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Neighbours Episode 1895 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1895
Australian airdate: 16/04/93
UK airdate: 17/02/94
UK Gold: 04/02/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Adventure Park
Rick has lost some of the kids and can't remember what they look like(!) Brad and Beth roll their eyes.
Lou is ranting to Cameron about Benito, explaining about the split in the car yard.
Rick and Brad are frantically searching for kids. He finds a little girl called Amy and tries to take her off, but it turns out she isn't in the party and her brother threatens to deck Rick(!) Brad offers to buy a little girl a doughnut, but her mother hits him with her umbrella and calls him a pervert! Rick and Brad decide to give up before they are handed over to the police(!)
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Cathy tells Benito not to be stupid about the car park division, but he won't listen. Beth is clearing up from the party when Annalise comes in and offers to help. Annalise tells Beth that she was hoping to move in with her mother after all, but Fiona is moving in with Jim Robinson instead! Beth sympathises.
Fiona and Jim are having pre- dinner drinks before they head to the Brasserie. Fiona tells Jim that she hopes she's not forcing Helen out of the house - it has been her home for a long time. Although she comments that Helen's job with the children is done now so she's not sure why she's still there anyway(!) Jim assures Fiona that this will be her home and Helen will have to cope with it.
Rick is avoiding going home in case Benito kills him(!) however all the kids were found. Cathy comes round in a temper and orders him home - seven upset mothers have rung in the last hour and he's banned from running birthday parties ever again!
Cameron is giving Lauren a shoulder massage and telling her about the difficulty of getting into Comedy Clubs. Brad comes in, dressed as a clown and Lauren has a go at him about the kids getting lost.
LAUREN: You're supposed to be a grown- up, but that would be too much to expect, wouldn't it?
BRAD: Oh, well, hey, why don't you try it some time? Oh, that's right. Horses are more your speed, they can't talk back.
Cameron is rather takenaback by this exchange.
Julie comes round to see Jim.
JULIE:(pushing past Fiona) I'd like to speak to my father, please.
FIONA: He's not home at the moment.
JULIE: Then why are you?!
FIONA: Because I live here now. Jim has asked me to move in.
JULIE: Oh. So, you got your way. What's next, turfing my grandmother out in the street?
FIONA: Where Helen lives isn't up to me. That's your father's decision, wouldn't you say?
JULIE: Oh, and I bet he made it with a lot of help from yoU!
FIONA: Julie, I'm sorry you feel that way, I thought we understood each other by now.
JULIE: Oh, I understand you all right. And I'm going to make damn sure my Dad does too!
FIONA: Even if you risk his life in the process? All this fuss, it's not good for his heart, you should know that.
JULIE: You can't blame me for that!
FIONA: Oh, but I do, Julie, I really do! I'm not the one causing the arguments. I don't throw a tantrum every time I want something from Jim. And I don't sulk when I don't get it.
JULIE: No, you just manipulate him!
FIONA: He went to the doctor today, his blood pressure is very high. The doctor blames that on recent stress.
Car Yard
Lou and Benito are lurking on their respective sides of the yard and confusing the customers.
Coffee Shop
Julie is talking to Cathy about Fiona moving in with Jim. Cathy thinks Fiona seems pleasant enough, but Julie insists that her niceness is all an act. Annalise overhears the end of their conversation but isn't offended, saying Fiona will dump Jim when something better comes up.
Beth and Lauren come in. Lauren is thinking of selling her car to buy a share in the race horse. Brad snipes at her that the horse might not even win. Beth and Cameron are quite shocked at the anger in their voices.
Coffee Shop
Fiona tells Annalise that she's made the right decision to move in with Jim and insists it's going to work out this time.
FIONA: I'm finally going to get everything I ever wanted.
Car Yard
Lou and Benito are still fighting over customers. Another customer ends up walking off.
Brad has come round to apologise to Lauren for saying the horse syndicate was a rip- off. However, they end up arguing again and Brad walks out.
BRAD: Have a nice life.
LAUREN: Oh, get lost!
Cameron wants to know what's going on, but Lauren won't tell him.
Lou and Benito are having a beer, but they each pay for their own(!) They decide that they can't go on fighting over customers, so Lou suggests building a fence and having completely separate car yards(!) Either that, or one has to go!
Coffee Shop
Cathy asks Rick why he's rubbing his head, but he says it's fine. Cathy rants at him for a bit but relents when she can see Rick is in pain.
Julie brings Jim a cake as a piece offering and explains that she's just concerned about the family.
JIM: If you're going to start on about Fiona, I wish you wouldn't.
JULIE: I wish I didn't have to.
JIM: You *don't*
JULIE: I have to tell you what I feel.
JIM: I already know you don't like Fiona, you've made that amply clear.
JULIE: Dad, don't get upset. Now, my feelings about your girlfriend aside...you have to admit it's all happened rather suddenly, this business of her moving in...
JIM: It's *my* business.
JULIE: I know! But it's making everyone else so unhappy.
JIM: Well, not *me* it isn't, I'm very happy, and if you would keep your opinions to yourself I'd be even happier!
JULIE: Dad, calm down.
JIM: No, I won't, Julie! This is my life and I'm entitled to live it the way I want to. Now, I would be very pleased if you could accept that.
JULIE: I can't it's not right...
JIM:(interrupting) But if you can't accept it, that's your problem. Fiona is living here, with me. Now either you come to terms with that, or you stay away.
Brad is brooding on the beach when Lauren rides past on her horse.
BRAD: So, this is Chuckie, eh? Looks fit.
LAUREN: Well...he's getting there.
BRAD: I'm sorry about what I said before. He's a top horse.
Lauren dismounts.
LAUREN: Chuckie's not what we've been fighting about, is he?
BRAD: No...and it's not birthday parties either.
There is a bit of a pause.
BRAD: I think about you all the time.
LAUREN: Me too.
BRAD: I get mad at myself...it's not fair to Beth, the way I feel around you.
LAUREN: Yeah, I know. I get the guilts about Cam too.
BRAD: I shouldn't take it out on you though.
BRAD: It's not like we're trying to hurt anyone, do the wrong thing or anything.
LAUREN: Me neither.
Brad leans in and kisses her.
<<1894 - 1896>>
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