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Neighbours Episode 1933 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1932 - 1934>>
Episode title: 1933
Australian airdate: 09/06/93
UK airdate: 12/04/94
UK Gold: 29/03/00
Guests: Raymond Lim: T S Kong
Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Summary/Images by: Clare
Annalise and Beth are sitting eating snacks at the coffee table. Annalise tells Beth it beats her how Beth can like her job with the dirt and everything. Beth says it's not so bad. Annalise would lovto see the other guys in shorts but she wouldn't want to physically dig. Beth says it still feels like she and Brad should be together. Annalise tells her to get over it as Brad said it was finished. Beth says Brad didn't really mean it. Annalise tells Beth to be careful and Beth agreesn. Annalise enquires about the flat hunting and it's lousy. Beth wants to find something close. All her friends are here and if she works again with Doug she wants to be close. Annalise suggests she stays at No.26 as there is plenty of room. Beth doesn't think Helen would be so happy. Annalise says Helen's cool about about what happened and Wayne is hardly there. Helen would love the extra company. Beth agrees for Annalise to ask Helen.
Philip is up late watching the telly and waititg for Debbie. She arrives home and Philp tells her not to do it so fast. He asks if she knows what time it is. Debbie admits it's just after midnight. Philip confirms it's closer to one. This is the second night in a row and she's meant to let him and Julie know where she's going and she shouldn't get home at this hour. However grownup Debbie thinks she is she has to stick to the rules as long as she lives there. Debbie says she doesn't know how she can tell him anything when he's never home and half the time is too busy to listen. Philip says she needs to understand if Rick thinks he can get away with it it doesn't mean Debbie can. Debbie understands. He tells her to go to bed and he will have a chat with Rick in the morning. If Rick thinks he can get away with this with his parents away he's got another thing coming. Debbie admits she wasn't out with Rick and Philip asks whom she was with. Debbie asks if it matters and wants to know if she gets any privacy in her life. She heads off to bed.
It is now morning. Brad sleepily walks into breakfast as Gaby is frantically searching. Doug asks what for and she's looking for her keys. Doug asks if she's looking for her house keys but she's looking for No.22 keys so she can show some prospective tenants around. She had them last night but the men haven't seen the keys. Doug asks after Wayne and Gaby says Wayne is getting better but very sore. Doug comments Wayne would be. It makes Doug wonder what animals would be out there who would do that to an innocent man. Gaby doesn't think the keys would just disappear. Doug suggests she left them at the office. Gaby is sure she had them at the house. Doug might go and see Wayne on the way to work and invites Brad to go with him. Brad can't as he's doing a morning shift at The Waterhole. Doug reminds him to put the milk back in the fridge. Gaby needs to go as she's already late. Doug offers Gaby a lift and she happily accepts.
Coffee Shop
Debbie greets Rick and tells him she missed him last night and asks how work went. Rick says it was long and hard. Rick asks how Harvey was. After Debbie's confused look Rick tells her not to hide it as he knows she went out with Harvey again. As it's two nights in a row Rick wants to know what's going on. Debbie says nothing's going on. Rick doesn't believe Debbie but she says to trust her. Rick wants Debbie to look him in the eye and deny she's got the hots for Harvey and his mature sexuality. Debbie admits she was bored. If Rick thinks work is boring he should try sitting around at No.32. Her parents are still at each other and Hannah is a pain. Rick points out he's earning to survive so he can stay here with Debbie. That's why he got the job in the first place. Debbie wants to know if she's meant to be grateful. Rick just wants her to be straight with him and checks if they're still together. Debbie confirms they are. Rick comments she wants to feel Harvey's arms around her. He nearly mentions the diary but says it's all over her face. Debbie loves Rick but he's doubtful. She does and Harvey means nothing to her. Debbie says she's telling the truth. Rick doesn't want Debbie to see Harvey again. Debbie reminds Rick he doesn't own her. Rick says they're history if Debbie keeps seeing Harvey. She can't have it both ways.
Lassiter's Office
Philip arrives and apologises for being late. Gaby comments he looks tired. Philip had a late night and asks after Wayne. Gaby says he's coming along. Gaby wants Philip to look at some publicity material she's run off. They should blow their own trumpet after winning the wine makers conference. Philip says it's a nice idea but they've had the rug pulled from under them on that matter. Gaby is aghast as Philip explains that someone came in cheaper. Gaby asks if they can cut their quote. Philip won't get involved in a Dutch auction. They gave it their best shot. It's someone else's business if they want to run it at a loss.
Brad puts the milk back in the fridge and finds Gaby's keys on the floor next to the fridge. He pockets them with a smile on his face. There's a knock at the door. Brad answers it to Beth whom wants to speak to him. She thought he was going but he's not in a hurry. She's been doing some thinking and she needs to know where she stands about a couple of things. Brad reminds her they already sorted it out. She wants to know how he feels about her living in the same street. She suggests Doug could probably transfer her apprenticeship. Brad doesn't want her to give up her job. If she likes working with Doug she should hang in there. She agrees and thanks him. She asks him about living in the same street and Brad not so enthusiastically says it's not up to him. Beth hasn't had much luck looking for somewhere. She'd hate him to feel embarrassed if he bumps into her. It's fine with Brad if it's ok with Beth. She suggests she finds a place but if she doesn't want to move he doesn't want her to move. She checks he means it and he does.
Lassiter's Office
Gaby is talking to someone on the phone about including the layout in the price. Gaby comes off the phone and tells Philip she just got another quote which is $200 cheaper. Philip doesn't see the point. Gaby says they might win it back if they give a cheaper quote. Philip points out $200 is nothing. Gaby says that's just the start and they'll make savings all down the line if they cut costs. They might win back the quote. Philip says he prepared the quote. Gaby knows that he used facts and figures from the boom days. They need to get leaner and meaner. Philip doesn't want to compromise quality and service. Gaby tries to argue and Philip tells her to leave it. He prepared a thorough presentation and unfortunately it went to someone else. That's the end of it.
Advert Break
Gaby is going over the books with Harvey. She has got the costs for the last three catering conferences held there and she wants him to answer some questions. Harvey points out he just cooks the stuff. Gaby wants to know if Mr Philwick shops around for the best deals. Harvey says they have suppliers they use. Gaby wants to know if the costs can be reduced.
HARVEY: I guess we could serve them baked beans on toast if you like!
Gaby's not impressed. She's trying to maximise the efficiency of the operation. Harvey reminds her he cooks what he's told to cook. Gaby should talk to the head chef as he does all the buying. He doesn't get involved in that side of things. Gaby asks when the head chef gets back. Harvey says it's about now. Gaby wants the head chef to come over and Harvey agrees to ask him. Harvey comments that Gaby's a very attractive woman. She rebukes him by telling him to stick to what he knows best root vegetables and blondes! Harvey laughs and says he likes a babe with attitude and leaves.
Lassiter's Complex
Annalise is cleaning a table outside The Waterhole. Doug arrives looking for Brad. Annalise says he's not working today. Doug wants to know if Annalise is sure. Annalise explains Brad has been working the afternoon and night shifts. As Doug looks thoughtful Annalise jokes he'll have to put up with her and Kev. Annalise questions if something is wrong. Doug says he must have got his wires crossed and leaves.
Ramsay Street
Brad is watching No.24 and throwing a ball in the air and catching it. Rick arrives and says he's knackered as he didn't get to bed till late due to the kitchen job. He's also been working at the caryard. Rick is looking for Debbie but Brad hasn't seen her. Rick goes to leave but Brad asks if Lou's at the caryard. Rick says Lou is there. Rick says what he's doing (I couldn't catch what he said) and that's why Rick is being paid peanuts. Rick leaves and Brad heads to No.24.
Brad is obviously hoping for Lauren to open the door but Beth answers the door. Beth checks if he wanted anything else. Brad says he came to see Lou. Beth explains Lou's at work. Brad asks why Beth's not seeing Doug and Beth explains she's going later. Beth says that Lauren is at the stables. Brad didn't want to see Lauren and Beth is pleased about this. Brad comments that Lauren's got a new man and Beth confirms his name is Terry. Brad goes to leave but Beth checks if he has to go as she's just made a cup of coffee. Brad agrees to stay for a quick one.
Lassiter's Office
Gaby confirms that Annalise works as a waitress at the major conferences and Annalise agrees. Gaby wants to know if Annalise is flat out on those nights. Annalise wonders what Gaby means. Gaby wants to know if Annalise is flat out. Annalise says she works really hard and Gaby should check with the other girls. Gaby reassures Annalise her job isn't on the line. Gaby is trying to work out if they're overstaffing. If they cut back they will be keeping Annalise on. Annalise is relieved. Annalise thought Gaby might have it in for her after the computer stuff and Annalise going out with Wayne. Gaby says she hasn't got it in for Annalise. Annalise says she would love to work here. Gaby tells her not to push her luck! Gaby questions if Annalise was always busy. Annalise says it was always cosy when she was serving the meals but it slowed down after that. Gaby gets her to admit they could manage with less staff.
Philip arrives back and wants to know if there was a problem. Gaby explains Annalise was helping her out with a few things. Philip is pleased they're getting on again but tells Annalise not to go near that computer. Gaby laughs and thanks Annalise. Gaby tells Annalise she might be getting more work and Annalise leaves.
Lassiter's Complex
Rick arrives and Harvey says he was starting to think he was one of Gaby's cost cuts. Rick wants to talk to him about Debbie. Harvey says Debbie doesn't know much but she's a keen learner. Rick tells Harvey to lay off her as they're on together. Harvey reminds Rick he said it was just casual and not a big deal. Rick admits it was all talk and they've got something serious. Harvey says Debbie didn't seem too serious about anything last night except maybe having a good time. Rick isn't kidding. They're full on so Harvey should keep his hands off. Harvey agrees as he doesn't muscle in on a friend's territory. Debbie is Rick's and Harvey's leaving. Rick checks if Harvey's taking Debbie out again. Harvey agrees not to as there's other babes out there. For Harvey it's like picking ripe fruit. Harvey goes to leave and tells Rick the spuds are waiting for him.
Annalise catches up with Debbie and asks how the big date went. Debbie says it went allright. Annalise ey thinks it went more than allright and wants the juicy details. They went back to Harvey's place and then they went home. Annalise wants to know if it was good. Annalise wants to know if they did it and Debbie says it's none of her business. Annalise sa ys you don't go back to a guy's house if you don't want to. Harvey tried it on with Annalise and Annalise points out Harvey is pretty punky. Debbie admits Harvey turns her on. Annalise wants to know more and asks about the next date. Debbie explains Rick found out and chucked a mental. Debbie is meant to promise never to see Harvey again or they are through. Annalise is annoyed that men think they own them and Debbie agrees. Annalise advises Debbie to keep them both up her sleeve. Annalise says she and Debbie are too much for one man. Debbie doesn't think she could. Annalise will shout Debbie a milkshake as she wants all last night's details in full colour.
Beth is sitting reading on the sofa when the phone rings. Lauren comes to answer it and it's Brad. Lauren calls him Terry and Brad realises through questions Beth is still there. Brad can't stop thinking about yesterday and Lauren agrees it was great. Brad called by earlier but Lauren was at work. Lauren meant to tell him but they kept getting interrupted. Lauren really wants to be with him now as yesterday seems ages ago. Brad has the day off so Lauren wonders what they can do. Brad suggests they meet somewhere private, have a spa and do whatever they like. Lauren says it sounds exciting and asks where it is. Brad says they'll be together for the rest of the day and no interruptions. Brad says they're going to No.22. He tells her he's got the keys. She should come over in about ten minutes. They agree they both can't wait.
Lassiter's Office
Philip wants to know what is going on as everyone is talking cutbacks. This includes the head chef, housekeeping, reception. They have all been getting a hard time from Gaby. Kevin came to speak to Philip and he never says anything. Gaby says she's been making some enquiries. Philip knows this! The winemakers' conference is a dead duck. Philip told Gaby to forget it and wonders why Gaby is pulling the staff offiside. Gaby says she has worked out some new costings. Philip doesn't care about the costings as $200 won't make a difference. Gaby tells Philip it is $2000. Philip is stunned. Gaby has worked out that is what they will save. If they adopt these measures as standard they can make their future quotations more competitive. Philip looks at the figures and Gaby points out there is so much wastage and overspending. The departments have been getting away with murder. Philip realises she means since he took over. Gaby denies this and says it's been going on for ages and it's got worse. Philip accepted the figures he was given. Gaby says Philip used to be a bank manager. The hospitality industry is different, especially these days. The departments need to justify what they spend. They need to become more aggressive. Philip will look at the figures and tell Gaby what he thinks. He agrees to resubmit the winemakers quote.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is telling Annalise that when she got home Philip went off his brain. Annalise says it's worth it even if they didn't do it. Debbie points out there's no law saying they had to. Annalise says Debbie was crazy going back to Harvey's place if she lsdidn s't want to. Debbie realises Annalise is right and she didn't think. Debbie wishes it hadn't got so complicated with Rick.
Harvey arrives and greets them. Annalise tells him they were just talking about him. Harvey hopes it was complimentary. From what Debbie said Annalise might have been wrong about Harvey. It's the story of Harvey's life and women are always doihinng that. It's lucky Harvey is an understanding guy. He's happy to give Annalise a second chance. Debbie isn't so impressed and asks who's looking after The Waterhole. Annalise says Kev can do it. Debbie suggests it gets busy about now. Annalise takes the hint and goes to leave.
Harvey takes Annalise's seat. He comments Annalise is an interesting girl. Debbie says she had a really good night last night and Harvey agrees. When questioned Harvey says he's working flat out till midnight and won't be finished till at least midnight. Debbie suggests they go out clubbing after that. Harvey says it sounds good but he'll be too whacked. Debbie suggests tomorrow instead. Harvey doesn't think that's such a good idea either. Last night was last night but maybe they should cool it. Harvey didn't realise she and Rick were serious and Harvey wouldn't tread on a mate's turf. He tells Debbie she's a good kid. Debbie asks if last night meant anything to him. Harvey agrees but life is too short for hassles. He tells her he'll see her around and leaves a tearful Debbie.
Beth suggests to Doug that she starts back at work if that's ok. Doug says there's no rush and she can have more time off if she wants to. Beth refuses as she's had plenty of time off and is going bats sitting around. Doug says it's good to have her back and she's a good worker but things could be a bit awkward. If she's working for Doug Brad will be around. He wants to be sure she'll handle that. Beth spoke to Brad this morning and everything is fine. She is absolutely sure. Beth suggested transferring her apprenticeship and Brad wouldn't hear of it. Brad obviously still cares which is a good sign. Doug doesn't want her to get her hopes up. Beth isn't and Brad wouldn't hear of her moving out of the street. Doug doesn't want to put a wet blanket on things but there might be unfinished business between Brad and Lauren. Beth thought that too but Beth has heard Lauren talking to her new boyfriend from the stables. She's totally gone on him. Maybe Brad was just a fling for Lauren.
Brad and Lauren are getting it on under the blanket on the sofa. Gaby walks in with Raymond and Jenny Lim who are potential buyers. Gaby is horrified.
<<1932 - 1934>>
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