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Neighbours Episode 1897 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1897
Australian airdate: 20/04/93
UK airdate: 21/02/94
UK Gold: 08/02/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug thinks Gaby and Wayne are an odd couple. Pam says she and Doug are quite an odd couple too(!)
DOUG: Oh I don't know. We were both very keen on indoor sports, weren't we?
GABY: Oh, yuk!
Pam suggests that Gaby invites Wayne to dinner tonight.
Cameron tells Beth and Lauren that he's keen to work in Entertainment Law. He thanks Lauren, saying he's never have thought about it without her pushing him into the comedy gig, but she is distracted.
Jim tells Fiona that he's not going to sell yet as Benito doesn't think they've peaked yet. She tells him that she's instructed the broker to sell, worried that he'd lose out. Jim is rather cross and says that Jeffrey shouldn't have sold without his authorisation.
FIONA: I'll make it up to you I promise. You'll never miss those shares once the salon gets going. We'll both make a packet.
JIM: Fi...I'm not so sure about this business partnership now.
Fiona looks a bit upset, but tells Jim that whatever he decides is fine by her.
Brad tells Beth that he promised his parents he'd eat with them tonight. She jokes that she hopes he isn't avoiding her(!)
When she's gone, Brad sits down with Wayne, Gaby, Pam and Doug. They talk about army life (Wayne is in favour of the army and National Service). Pam is appalled that Wayne favours teaching young people to use guns, but Doug agrees with Wayne. They decide to change the subject.
Phoebe is tidying up. Stephen moans that Russell has been on the phone for ages. They talk about the Coffee Shop and Stephen says he'll work tomorrow as he's meeting the supplier. Phoebe gets a bit crochetty and says that the point of their job share is so that Stephen can spend time with Hope.
Cameron, Beth and Lauren are eating dinner. Cameron suggests that they go off for the day tomorrow, but Lauren says she has to take a horse to a country race meeting for three or four days. Cameron is surprised.
Wayne and Pam are talking about guns being kept by civilians in their houses. Pam is shocked to hear that Wayne has a gun at Jim's place.
PAM: Where do you store this absolutely necessary firearm?
WAYNE: In my room.
PAM: I'd hardly call that a safe place!
BRAD: Person's got a right to own a gun if they want.
PAM: But what if it gets stolen, I mean there are kids in this street! Anything could happen!
Pam angrily tells Wayne that she's nursed people who've been hurt by guns - including children. It's no laughing matter.
Wayne decides to leave, telling Pam they'll agree to disagree. Gaby bustles him out.
When Wayne has gone, Pam tells Doug that she doesn't like Wayne. Doug says they have to humour him, being Gaby's boyfriend.
No.26, the following morning
Jim sees in the paper that the company he had his shares with have plummeted - Benito was wrong about them. He apologises to Fiona and thanks her for selling them.
JIM: Maybe a partnership between us could be lucky for both of us.
FIONA: You mean you'll reconsider? About buying into the salon?
Jim nods, and Fiona is delighted.
Russell and Phoebe are chatting. He thinks Stephen is spending a lot of time at the Coffee Shop. Phoebe is about to head off, but Hope has fallen asleep, so Russell offers to keep an eye on her. Phoebe is unsure, but relents, saying that Stephen won't be long.
RUSSELL: I'll take good care of her.
PHOEBE: I know you will.
She leaves.
Brad has come to talk to Lauren. Cameron is stamping around complaining about the Erinsborough News.
Brad and Lauren agree to meet in the park by the lake.
Coffee Shop
Jim sees Pam. Pam asks Jim is she knows Wayne has a gun in his house. Jim breezily tells her that Wayne likes to go shooting occasionally.
PAM: Jim, make him get rid of it - please.
JIM: The Robinson house hasn't suddenly turned into some sort of arsenal - he's got it locked away properly. If it makes you feel more comfortable, I'll make sure that he complies with all the regulations - to the letter.
PAM: Thanks.
Phoebe comes in and casually tells Stephen that Russell is keeping an eye on Hope. Stephen doesn't think it's a good idea. Phoebe is still grumpy that Stephn wants to work rather than spend time with Hope.
Lauren tells Brad that she feels guilty to be around Beth. She tells him that she's going away for a bit.
LAUREN: So what happens now?
BRAD: Well, nothing, I guess.
LAUREN: So are you...still going through with the wedding?
BRAD: Yeah. The way I feel about Beth...it's a different thing.
LAUREN: So, um, this was just a one- off with us?
At that moment, they randomly witness two cars bumping into each other(!)
LAUREN: So, was it just a one- off thing?
BRAD: Look...I'm really sorry, Lauren, I'm no good at this. I wanted to try to explain, but...it just didn't seem to come out right...
LAUREN: Look, don't worry about it Brad, I mean, now we can forget it ever happened and everything can go back to normal, right?
Just then, a lady from one of the crashed cars comes over and asks if they saw what happened. She asks Lauren to be a witness and takes her name and address.
Stephen returns home to find Russell playing with Hope. He is surprised that Hope is awake.
Lauren comes in. Beth asks her if she's OK and if everything is OK with Cameron.
LAUREN: We haven't had a fight or anything, it's just...I'm having second thoughts about us.
BETH: You two seem so good together.
LAUREN: Not really. Cameron's so intense about things. I mean, to tell you the truth, we don't really have much in common. I'm so wrapped up in work and everything, the syndicate, I'm just not ready for a full- on relationship.
BETH: Lauren, I've been living with Cam for quite a while now and believe me, he really loves you.
LAUREN: He doesn't know me.
BETH: Please, if you don't want to see him anymore, just tell him. He deserves that much.
LAUREN: I just don't knwo how to.
BETH: He's a sweet guy. He needs to know where he stands.
Fiona tells Jim that she's not great with shares and business and will stick to what she knows - perming hair.
Jim tells Wayne that he's taken a phone message for him and goes off with him to get it. While they're out of the room, Fiona has a sneaky look in Jim's shares folder.
Phoebe has come home. Stephen thinks that Russell woke Hope up deliberately. Phoebe says it's hardly a big deal and thinks Stephen is over- reacting. She tells him to stop picking on Russell - they need his board money.
Cameron tells Lauren that he could come with her on her trip.
LAUREN: Look, can we just cool it a bit? I just think we've rushed into this all too quickly.
CAMERON: You played pretty hard to get when I first zeroed in on you.
LAUREN: I think you're really nice. Terrific guy.
CAMERON: Ah. That sounds pretty ominous to me.
LAUREN: I think we should separate for a while.
CAMERON: I see. How long is a while?
LAUREN: I'm just not ready for a serious relationship.
CAMERON: You're giving me the flick, right?
LAUREN: Oh, awful way of putting it.
CAMERON: Well, there isn't a nice way. Here I was thinking we had everything going for us.
LAUREN: I really like you. A lot.
CAMERON: Yeah, we've covered the polite bit. What did I do wrong?
LAUREN: Nothing! It's my fault and I'm sorry.
CAMERON: Is there somebody else?
LAUREN: Why do you say that?!
CAMERON: Seems like a logical explanation. You've been acting pretty strange lately.
LAUREN: I'm just not ready to get tied down. Not yet. I have to go.
CAMERON: That's it?
Lauren just leaves without another word.
Doug and Wayne are heading out on a shooting trip, but Wayne looks agitated.
WAYNE: I always keep it locked in my wardrobe and I keep the key hidden! Hannah's in and out of the place all the time and if a kid like that found the key, well, she might pinch it just for kicks.
DOUG: Pinch what?
WAYNE: In one way, I hope it was only her. I always keep the ammo separate of course, it's not likely she'd hurt herself. But if someone else has taken it...somebody who means business...
DOUG: Calm down, what are you on about?
WAYNE: It's my rifle, it's gone. Someone's stolen it.
Well, I know who my No.1 suspect is!
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