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Neighbours Episode 1569 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1569
Australian airdate: 21/11/91
UK airdate: 18/11/92
UK Gold: 05/11/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Wreckers' Yard
Josh and Todd are still carrying the replacement car door that they bought...Todd can't see the point now that the car has been crushed(!) but Josh says he'll use it to remind him why he's still grounded when he's 30! Todd suggests hitching a ride to Broome(!)
Martin's place
Martin comes out of the bathroom and Caroline is forced to tell him that his wife came around with the kids. Martin is gutted. Caroline says he should give his wife a call to sort things out, but he isn't optimistic about it.
Lucy is cooing over Andrew with Christina. Paul comes in and tells them he's looking to buy another hotel - he wants to set up a Lassiters chain. Christina wonders if he has enough money. He says he may, but he needs to talk to Caroline about it. He's not pleased to hear that Caroline is off with Martin.
Martin's place
Martin has finally got hold of his wife and is apologising to her. He tells her all he wants is access to the kids. She hangs up. Caroline thinks Martin's wife still loves him, but he doesn't think so. Caroline suggests that they go out for dinner.
CAROLINE: Martin, I think I'm in love with you.
MARTIN: Oh. Thank you for being here, Caroline.
Lucy is about to burn her school uniform, having finished her exams, but Helen says she'll take it to the op shop instead.
Josh and Todd slink in and run through to their bedroom with the car door. Then they come back to the living room and act suspiciously(!) Helen says she's going to put the gardening tools away in the garage, but they quickly say they'll help her out with it. When Helen has gone, Todd and Josh tell Lucy that they got the car door. They don't mention the crushed car(!)
No.26, the following morning
Lucy quite fancies going away for a while and Helen thinks it's a good idea. Helen has spoken to Jim on the phone and he intends to be back in six weeks' time.
TODD: Six weeks?
JOSH: So soon?
Helen has another letter from Michael but she says it's none of their business. Then she asks Josh and Todd to check the battery in Jim's car in case it's gone flat. They look very guilty.
JOSH: Mrs D...it's about the car...
HELEN: What about the car?
The Office
Martin leaves the office to go to the caterers. Paul comes out and observes that Caroline didn't come home last night. He has a big problem with that - it makes it tricky to have his two managers involved. Paul says maybe he'll just pay Martin off.
Kirk comes in and invites Paul to lunch today - he has some things to discuss.
Josh is just finishing the sad story of Jim's car.
JOSH: So that's about the size of it. Literally.
Helen tells them that they've behaved very irresponsibly.
HELEN: You not only took Jim's car without permission, you damaged it very badly.
TODD: No, we demolished it, totally. Except for the door(!)
Todd wonders if the insurance will cover the car and Helen offers to ring Jim and find out.
Lucy tries not to laugh and Helen says Josh and Todd will be spending their holidays working to raise money for a deposit on another car. She suggests they start by putting away the gardening tools as promised and tidying up the garage. They head off, dejectedly.
Outside No.26
Josh and Todd open the garage and to their shock, Jim's car is back!
Kirk and Paul are discussing hotel expansion. Kirk says he may have some information that could be useful to Paul - the council are going to approve a casino for Erinsborough. Kirk suggests that Paul gets on to the deal first thing on Monday morning. In the background, Felicity Brent comes in and gives them a calculated look. Paul thanks Kirk for his advice and leaves.
When Paul has gone, Felicity comes over.
FELICITY: How did you get on?
KIRK: Piece of cake, Auntie. Piece of cake.
FELICITY: I'm glad to hear it.
Helen is telling Josh and Todd what happened - she got the info about the door out of Lucy and then followed them to the wreckers' yard in a taxi. She used Jim's spare keys to drive the car home. Lucy didn't mean to dob them in, but Helen discovered the car was missing and went to call the police. She saw the wreckers' yard ringed in the Yellow Pages.
Helen says they'd better get the replacement door fitted properly so that Jim won't notice.
The Office
Paul is on the phone to his stockbroker. He wants to buy into Rafferties Holdings - as much money as he can put into it.
In the outer office, Martin comes in and tells Caroline that the wedding reception went well. Paul comes out and tells Caroline that he may soon be able to afford two hotel managers - he's going to buy another hotel!
Todd, Josh and Lucy are playing a rather exciting game of Monopoly while Helen tries to write a letter to Michael. She explains to the kids that Michael's wife has died and he's asked her to go on a holiday with her. But she's decided not to go - she can't just forget all the bad things.
Caroline is snging a lullaby to Andrew when Paul comes in. He's got a huge teddy bear for Andrew and a big bunch of flowers for Christina. He tells her that he's about to pull off a big business deal.
Just then, Christina answers the door to Felicity Brent. Paul is not pleased to see her, but she says she's come to offer her condolences - the shares he bought were worthless. They're not getting the tender for a casino - there will be no casino approved.
FELICITY: You seem to have backed the wrong house. Oh, isn't it a lovely baby. Pity about the father. Oh, speaking of family matters, thank you for being nice to my nephew.
PAUL:(realising) Kirk Mansfield.
Felicity leaves and Paul looks horror-struck.
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