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Neighbours Episode 1896 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1895 - 1897>>
Episode title: 1896
Australian airdate: 19/04/93
UK airdate: 18/02/94
UK Gold: 07/02/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Philip East
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Jeffrey Hockney: Jeff Keogh
Summary/Images by: Sal
Brad and Lauren discuss how they're not trying to hurt anyone.
The Hungry Bite - Outside
Benito is telling Cathy that he is being sounded out for a management position in Sydney and tells her that he wants to seriously consider it. Cathy says that she's not keen on another move, but if it means that Benito will be out of the car yard, then it's got a positive aspect to it! However, Benito tells Cathy that if he does get the job in Sydney, he wouldn't have to leave straight away, so in the meantime he can build up the car yard and sell it for a huge profit. The sticking point is Lou - the two can't agree on anything, so Benito asks Cathy for her money from her spaghetti sauce so that he can buy Lou out. Cathy refuses and tells him to sell up to Lou instead but Benito thinks that this is admitting defeat.
The Hungry Bite - Inside
Beth is peering through the blind at Benito and Cathy. Annalise and Cameron are waiting to be served. Cameron jokes that if they were any good at shoplifting, they could've had half of the stock out by now. He decides to go and see Brad and catch some surf, and Beth asks him to tell Brad not to stay too long, as she has some brochures for him to look at. Cameron leaves and Beth asks if Annalise has traced her Dad yet. Annalise says that she hasn't - what her mum has said has put her off - if he didn't want to know her then, he won't want to know her now. Beth warns her that Fiona hasn't been truthful as far as her Dad is concerned, but Annalise doesn't want to get her hopes up only for them to be dashed.
The Beach
Brad and Lauren are lying in each other's arms, obviously just having had sex. Brad tells her that it'll be easier from now on because they'll be able to resist their feelings - they've got it out of their systems. Lauren isn't happy but Brad tells her he won't forget it. Lauren hastily leaves.
Number 26
Jim is looking at Fiona's books - she wants to buy a local salon, but Jim is urging caution. Jim says that it wouldn't take too much to go wrong for her to be in trouble, but Fiona doesn't want to back out on her dream. He tells her to wait until something more reasonably priced comes along but Fiona reckons that she'll be able to find the cash from somewhere.
The Beach
Lauren is horseriding on the beach and races past Brad, who is moping on the sand. Cameron runs over to him and wants to surf, but Brad doesn't.
CAMERON: You don't feel like it? What is this, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers?
Cameron goes into the surf, leaving Brad on the beach alone.
Number 26
Fiona is still messing with the numbers - Jim says that he would've offered but he's been a bit handy with his money of late, so he can't help her out. Suddenly he recalls that he has some shares which have recently risen in price, so he decides to call his broker to see if they're good to sell.
Outside Lassiters
Cathy approaches Lauren about the horse syndicate for Chuck-A-Mental and decides to take a share. She tells Lauren to call around the house later for a cheque. She leaves, and Lou approaches declaring that he knows what she's been up to. Lauren looks scared, until she realises that he's not talking about Brad - he's talking about Lauren avoiding himself. He apologises for going on about his problems in the car yard, and asks to know everything in Lauren's life instead!
The Beach
Cam runs back up the beach to Brad, who is still in a foul mood. Cameron diagnoses pre-wedding stress, but Brad snatches his board and storms off.
Number 24
Beth is flicking through holiday brochures for her honeymoon when Lauren walks in. Lauren tries to escape to her bedroom, but Beth really wants some help choosing a holiday. Beth makes a joke about not even making it out of the hotel room, and Lauren backs away, telling her that she should be discussing it with Brad.
Number 26
Jim is on the phone to his broker, Jeffery, asking his advice about the stocks. Jeffery tells him that he'll call him back later, but Jim advises him that he'll be in and out of his office today so if Fiona picks up, she's his partner and it's fine to give her the details to pass on. Jim tells Fiona that if Jeffery decides that it is best that he sells, he will be able to give Fiona the money she needs to get the salon off the ground. Jim tells her he has to go out to attend to some business, but she insists that she join him in the bedroom so he can help her move her clothes in, nudge nudge, wink wink!
Car Yard
Lou is winding Benito up about what he's going to do when Benito buys him out. Benito tells him to stop joking - the deal will happen. Lou quips that Cathy has agreed to lend him the money, but Benito tells him that it's not reliant on Cathy.
LOU: Ah, Cathy's not agreed to lend you the money then?
Lou tells him that he'll have a word with her - give her some of the old Carpenter charm! Benito tells him that even a con-artist like Lou couldn't extract money from Cathy - but Lou happily reveals that Cathy has just given $2000 to Lauren for Chuck-A-Mental without even being asked! Benito storms off as Lou chuckles.
Number 24
Cameron enters and answers the ringing phone - it's for Beth, but she's not at home. Cameron kisses Lauren and asks what she got up to in the afternoon. Lauren is really defensive and says she's just been in her room.
CAMERON: What? In your riding boots?(br)
LAUREN: Yes, in my riding boots - what is this, an inquisition?
Cameron tells her to chill out and asks what's wrong; but Lauren snaps at him, telling him she went to the stables first and then was in her room. He asks if it's National Rotten Mood day - first Brad and now Lauren. She angrily sighs and storms into the living room to remove her boots seeing as they're annoying Cameron so much! He tells her that they're not annoying him and offers to help, but she just yells at him some more. He spies sand fall from the boots and asks if she's been riding at the beach - but she gets angry and storms off, telling him that there's also sand at the stables. Cameron looks shellshocked.
The Hungry Bite - Outside
Benito is yelling at Cathy for giving her money to Lauren instead of giving it to him. Lou and Annalise watch on amused.
LOU: You know, they wouldn't be having this argument if it wasn't for me. I feel very upset(!)
Car Yard
Benito tells Lou that he's got a business associate who's going to buy Benito out of the business, but Lou's not happy about it - he wants a say in who he'll be in business with.
Number 26
Annalise visits Fiona, remarking that Fiona's boyfriends are nearly always strangers so it's nice that she knows Jim. Fiona tells her to keep it down - Jim's taking a nap. Annalise tells her that she's changed her mind about contacting her dad - Fiona is pleased, and then tells her about the salon. Annalise can't believe that Fiona talked Jim into being a partner, but Fiona tells her that both her and Jim will do well out of it.
Number 24
Lauren is looking for some papers, but Beth accidentally picked them up. Cameron asks if Beth if everything's ok between her and Brad because he was moody at the beach earlier. Beth says that she thinks so, and if not, the honeymoon destinations that she's picked out will cheer him up. She asks Cam his opinion on Cairns, and he tries to cuddle Lauren as he says that the hot tropic nights are made for love. Lauren pushes him off and Brad walks in. Lauren leaves in a hurry and Brad kisses Beth on the cheek. Brad is jovial and Beth asks if this is Cameron's idea of a bad mood! Cameron looks suspicious and guesses that Brad got over it.
Number 26 - Outside
Benito is telling Jim about the job in Sydney, and Jim asks his advice on his shares. Benito says that he wishes he owned some - the shares will definitely keep rising and he should hold onto them; he'd be crazy to sell now.
Number 26
Jeffery calls, and Fiona picks up. Jeffery tells her that Jim should sell, but Fiona tells Jeffery that Jim isn't around. Jeffery is irritated by this as the exchange closes soon. Fiona tells him to sell, but Jeffery insists that he can't do that without Jim's authorisation. Fiona insists that he should sell and that if Jim's profits are wiped out over night because Jeffery didn't sell, he'd have some explaining to do. Jeffery mulls it over and agrees to sell.
<<1895 - 1897>>
Cameron Hudson, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1896
Cameron Hudson, Brad Willis

Benito Alessi, Cathy Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1896
Benito Alessi, Cathy Alessi

Annalise Hartman, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1896
Annalise Hartman, Beth Brennan

Fiona Hartman, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1896
Fiona Hartman, Jim Robinson

Lauren Carpenter, Cathy Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1896
Lauren Carpenter, Cathy Alessi

Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1896
Cameron Hudson

Beth Brennan, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1896
Beth Brennan, Lauren Carpenter

Jeffrey Hockney in Neighbours Episode 1896
Jeffrey Hockney

Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1896
Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman

Jim Robinson, Benito Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1896
Jim Robinson, Benito Alessi

Fiona Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1896
Fiona Hartman

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