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Neighbours Episode 2333 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2333
Australian airdate: 01/03/95
UK airdate: 24/10/95
UK Gold: 10/10/01
Writer: John Upton
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sam is worried that Annalise will forget about him when she goes overseas.
Karl asks Susan to have another baby but she's happy with her life as it is.
Bianca doesn't think she fits in.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is baking a cake for the pool party. Lou is getting his ideas together to present to his first council meeting.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Marlene tells Sam she's been stupid - she thinks she should talk to Bianca and sort things out. Marlene heads off.
Ramsay Street
It's Annalise's birthday and Ren and Rick bring her cards and presents. Mark joins them also with a card. Inside the card is a crucifix necklace. They are all looking forward to the pool party.
Coffee Shop
Marlene approaches Bianca and says that she's sorry. Marlene is going to let Bianca have more free reign from now on. Bianca is pleased.
Garden of Lou and Cheryl's
Brett and Helen are chatting about his trip to the Whitsundays. Brett invites Helen to come with him. She's not sure, but he insists he just wants a quiet time so she agrees. They start to practise Tai Chi.
Coffee Shop
Susan is run off her feet in the kitchen while Karl harangues her about coming to the pool party. She tells him irritably to come back later.
Bric-a-brac shop
Bianca is back behind the counter as Marlene and Sam discuss the pricing of a hideous ashtray(!) Marlene tells Sam to go and get mowing the garden ready for the party.
Cheryl comes in. She says she wishes she could find a good babysitter for Lolly. She's obviously hinting that Marlene should do it. Marlene suggests that she bugs(!)
Ren and Rick are bottling aromatherapy potions for Ren to sell at the market. Rick says Ren should set up properly in business. Ren says she's happy as she is, but Rick says a business must grow or die.
Lou has come to see Karl about the campaign against the freeway. He wants to use Karl's name in public as a community leader in opposition. He agrees that Lou can use his name. Karl says that Lou must be run off his feet with work, a new baby and the council too. Lou says he and Cheryl keep one day a week free entirely for each other.
Lou and Cheryl's
Ren has come to make a deal with Cheryl. She wants to work part-time as Cheryl's nanny to earn money to help her set up her business. Cheryl agrees in relief.
Pool Party (No.24)
Helen and Brett are looking forward to going to the Whitsundays.
Coffee Shop
Karl has called for Susan to go to the Pool Party. She apologises for being so snappy earlier in the day. Susan says she can't leave the shop as the relief is running late. Karl says he'll wait with her.
Pool Party (No.24)
Everyone is having a good time. Cheryl gives Annalise a present - Brett's tickets to the Whitsundays, saing that Brett can't go away because of his studies. Brett is stunned and not very pleased.
Susan and Karl have finally arrived home. Susan thinks they should show their faces at the party although Karl wants to go to bed for the afternoon(!)
Pool Party (No.24)
Brett is not pleased with Cheryl for giving his tickets away. He tells her he'd already invited Helen on the trip. He says they were his tickets and they weren't Cheryl's to give away. He says Annalise won't appreciate the trip as she knows nothing about modern art.
Susan is on the phone to the principal at Erinsborough High - she's offered her a job. But Susan says she's promised Annalise that she'll manage the Coffee Shop and she can't let her down.
Marlene, Helen and Bianca are taking out some more food to the party. Helen tells Marlene not to tell Annalise about Cheryl giving the tickets away in case she feels awkward.
Marlene tells Helen that a change of scenery is as good as a holiday and suggests that Helen comes and helps her in the shop(!) Bianca suggests that Marlene could give the job to a street kid and help them out, just like she helped Bianca out.
Lou comes in - Alan Crowley has refused to support the campaign against the freeway - in fact, he's supporting it! Lou says he's up against developers and big business now.
Pool Party (No.24)
Bree is sulking about the Whitsundays tickets. He asks Ren how her business is going.
Sam tells Annalise that he wants a quiet word with her. He gives her his present - it's a lovely ring. He tells her the ring will remind her of him while she's away. She promises to come back. They have a pash. Mark sees them and gets an odd look on his face.
<<2332 - 2334>>
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