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Neighbours Episode 1573 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1572 - 1574>>
Episode title: 1573
Australian airdate:
UK airdate:
Writer: Patricia Downie
Director: Alister Smart
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Martin explains that he's never made any changes to his life to accommodate the kids, and that's what lead to problems between him and his wife. He wants to sort things out - and he's also been offered a job in Byron Bay which has less pressure. He owes it to his family to try. Caroline is disappointed, but says it's not like she didn't know the score. She is on the verge of tears as she leaves.
No 30
Toby is beating Dorothy at cards. He puts his winnings in a tin box. Dorothy sees it and is surprised to see there is $30 in there, and wants to know how he got it. Toby insists that it's pocket money from his father.
Christina is on the phone to Paul. She's shocked to hear that there is no money, and asks him to sort things out. She suggests drawing out of the Lassiter's account, but Paul tells her no.
Caroline comes in crying and goes straight to bed.
No.30, the following morning
Helen pops round to see Dorothy about the Youth Arts Project. Helen wants to have a competition to find some new talent. Dorothy tells Helen about Toby's secret stash of money and that she's worried where he got it.
Brenda pops round with Dorothy's paper. Helen asks her how the man- hunt is going(!) Dorothy comments that putting an ad in the paper is a bit desperate and Brenda is not happy.
Christina is cuddling Andrew when Caroline comes down. She tells Christina what happened with Martin, saying it's definitely over. She's not looking forward to going into work this morning - but at least Paul will be relieved that he doesn't have to pay two salaries anymore.
Christina tells Caroline that she's having a cash- flow problem and Paul wants her to draw out of the Lassiter's account(!) Caroline is very surprised, so Christina backtracks saying maybe she heard him wrong.
Helen pops round to see how Christina is getting on with Andrew. She says everything is going well. Helen is surprised to see that Christina is not using disposable nappies, and wonders that Paul hasn't at least subscribed to a nappy service. She is also surprised that Paul has gone overseas so soon after Andrew's birth. Helen thinks Christina needs a break and offers to take her out to lunch while Christina's mother is there to babysit.
Martin and Caroline are very stiff with each other this morning. Martin says he'd better ring Paul about terminating his contract. He gives Caroline some flowers and then gives her a hug.
MARTIN: I am so sorry.
Coffee Shop
Christina and Helen are having lunch. Helen is very surprised to see Toby is working at the shop. He says he's just helping Brenda out because she's busy.
Helen goes to pay for lunch, only to find that she's left her wallet at home. Christina awkwardly says that she hasn't got enough either. Brenda says that her tab is very high already, but she'll take a cheque for the full amount of $162. In conversation, Brenda tells Helen that Toby is not just helping out, he's a proper employee - before and after school and lunchtimes.
Caroline has called Paul and left a message to ring her back. She goes through into the inner office and lies to Martin that Paul has asked her to sort Martin's contract out. She tells him that Paul has offered to release him from his contract unconditionally. Martin is surprised and starts to pack up his desk.
Helen and Dorothy are having a cup of tea. Dorothy is shocked to hear that Toby is working at the Coffee Shop. Dorothy isn't happy that Brenda didn't check first before employing Toby.
Outer Office
Martin is on the way out.
CAROLINE: I hope everything works out for you.
MARTIN: Thank you. You take care of yourself, now.
CAROLINE: Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.
MARTIN: I am...very sorry. Goodbye.
He leaves.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy storms in and confronts Brenda about employing a minor without a permit. She's shocked to hear that Toby is being paid $10 a day - slave labour. Brenda insists that Toby begged her for the job, and he admits that he thought Dorothy would say no. She sends Toby home.
Dorothy and Brenda have a further argument, ending in Brenda calling Dorothy a tyrant and a bully.
Garden of No.22
Christina is talking to baby Andrew about their lack of money. She doesn't know what to do. Caroline arrives home, still crying a bit and tells Caroline that Martin has left. She tells Christina that she doesn't know what to do with the plane tickets she'd bought to the Gold Coast to surprise Martin and cries some more.
Dorothy asks Toby if he needs money because he's in trouble. He insists he isn't, he just wanted to buy Christmas presents and things without relying on Joe's money. Dorothy tells him that she has no objection in principle, but he and Brenda can't break the law. Anyway she doesn't want him working for Brenda even with a permit!
Helen apologises to Brenda for telling Dorothy that Toby was employed at the Coffee Shop. Helen says that she does understand Dorothy's concern at the lack of permit. Brenda says that Dorothy needs taking down a peg or two!
<<1572 - 1574>>
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