billy about the gymnastics competition, all excited. She wants to show him her routine, but he isn' keen. He tells her she'd better not show him in case other competitors get wind of her routine(!)
Cody and Rick are clearing up after the post-match party. She thanks Rick for being at the match and they have a pash.
Hannah runs in all excited about the gymnastics competition, but finds Phil passed out on the floor!
<<2333 - 2335>>
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