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Neighbours Episode 1568 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1568
Australian airdate: 20/11/91
UK airdate: 17/11/92
UK Gold: 04/11/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Josh is excited about doing his driving test (apparently he's been driving on his Uncle's farm since he was a kid). Helen asks Todd and Josh that she's thinking of going back to Europe and asks them how they'd feel about it. They tell her that would be fine with them.
Lucy bursts in having overslept - she's got to get down to studying.
Outside Lassiter's
Martin and Caroline are having coffee and talking about Martin's kids - apparently his wife is being difficult about access. Paul comes along and Martin heads back to the office. Caroline tells Paul that it's totally immoral to force Martin to resign by making his life unbearable. He is indifferent. He also thinks they need a new business project.
Helen is calming Lucy down about her exams - all her siblings have been through them, and Lucy has always been a good student. Helen offers to go through Lucy's revision notes with her.
The Office
A lady comes in looking for Martin. He comes out of the office and is shocked to see that it's his wife, Shelley. Caroline stares in shock but then recovers and goes about her business. Martin asks Paul if he can take a short break. Paul agrees, but warns Martin he should bring his personal problems to work.
A man comes in looking to order a limo into the city, with a car phone as he's got a big conference call coming up. It's to do with stocks and shares and he needs to get in before close of trading in London.
Helen has been through Lucy's revision notes and she knows them all. Josh and Todd come in, celebrating Josh passing his driving test. He shows Lucy his licence.
When Helen and Lucy have left, Josh suggests taking Jim's car for a drive to the beach - it's just sitting there in the garage. As long as they get home before Helen returns, everything will be fine.
Garage of No.26
Josh and Todd get in the car. Josh reverses it out, but unfortunately, one of the back doors springs open and dents on the wall. The boys panic, saying they'll be dead meat when Helen gets back.
Coffee Shop
Helen and Caroline chat about how well Christina is getting on with the baby, apparently she's loving being a mother. Felicity Brent calls Helen over. Helen apologises about the guest house, but Felicity says she only blames Paul, and anyway, it was just a business deal.
HELEN: I'm sure it'll work out better for you next time.
FELICITY: Oh, I'm sure it will.
*insert silent cackle here*
Josh suggests just denying all knowledge about the car door. Todd suggests a panel beater, but that apparently takes days. Josh suggests getting a door from a wrecker's yard.
The Office
Caroline asks Martin how things went with his wife. He says it didn't go well, but he doesn't really want to talk about it. Caroline suggests they hire a video tonight - she could come around to his place after work.
The man from earlier, Kirk Mansfield, comes back to see Paul to thank him about the limo this morning. He offers Paul a tip on the stock market in return - on Electro-Machine Holdings. He suggests Paul buys some shares quickly. When he's gone, Paul immediately gets on the phone to his stockbroker.
Josh is on the phone to the wreckers yard - they have a door for them! They're just heading off, when Lucy comes in from her exam - apparently it went quite well. Lucy asks them where they're going. They won't tell her, but she sees the number circled in the Yellow Pages. They are forced to confess. Lucy says that Jim will shred them when he finds out, but the boys are hoping it won't come to that. They bribe Lucy's silence by offering to do the dishes for two months.
Martin's place
Martin and Caroline are having a drink and chatting about his wife. Apparently she's using access to the kids to get back at him. Caroline says that he has rights as their father and he could take her to court. Martin's been trying to avoid this, but allows that he might not have much choice. He thanks Caroline for her support and they kiss.
Wreckers' Yard
Josh and Todd arrive in Jim's car to pick up the door. They wonder how they'll put the new door on and respray it the right colour.
Outside Lassiter's
Paul sees Kirk and thanks him for his tip on the stocks and shares - he made $50,000 out of it. Kirk invites Paul to join him and Paul orders champagne. Also, he's arranged to have all of Kirk's expenses at the hotel paid. Kirk says Paul was wise to take his tip and act on it so quickly.
Martin's Place
Martin and Caroline are curled up on a rumpled bed (ew). She suggests that they order room service for dinner. While Martin is in the bathroom, there's a knock at the door. Caroline answers it and shock horror, it's Martin's wife with the two children.
SHELLEY: To think I felt sorry for Martin. I thought he might be lonely and missing the children. Well, he's obviously not missing them as much as I thought.
Caroline urges her to say, but Shelley starts to cry and says there's nothing to talk about.
Wrecker's Yard
Josh and Todd have got the car door (which is red - Jim's car is yellow) and talk about getting Brad to help them spray paint it. They get back to the place they parked the car, but it's not there. They shout to a workman to ask if he's seen it, but he can't remember. Josh and Todd turn around and see Jim's car, crushed flat. They stare in horror.
<<1567 - 1569>>
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