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Neighbours Episode 1572 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1572
Australian airdate: 26/11/91
UK airdate: 23/11/92
UK Gold: 10/11/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Martin's Place
Martin thanks Caroline for her support. He tells her he feels they've got a future together. She feels the same. He suggests she could move a few of her own things in for convenience sake.
Cliff top
Mr Bright orders Josh out of the car. He has a right go at her about Phoebe - he rants psychotically and tells Josh that Phoebe was a good, decent girl until she met him. Josh tells him he's being unreasonable but Mr Bright just grabs him by the front of his shirt.
MR BRIGHT: I didn't come here to debate the issue! I know what's best for my daughter! And I will do whatever's necessary to protect her from corruption? Do you understand me?!?!
He shakes Josh again.
No.28, the following morning
Brad is moaning that he'll probably be psychologically scarred following the loss of his wetsuit(!) Gaby tells him she's got a date - much to Brad's surprise as Gaby only split up with Glen a couple of days ago(!) She won't tell him who it is.
Glen asks Guy to go to see The Dirtbags tonight, but GUy says he's got other plans. He won't tell him what though.
The Office
Caroline tries to get into the filing cabinet that has all the files for the Robinson Corporation, but it's locked. She gets a call and tells the caller that she's "pick them up later this morning".
Gaby comes in and invites Caroline for a coffee later.
Josh thanks Glen for lending him his car, but that Phoebe's dad went totally psychotic - he thought he was going to push him over the cliff! Glen makes light of it, but Josh says he was serious. He hopes Phoebe is OK and decides to ring her.
Phoebe answers the phone and tells Josh she's fine. Then her father takes the phone and tells Josh to "stay away from my daughter or I'll make you sorry you were ever born!"
Outside the Coffee Shop
Todd is laughing at Josh's cliff story and Josh isn't impressed. Phoebe wasn't at school this morning and he's very worried about her. Todd suggests he goes around and see her, but Josh says he can't. He begs Todd to go round there instead. Todd isn't keen but finally agrees to go around after school.
Inside the Coffee Shop
Glen and Brad are chatting about women and how hard they are to figure out. Glen admits that he stuffed things up with Gaby, but Brad said that doesn't stop them being mates. Glen invites Brad along to see The Dirtbags tonight.
The Office
Martin wife rings up and he goes to take it in reception. Meanwhile, Caroline flicks through a holiday brochure and then picks up the phone. Martin comes back and says that Shelley (his wife) wants to meet up to talk about things. He feels quite hopeful about it. Caroline tells him she'll have dinner waiting for him when he gets back.
Phoebe's house
Todd knocks the door but there's no answer. As he's leaving, Phoebe comes around the side of the house and calls him. She explains she wasn't in school because stress makes her feel queasy, but she's feeling better now. Just then, Phoebe's father comes out and sends Phoebe inside. He tells Todd he knows he's a friend of Josh's.
MR BRIGHT: Get off my property! And don't come back!
Coffee Shop
Gaby and Caroline are having coffee.
CAROLINE: You and Guy?!
GABY: Why not?
CAROLINE: I just thought he was top of your list of creeps!
GABY: Well, a girl can change her mind, can't she?!
Gaby insists she's over Glen, but Caroline thinks she's just trying to make Glen jealous. Gaby says she's determined not to take anything to seriously from now on. They move on and talk about Martin and Caroline tells her how well it's going with him - she's planning a big surprise for him - she's booked them into a hotel resort for the weekend. Also she's cooking him a special dinner.
CAROLINE: With all of Martin's problems solved, tonight is important. It's a new beginning for both of us!
She smiles in happiness.
Josh is still fed up about Phoebe but Glen and Brad say he'll just have to hang in there and hope Phoebe's dad changes his mind.
BRAD: I wouldn't take any chances, not with a bloke in his line of business!
The phone rings and it's Phoebe! She tells him that she's been grounded and they have to split up. Josh says that her father is behaving like he's in the dark ages, but Phoebe says it's how it is. Josh protests, but Phoebe says it's the way it is.
PHOEBE: I'm sorry, Josh. Bye.
She puts down the phone.
MR BRIGHT: Good girl.
Guy and Gaby are having a pre-going out drink - margheritas. She says she's booked a Japanese restaurant because Glen would never go there with her. She keeps bringing Glen up and Guy starts to look a bit uncomfortable. She insists that it's Guy who keeps bringing him up(!)
Brad and Glen are back from The Dirtbags - apparently a load of teeny-boppers turned up and spoilt it. Brad wonders how to get even with Doug about the wetsuit murder(!) Glen suggests they go out on the town.
Martin's Place
Caroline is waiting for Martin to arrive back. She's made him a nice meal and is dress in a short dress. But when he arrives he looks a bit stricken.
CAROLINE: So tell me, how was it? Did she drive a hard bargain?
MARTIN: No, it wasn't like that at all...she was very reasonable, very conciliatory. We made a few decisions that we should have made before, and not just about the children.
CAROLINE: But you did come to an arrangement about the kids?
MARTIN: Well, yes.
CAROLINE: Great! That's all that matters!
She jumps up and kisses him on the cheek.
CAROLINE: I think this deserves some champagne.
MARTIN: Caroline, wait.
CAROLINE: What is it?
MARTIN: I said we made a few decisions. I meant about us - about Shelley and me.
CAROLINE: What are you saying?
MARTIN: We want to give it one more go. I'm going back to Shelley.
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