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Neighbours Episode 1935 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1934 - 1936>>
Episode title: 1935
Australian airdate: 11/06/93
UK airdate: 14/04/94
UK Gold: 31/03/00
Guests: Russell Butler Stephen Whittaker
Warren Maxwell Terry Brittingham
Cactus Les Toth
Jean Halliday Esme Melville
Bikie no.2 Nicholas Antipas
Kristy Jodie Haigh
Summary/Images by: Clare
Russell (who is still holding Hope) says they took his baby away. She didn't even give him a chance to show what a good father he could be. Phoebe says she doesn't know what to say. She wants him to tell her what he wants but don't hurt Hope. Russell says Phoebe's a lousy Mum and Phoebe says she isn't. Russell says Phoebe moves Hope around so she doesn't know where she is. Phoebe points out they only moved around because Russell forced them out of their home.
PHOEBE: Russell, you know how you felt when you lost your baby? Do you want to make me feel that way? You know this has nothing to do with Hope. This is between you, me and Stephen.
Russell says she doesn't know how he feels. Maybe Phoebe doesn't. She doesn't know that much about him as he doesn't talk about himself that much but she gets the feeling he's a pretty lonely person. She knows what it's like. When she first came to live here everyone thought she was weird. People didn't like her that much. She knows what it's like to be an outsider, to be lonely. Russell scoffs and says she never will know what it's like till someone takes her baby from her - then she will know. Phoebe tries to take Hope back but Russell refuses.
Pam is in her uniform and comes in to congratulate Wayne. The doctor has given him the all clear. Wayne is sitting instead of lying down in his pyjamas. Pam is sure he can't wait to get out of here and Wayne agrees. He winces in pain and Pam tells him he'll be stiff and sore for a while yet. Pam asks if he's got transport but he's going to get a cab. Pam offers to give him a lift after her shift. Wayne accepts and Pam will let him know when she finishes and he can be ready waiting. Wayne says he should get beaten up more often, it helps to get people onside. Pam agrees but tells him it's not bright taking on a gang of burglars by himself. Wayne realises that's what Gaby told her and Pam wants to know why he's asking. Wayne says he told Gaby to let her know. He gets his clothes out. Pam checks that's what happened and Wayne says it is. Pam says Erinsborough used to be a safe place. Wayne says the guys will get what's coming to them. Pam hopes he's not going to do anything foolish like getting revenge. Wayne isn't and will leave it to the cops. That's what they're there for. He just wants to get rid of the pain the sooner the better.
Russell has sorted Hope out and when asked Phoebe agrees he's very professional. He puts Hope in her pram. Russell says he and Phoebe would make a terrific team bringing up Hope together but she had to start hassling him. Phoebe says she didn't mean to, she didn't want to and things got so difficult. Russell says they were difficult for him as well. He says he really tried to fit in but it never works out. Phoebe asks why it doesn't. Russell says he gets a little down sometimes, just sometimes. Phoebe asks if that is the reason he takes the tablets. Russell is made to take the tablets but he doesn't want to take them. He's not a junkie. Phoebe says if they'd known he was sick and Russell interrupts by saying he's not sick. He's as healthy as she is. He says they wouldn't have let him move in if they knew he had a problem. Phoebe. says they would have as everyone has problems, sometimes you just need help working them out. Russell says Phoebe doesn't want any of it, no one does. He tried lots of rooms before this one and no one wanted a bar of him. He did what he had to do, there was no other way. Phoebe asks why he was made to take the tablets. He keeps telling them he doesn't need the tablets.
Annalise says Helen must know how Beth feels about Beth living under the same roof as Lauren who got with Brad right under Beth's nose. Beth can't be expected to keep living there. Annalise was wondering if there's room for Beth at No.26 as it's a big house. Helen agrees which pleases Annalise. Helen supposes this is another ploy to keep the old girl amused! Helen knows that Annalise asked Hannah to come over the other night, Annalise suddenly changes the subject to admiring one of Helen's paintings and Helen thanks her. Annalise says Hannah could use the five bucks. Helen is astounded that Annalise paid Hannah to come over. Annalise admits to this but points out that Hannah wanted to come over. Everyone knows Helen has been lonely lately since Jim died. Annalise has been trying to spend time with Helen but they can't give up their social lives. Helen points out that nobody is asking her to do that and this is ridiculous! They are worrying about nothing. Helen is hardly a charity case and needing a paid sitter. Annalise apologises. Helen says she can look after her own interests.
Phoebe asks Russell if his girlfriend left him due to the tablets. He repeats that she shouldn't have taken his baby. Russell said he didn't need the tablets and she wouldn't listen. Phoebe suggests Russell gets the doctor whom gave him the pills to talk to her. Stephen arrives and demands to know what Russell's doing there. He's told Russell to stay away. Phoebe tries to explain but Stephen demands that Russell leaves. Stephen doesn't care about police, assault charges or anything. Russell quiety agrees, thanks Phoebe for understanding and leaves. Stephen asks what happened and Phoebe asks him just to hold her.
Ramsay Street
Pam is helping Wayne out of the car. She tells him to take it easy and lean on her if he wants to. Wayne says if he did that they would both collapse! He'll be ok as his legs aren't broken. They watch Russell head across the street. Wayne points to his face and tells Russell it should have been him. Russell apologises and leaves. Pam wants to n know what's going on and Wayne calls Russel a mongrel. He thanks Pam for the lift and heads inside.
Stephen, Phoebe and Hope are on the sofa together. Stephen says Russell is loopy and wishes the bikers had done their job properly. Phoebe says he doesn't really mean it and Stephen admits he doesn't really. Phoebe says they've made themselves as bad as Russell. Stephen says he has but Phoebe had nothing to do with it. He doesn't know what to do next. Stephen saw him in here and he nearly went for Russell. Phoebe is glad Stephen didn't. Stephen asks if they have to move away from Erinsborough altogether. Phoebe doesn't think they need to, Russell just needs a friend, someone to talk to. There was a moment when she thought she nearly got through to him. She thinks they should just hang in there and not let him scare them off. Stephen tentatively agrees but isn't prepared to be Russell's friend.
Pam and Helen are enjoying a cup of tea. Pam tells Helen she doesn't need to worry about Wayne as his scan and x- rays were fine. He's too tough for his own good sometimes! Pam will pop in and keep an eye on him from time to time. Helen tells Pam that Beth is moving in with her so Wayne will be in his element with three women to look after him. Pam says she'll be kept busy again and Helen asks why she needs to be kept busy. Pam says it'll be like old times but Helen says she has plenty to keep her occupied. She's painting like a fiend at the moment and she's doing a portrait of Hannah. Pam would love to see it so Helen will show her next time she's over. Pam says she's hardly got time to turn around. Pam is surprised Beth is moving on but Helen is sure Beth won't be a problem.
Wayne is giving the details he can remember over the phone as Annalise reads a magazine on the sofa. He can't remember anything else as he's still feeling woozy. When he comes off the phone Annalise asks what's happening. Wayne explains they're proceeding with the investigation so they've got exactly nowhere. He even gave the gang colours and the tattoo one of the gang had but they seem to be looking for a signed confession. Wayne is sorry but he was too busy getting beaten up to get one out of them! Annalise says he did fine especially as they made mincemeat of him. Wayne says that makes him feel a lot better!
Annalise asks if he's tried raw steak on it but Wayne would rather build up his strength by eating it. Annalise asks what the gang colours were. Wayne says the colours were Red Indian chiefs. Annalise says it sounds like the tribesmen and Wayne realises she knows them. She says she's seen them down at The Waterhole. They had jackets like Wayne said. She remembered them as they were such sleazers. Brad was really nervous about throwing them out but they eventually left and went back to their own watering hole, The Imperial at Anson's Corner.
Annalise is off to see Beth so she leaves just as Helen arrives home. Helen asks Wayne what he's doing up as he should be resting. Wayne guesses he should and Helen goes to make a cup of tea.
Ramsay Street
Beth is pacing outside No.24. Annalise arrives and says it cool with Helen if Beth wants to stay. Beth thanks Annalise. She has been walking for ages to avoid going back in there as she doesn't want to face Lauren. Annalise wants to know why and tells Beth she can't keep Annalise hanging. Beth says that Brad came to see her before. Brad and Lauren are seeing each other and have been doing so all along. Annalise says it explains the mystery phonecalls Brad has been making from The Waterhole.
Phoebe, Stephen come down the driveway pushing Hope in the pram. Beth asks them if Lou or Lauren are home. Stephen says they're both still at work and Beth thanks him. Annalise offers to help Beth pack, Beth gratefully accepts and they both head into No.24.
Phoebe, Stephen and Hope come through the front door. Stephen checks if Russell is there but he isn't. Phoebe gets Hope out of her pram. Stephen happily tells her that Russell has gone permanently as his door is unlocked and all his stuff is gone. Phoebe thinks Stephen is joking but Stephen says he wouldn't joke about this.
Helen checks if Wayne minds if Beth stays with them for a while. Wayne is miles away. When Helen gets his attention she realises he was thinking about the police. Wayne wants to know why they pay taxes for he police's wages when they don't earn it? Helen points out that this isn't the only crime to investigate. They're doing an excellent job under very trying circumstances. Wayne is doubtful but Helen tells him not to let it get to him.
Beth and Annalise are getting Beth's clothes. Annalise can't get over how Brad led Beth on by making Beth think they'd get back together. Beth wants Annalise to give it a rest. Annalise gets the message and apologises. Annalise says she can't see why she didn't see through him and Beth stops her again. Annalise apologises again then says she thinks there was some calls from Lauren too. Annalise can't work out why she didn't work it out before. Beth snaps at Annalise as she's not helping. Annalise apologise again and says love is blind which stops her from saying the obvious. Annalise asks if Beth noticed anything before the wedding.
BETH: Okay, okay I was blind and stupid. Do you think I don't know that?
Annalise says she wasn't and he pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. Beth says she's been totally naive. From now on she's the one in control. She'll never leave herself open again.
Ramsay Street
Wayne gingerly gets into the truck. Stephen comes over and asks how he is. Wayne says he's holding it together and Stephen wants to know if he's heard anything from the cops. Wayne has but none of it was good. He gives them all the details but nothing. They've probably got too many parking tickets to chase up to worry about an assault case. Stephen says he should be taking it easy. Wayne says Stephen sounds like Helen. If Wayne needs anything Stephen is happy to run around for him. Wayne just wants to clear a few cobwebs so Stephen should forget the guilt trip. Wayne drives off.
Pam arrives looking for Beth. Helen says Beth is in the kitchen. Pam goes through and Beth offers her a drink. Pam has just heard about Brad and Lauren starting up again. Beth says it's ok but Pam says it isn't. Pam wanted to say how sorry she is. Beth says it's not a big deal but Pam says it is and it's Brad's fault. Pam is disgusted with Brad and she never thought she'd live to hear herself say that. Pam just feels she needs to apologise for Brad and she wants Beth to understand that. Beth does understand. Pam doesn't know what to say but Beth says Pam just being there is enough. Pam hopes they can still be friends. Beth says they can as she doesn't blame Pam. They share a hug and Beth cries.
Phoebe and Stephen are folding the laundry and Phoebe asks what will happen about the assault charges. Stephen hopes the police will drop them as Russell has done a runner. Phoebe wants to know if Stephen will have to go to court. Stephen is keeping his fingers crossed.
There's a knock at the door and Stephen answers it. It's the man whom spoke to Pam and he introduces himself as Warren Maxwell. Stephen has phoned Warren and invites him in. Warren apologises for that as he's been away and he only got the message yesterday. There was no- one home when he called around yesterday. Warren reports that one of the neighbours said that Russell had been causing a few problems. Stephen says that's an understatement and introduces Phoebe. Stephen says Russell doesn't seem to live here anymore and Warren asks if they know where Russell has gone.
Stephen invites Warren to sit down and ask for Russell's story as Warren gave him a decent reference. Phoebe says they would never have given him a room if they'd known what he was like. When asked Phoebe says Russell left today and no forwarding address. Warren apologises. Stephen says Russell has driven them out of their home, has Stephen up on assault charges, tries to break up their marriage and their business and Warren is just sorry. Warren realises Russell didn't say he is Russell's social worker. Russell was recently released from hospital. Phoebe guesses it was a mental hospital and Warren says it sort of was. Stephen says Russell was psychotic.
Warren says Russell was manic depressive. He was released from care a few months ago. He seemed to be ok but needed a lot of support. Warren was prepared to give Russell that. When Russell stopped calling Warren gave him some space as Russell seemed happy here. Stephen says angrily this nutcase was let loose on the community. Warren explains Russell isn't a nutcase. His condition has been diagnosed and is treatable. Stephen says Russell is sane and they're all around the twist! Warren explains manic depression can be controlled with medication. With Russell it's a vicious circle. Pills make him feel better, he thinks he doesn't need the pills and stops taking them. He then starts getting worse.
Phoebe asks about the girlfriend and baby and Stephen says they're all in the mind. Warren says they're real. She left with the kid, couldn't cope with Russell's moods. It sent Russell into a downer again. That's when he ended up in hospital last time for eight months. When he was released he was good and ready to start again. When Warren called here last time Russell insisted everything was fine and taking his medication. Warren believed Russell. Phoebe says they wouldn't have reacted the way they did if they'd known. Stephen wants to know what they're meant to do with a baby in the house and Phoebe says Russell can't help being sick.
Pam suggests Beth has a rest and Beth goes to do just that. Annalise is making comments and Pam shushes her. Helen wants an opinion on her pw ainting and Pam admires it. Pam wishes she could paint like that and Helen says it's a shame she didn't keep up her sculpting. Pam thinks she's a great loss to the art world! Pam asks where Wayne is and Helen says Wayne has gone out. Annalise comments that Wayne reckons the cops have gone to sleep on him. They're not bothering to check it out. Pam says they're not exactly overstaffed. Helen told Wayne that but he's still very frustrated. Annalise would be looking for them herself. Helen says they won't have any vendettas in this house and not to put any ideas in Wayne's head.
Road Somewhere
A car is by the side of the road. A woman asks what the driver's problem is. A car drives up to a house and the man is rather rude to the woman. Two men on motorbikes ride up. We see it's the tribesmen and Wayne is watching them from the car.
<<1934 - 1936>>
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