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Neighbours Episode 1936 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1936
Australian airdate: 14/06/93
UK airdate: 15/04/94
UK Gold: 03/04/00
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Swampy: Simon Mills
Cactus: Les Toth
Bikie no. 1: Lou Toth
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Beth tells Annalise that she'll never let herself be taken in by a guy again.
- Wayne had no luck with the police.
- Brad tells Lauren that things will settle down eventually.
- Wayne sees the motorbikers.
Gaby comes in and is not pleased that Brad hasn't finished his paperwork. She asks if she's told Beth about Lauren yet (he hasn't) and also Swampy has rung him a few times.
Beth comes in and sits down at a table with Doug, thanking him for all the time off, and assuring him she'll be back at work tomorrow. Gaby comes over and sympathises with her, saying that Brad has handled things badly. Beth's shocked to hear that both Gaby and Doug knew, and stomps out.
Lou approaches Stephen and tells him he's had a call from Stan - the bikers have been hassling him for money, they don't care that they've got the wrong guy. Stephen thinks maybe they should pay up, but Lou says it's a matter of principle. He hopes the bikers will lay off now the police are asking questions.
Gaby pops around to see Wayne who is very pleased to see her and gives her a lingering kiss. He tells her he's tracked down the bikers and know where they hang out - he even recognised two of them. Gaby is shocked - Wayne could have been hurt if they'd recognised him. He's told the police and hopes to see some justice now.
Beth tells Lou that she's moved out to stay with Helen temporarily. Lou sympathises with Beth, and she's shocked that Lou knew too!
Pam, Doug, Brad and Gaby are eating casserole. Pam is not happy that Doug and Gaby knew about Brad and Lauren. She rants and raves and tells Brad that she hopes he doesn't realise too late that Beth was the real thing.
Stephen is doing the household accounts. They're still in the red by quite a bit as Russell ran up a lot of bills. Phoebe suggests asking Dorothy for help, but Stephen would prefer to tackle their problems on their own.
Lauren comes in and looks very guilty that Beth is moving out. Lou says he feels quite sorry for Beth.
Beth comes out of the bedroom with a packed bag and Lou goes off to take it to No.26 for her.
LAUREN: I guess 'I'm sorry' seems a bit lame. If I had known things would turn out this way...after the wedding, Brad was convinced you were never coming back. And then when you did, well, it was too late. We would have told you sooner but we didn't want to hurt you.
Beth just walks out without a word.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Lou sees Pam and Doug and they chat about Brad and Lauren. Pam blames Lauren, saying she had her sights set on Brad right from the start! She thinks Lauren is a man- eater. Lou tells them they should think long and hard about how they brought up their son and then stomps off!
Car Yard
Lou arrives to find a tattooed biker. He intimidates Lou and tells him he wants the money. Lou says it's not his responsibility, but the biker warns him he has two days to pay up.
Phoebe tells Stephen that she's bored being at home with Hope all the time - she wants to job- share properly again. Stephen agrees and says he'll stay home today.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe and Beth are chatting about Beth's living arrangements. She doesn't want to move too far away though. Phoebe offers her a place as a boarder at No.30. Beth isn't too sure at first, but then agrees.
Just then, Brad and Lauren come in. Beth picks up her box of food and goes.
Doug and Wayne are chatting about Lauren. The bikers come in and Wayne recognises the leader, Cactus, as the one that attacked him. They talk in loud voices that the police will never get them, and Wayne sees red. He goes over and warns Cactus not to get over- confident, he'll get what's coming to him.
Wayne is on the phone to the police who reckon Cactus has an alibi! Wayne is incredulous that they are taking the word of a bunch of thugs. Gaby tries to calm Wayne down, but he won't be calmed.
Wayne tells Lou and Stephen that he's determined to get the bikers. He wants the name of Lou's mate so he can talk to him. Lou isn't keen - he's had a visit from Cactus already. He'd prefer it if Wayne just left it alone.
Lassiter's Lake
Brad is sitting, throwing stones in to the water when Beth comes along. He apologises for the way things have turned out. She tells him that it's time to move on now.
Coffee Shop
Stephen and Hope have popped in. Stephen isn't too pleased that Phoebe has asked Beth to move in, but she says they need the money. Phoebe suggests that they continue their job- share for the rest of the week and Stephen agrees.
Lassiter's Lake
Brad tells Lauren that Beth is hiding her feelings. Lauren says that Beth isn't Brad's responsibility anymore.
Wayne has brought Gaby some flowers to apologise for blowing his top earlier. She is a bit shocked by his behaviour, it seemed out of character. He says he's going to go back to the farm for a visit for a few days.
Lauren is sitting at the bar while Brad is working. Lauren says she's fed up of people whispering about them.
Lou goes over to Pam and Doug to apologise for their row earlier and they all make up. Doug tells Pam that they have to let the kids mess up their own lives. Pam tells him that Beth will take a long time to get over what's happened, but just then, Beth comes in with a date! Brad looks over.
BRAD: How could she?
LAUREN: Hey, why should you care if she goes out with another guy?
BRAD: That's not just another guy. That's Swampy! My best mate!
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