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Neighbours Episode 1934 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1934
Australian airdate: 10/06/93
UK airdate: 13/04/94
UK Gold: 30/03/00
Summary/Images by: Clare
Lou is talking on the phone. He tells the person Lauren's not home but she will be home soon. He checks if he's talking to Terry. He tells the person when they see Terry Lou is looking forward to meeting him. He looks confused and double checks something with the other person on the phone. Lou promises the person she'll ask Lauren to call them when she comes in and hangs up.
Gaby is waiting on the sofa as Brad and Lauren come downstairs now fully dressed. Brad apologises but Gaby says that's not much good. Lauren says they had no idea anyone was coming through. Gaby points out they had no right to be there anyway. A great brother Brad is stealing her keys and taking over somebody's house! Brad didn't steal the keys,f he found them. Gaby says that Brad knew she was frantic looking for the keys. She had to sneak in and get the spare set from Phillip's office. Phillip would be ballistic if he knew. Brad apologises, he didn't think of that. Gaby says they thought it was a good idea and blow everyone else! Lauren suggests they contact the people and explain. Gaby thinks the people have seen more than enough of them! Gaby asks Brad why he's sneaking around with Lauren behind Beth's back. Brad says it isn't like that and Gaby sarcastically asks if they're just good friends. Lauren explains they're trying to keep it quiet not to hurt Beth. Brad told Beth it was over between them but he didn't want to spring this on Beth. Lauren says it's her fault as she's the one whom wanted to keep it a secret till everything settles down. Gaby says they've blown it now. Brad asks her to keep quiet but Gaby can't believe he's asking for a favour after what just happened. Lauren pleads for Beth's sake. They need to tell Beth at the right time.
Ramsay Street
A man is knocking on the door of No.30 and Pam comes over. She suggests he'll find the Gottliebs over the road. He thanks her but he's looking for Russell Butler. Pam asks if Russell is the man's friend and the man confirms this. Pam says Russell hasn't made too many friends in Ramsay Street. He's driven poor Phoebe and Stephen round the twist. The man is sorry to hear that. As Russell looks out of the window the man says he understood Russell was very happy boarding with them. Pam agrees Russell is but he's driven them out of their own home and upset everyone else on the street one way or another. The man had no idea. Pam suggests as a friend the man should talk some sense into Russell. The man will certainly try.
Pam asks Gaby if she's had a hard day at the office as she's slamming the food around. Gaby says it wasn't one of her better days! Pam hopes she wasn't at loggerheads with Phillip again. Gaby says there are times when Phillip has very inflated ideas about his abilities and resents anyone showing initiative of their own. They can't sit back and let the competition snap bookings off them left, right and centre. Pam reminds Gaby she's overstepped the mark once before. Maybe she should back off as she's the secretary not the boss. Gaby points out Lassiters isn't running as good as it should. There's so much wastage going on and a lot of people are being paid to sit around and do nothing. Pam knows she's smart and likes to give everything her best shot but jobs are hard to get. Gaby could be working for someone a lot tougher than Phillip. Gaby's already said her piece and given Phillip all the information. She'll give up if that doesn't convince him.
Lauren is reading a magazine when Lou comes and asks if she's called the guy at the stables. Lauren did and the reason was he couldn't find something at the stables. Lou says she didn't speak to Terry because there is no Terry. Lou asks whom Lauren has been seeing. Lou guesses it's Brad and Lauren confirms this. She couldn't tell him as Beth was still here. Lou thanks Lauren for the vote of confidence. Lauren points out he was so angry with Brad after the wedding and when Lauren thought she was pregnant. Lou would have hit the roof. Lou isn't too thrilled now. Lauren asks him to understand that they really love each other from the first day they met at the beach. Something just clicked. Lou realises she was never that interested in Cameron. It was just a smokescreen to hide her feelings for Brad. Lauren tried as she had accepted the fact Brad was going to marry Beth but it didn't make any difference to the way she felt about Brad. Lou comments Brad seems to change his mind pretty fast! Lauren says Brad feels the same way she does and it was her idea to keep it a secret. They knew everyone would be down on them after the breakup with Beth. Lauren didn't want to hurt Beth. Lou says they're going about it the wrong way. Sneaking around corners and telling lies to people who care for them. Lauren wanted to tell Lou. Lou says Beth is the important one. Beth's got to know sometime and the sooner the better.
Doug says it's the men's turn for the dishes tonight and Pam checks his forehead. Gaby laughs and asks what Doug is up to. Doug says they're going to the hospital so they should go. The women head off.
Once they're gone Doug asks Brad what he's really been up to this week. Brad says he doesn't know what he's talking about but Doug says Brad's been telling some big whoppers. First Brad said he was going to the beach without his board so Brad had better come clean. Then Brad said he was working at The Waterhole but he wasn't rostered on. Doug ad didn't come down in the last shower! Brad says he's old enough to do his own thing without explaining to Doug all the time. Doug realises Brad has been seeing Lauren all this time and Brad admits it. Doug asks how he can do that as Beth's still hoping they'll get back together. Brad says he told Beth there's no way they're getting back together. Doug says Brad's done a lousy job as Beth hasn't got the message. How will Beth feel if five minutes after the breakup someone hints that Brad and Lauren are an item? Brad doesn't want to hurt Beth as she's a beautiful person but he's got to sort things out with Lauren first. Doug says Brad had better do that as he's heading for trouble.
It's now the morning and Pam is making the shopping list. Pam asks Doug and Gaby to get Brad out of bed as she can't get him to budge. Gaby says maybe Brad doesn't want to face the world! When Pam asks what she means Gaby explains it's a big effort for Br ad to get himself out of bed. Brad has to give it a lot of thought! Doug volunteers to do it as Brad can't spend the rest of his life under the covers.
Pam leaves and Gaby asks why Brad would hide under the blankets. Doug brushes it off and Gaby says she didn't mean anything either. They realise they both know about Lauren. Doug says he tackled Brad about it last night. Gaby can't believe they would do this to Beth. Doug says Beth is convinced Brad is coming back to her. Doug asks why did Lauren have to come to Erinsborough? Gaby says it would be a lot worse if they got married and then split up. (Maybe they should have listened to Gaby in the first place.) Doug points out they don't know if it's an infatuation or not. Gaby says Brad seems really crazy about Lauren. Doug says it's only a few weeks since he was crazy about Beth. Now Doug is starting to think Brad is just plain crazy. Gaby guesses Brad is the only one whom really knows how he feels. It's just the sneaky way they've gone about it. Doug knows how word spreads around Ramsay Street. Beth's bound to get word before long.
No.30 Backyard
Phoebe jumps when she sees Russell and he says she's pretty jumpy. She says he gave her a fright and asks what he's doing there. Russell the police came and asked questions. Phoebe says it's pretty busy at the shop so she'd better get back. Russell steps in front of her and says the police are saying it was a set- up and they're trying to pin the blame on Russell. Russell thinks that Wayne is to blame for that. Russell says they really made a mess of Wayne and Phoebe says Wayne will be all right. Russell can't believe Phoebe would get mixed up in that but Russell's believes Phoebe was in on it. Phoebe wanted to have him beaten up and Phoebe denies this. Russell thought she was different and gentle. He says Phoebe's just like all the rest. Phoebe says she doesn't believe in it and would never do that. Russell says she knew what he'd planned and Phoebe denies it. Russell stops Phoebe from walking off and says he doesn't believe her. He doesn't believe Stephen either.
Lassiter's Office
Philip arrives and admits that Gaby has done her homework. Gaby checks Philip thinks things could be run more efficiently and Philip reminds her he admitted she did her homework. Philip admits there is some overstaffing and there is some wastage. He asks her to put it into a presentation and resubmit it to the winemakers' conference. They might as well give it a go. Gaby is pleased. Philip warns her not to upset too many staff in the future. Mr and Mrs Lim contacted Philip and they fortunately managed to see the funny side about what happened at No.22. Gaby gives an embarrassed laugh and tries to explain. Philip says there's no need as he knows it was Brad. Mrs Lim's description of a young blonde man left no doubt. He would prefer it if Brad doesn't use the house for any further assignations.
Coffee Shop
Doug orders two cappuccinos from Phoebe. Pam tells Doug he should have straight with no sugar as he's putting on weight. Doug denies this. Pam tells Phoebe there was a friend of Russell's banging on Phoebe's door yesterday and Pam didn't know what he was after. Phoebe wants to know his name but Pam doesn't know it. Phoebe can't believe Russell's got any friends. The only guy who's come to visit Russell was the one who gave him the reference in the first place. Stephen said that guy was pretty strange. Pam agrees the guy must be if he gave Russell a reference! Stephen tried to ask him about that but he didn't get a chance. Stephen tried to phone him later but the guy never returned the call. Pam made it clear to the guy that Russell wasn't the perfect boarder. Doug says he wants a word with Beth and wanders over to her. Phoebe wonders if this friend turning up is to do with what happened the other night. Phoebe is scared stiff of what Russell will do next. He's capable of anything.
Doug asks Beth if she has heard from her Mum. Beth has and her Mum has calmed down a bit. Doug says it was a big disappointment for her Mum and everyone. Beth agrees but things are looking a lot better now she and Brad are talking again which is good. Doug looks sceptical and tells Beth Brad is pretty messed up. Beth knows that but thinks Brad is getting it sorted out. Doug points out he doesn't think Beth's Mum would approve of her making up with Brad. Beth says it's her life. Beth knows she made a mess of things but it doesn't change the way she feels about Brad. She says you don't just stop loving somebody. Doug doesn't want to see her getting hurt again. Beth says they won't be rushing into this. Being friends is a pretty good start. Doug agrees and says he's only thinking what's best for Beth. Beth is as well and tells him not to worry. She'll be fine.
Ramsay Street
Russell walks into the street and Lou tells him he's got a nerve hanging around here. Russell reminds Lou he lives here. Lou tells Russell he's caused enough trouble and needs to pack his bags and leave Ramsay Street. Russell says it's a very interesting question. Lou says to take his advice and do it. It can't be soon enough and wants Russell to get the message. Russell needs to tidy up a few loose ends then he'll see. Lou says he'd better be for real. Russell's upset one too many people around here once too often. Russell tells Lou not to make threats as Russell would rather not get involved with the police. There won't be any trouble as Russell is about to take care of it right now.
Lassiter's Complex
Brad is clearing glasses outside The Waterhole and Doug wryly comments he managed to get out of bed. Brad says he is doing the morning shift as he agreed. Doug talked to Beth and he was tempted to tell her the truth. Beth hasn't taken Brad's words to heart and Beth's convinced they're going to get back together. Brad doesn't know how Beth can be after what he said to her. Beth is so Brad needs to man up and tell Beth about Lauren. Brad agrees and he's been thinking about it all morning. Doug says it's way past the thinking stage. Brad says it's not fair on Lauren either. Doug tells him he should have faced up to that a long time ago. Brad says he'll talk to Beth but he needs to see Lauren first. Doug tells Beth if he's got any respect left for Beth he should tell her before she becomes a laughing stock.
Lassiter's Office
Gaby is happy as she got it and the conference is back on. She put in the new proposal and they rung back to confirm. Philip quietly congratulates her. Gaby thought he might sound more enthusiastic as she put in a lot of hard work to pull that off. Philip is aware of that and appreciates her efforts. He's not too thrilled with the way she went about it. They're meant to work together instead of Gaby going behind his back. Gaby tried to get him interested and he didn't want to know. He remarks she went ahead and did it anyway. Gaby says it's her job to make sure Lassiter's functions properly. Philip reminds her it's actually his job and she's here to assist him. She sighs and says she'll try to remember her place. Philip admits he was wrong and she was right so can they please call a truce?
Brad tells Lauren that Doug is right. He's got to talk to Beth before someone tells her the score. Lauren (her shirt seems to have come from the same shop as Aaron's tablecloth shirt) says it seems everyone's on Beth's side even Lou. Brad says it will be ok. They'll rave on for a while but things will soon settle down. If Annalise catches on soon everyone will know what's going on. Lauren says everyone will think she's a real ... (she can't find the words.) Brad reassures her they won't and doesn't know why they would. Lauren points out if she hadn't arrived Brads would be married to Beth by now. Brad is glad Lauren arrived but Lauren doesn't know if he will be when all the hassle starts. Brad confirms he will be. Lauren worries the pressure will wreck things for them but Brad promises he won't let that happen. Lauren suggests they do it together but Brad says it's up to him.
Brad rings Beth (Lou is in the background.) Beth answers and Brad asks her if she's busy. Beth's not doing anything so Brad asks if they can talk. Beth reminds him they are talking. Brad asks if he can come round as it's important. Beth says of course he can and he doesn't need to ask. Brad asks if anyone's home. Beth says Lou and Phoebe are but they can go into Beth's bedroom. Brad suggests that Beth come round there instead. Beth agrees and will be there in ten minutes.
Beth relays to Lou that Brad wants to talk to her and he said it was important.
Lauren checks if Brad wants her to stay but he says it would be best if she went. He'll catch up with her afterwards and let her know how it went. She wishes him good luck with a kiss.
Lassiter's Office
Pam pops in to see if Gaby's going to see Wayne after work. Gaby is going and tells Pam she swung the deal. Pam is pleased and says she thought Gaby looked like the cat whom had got the cream. Pam asks how Philip took it. Gaby says Philip admitted he was wrong and Gaby was right. Pam tells Gaby not to get too carried away. Gaby says they would have lost that conference if she hadn't stuck her neck out. Pam reminds her she is the assistant and Gaby says Philip's already pointed that out. Pam comments it sounds ominous and Gaby says Philip doesn't have his finger on the pulse. Pam says Gaby's entitled to her opinion but Paul chose Philip to run the place. Gaby's starting to think Paul chose the wrong person.
Beth kisses Brad on the cheek and apologises if she kept him waiting. Brad takes a while to start then says they caused quite a hassle calling off the wedding. Beth agrees and says she made a real mess of things. Brad says it wasn't Beth's fault hearing about Lauren. Beth reminds him they've been through this and she thought he had something urgent to say. Brad knows he told her it was all over but asks if she thinks they can get back together again. Beth is sure of it and her feelings haven't changed. She says that they have to promise they need to be totally honest with each other and goes to kiss him. Brad says he hasn't been honest with her. He's been seeing Lauren and the truth dawns on Beth.
BRAD: I love her, Beth.
BETH: I see.
Beth is upset. Brad says he's been keeping it really quiet as they didn't want to hurt Beth. Beth says she made a fool of herself. Brad says she hasn't made a fool of herself and he should have told her earlier. He didn't know how to. Beth supposes the whole of Ramsay Street knows. Brad denies this but Beth doesn't believe him. Brad wanted her to hear it from him first. Beth leaves.
Russell watches Phoebe hanging the washing on the line. He then goes into the house and Hope is in her pram as music plays. He says hello to Hope that Uncle Russell has come to get her. She smiles at him as he gets her out of the pram. Phoebe hears Hope crying so she comes back inside. Russell is holding Hope (whom now seems calm) and Phoebe calmly tells Russell to put Hope down. Russell says he's nursed Hope before and Phoebe keeps forgetting he's got a baby of his own. Phoebe says she doesn't like anyone else holding her. Russell says Phoebe liked it when he helped with the baby. Phoebe says she was grateful but she's Hope's mother and she knows what's best for Hope. Phoebe asks Russell to give Hope to her. Russell says Phoebe's a lousy mother. Phoebe says she takes very good care of Hope. Russell asks what kind of mother would treat Russell the way Phoebe did. He asks what Phoebe will do when Hope's naughty? Will Phoebe send for someone to beat Hope up? Phoebe asks for Hope again. Russell tells Hope not to worry as he won't let them hurt Hope. He'll take care of Hope now.
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