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Neighbours Episode 1567 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1567
Australian airdate: 19/11/91
UK airdate: 16/11/92
UK Gold: 03/11/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Outside Paige's garage
Paige tries to explain that she didn't mean to hurt Brad or steal his things - she was so desperate to get her hands on his board, she didn't know what else to do after he turned her job offer down. Brad is upset and thinks Paige has been laughing at him, but she assures him that she loves him and wants him to forgive her.
Helen is complaining that her students haven't been turning up to her art classes. Doug is planning to do some gardening and asks if he can borrow Jim's gardening tools. Helen says that will be fine, so Pam leaves with her to collect them. As they leave, Brad mopes in.
Guy and Glen are practising their guitars together and wonder if they could go busking. Helen and Pam come in. Helen tells Pam that there isn't much for her to do around the house these days - the children are grown now and are picking up after themselves. Pam tells Helen that she's really nervous about her nursing interview tomorrow.
No.28, the following morning
Paige calls for Brad, but he doesn't want to talk to her. He tells Pam he's not going to work either. When Pam has left for her interview, Doug comes in and tells Brad that he's found all the tools and Brad's surfboard back in the garage! Brad relates the whole sorry tale to Doug, that it was Paige that stole the boards. Brad hasn't called the police, but Doug says he's going to call them if Brad won't.
Glen has made Helen breakfast. They chat about Lucy's exams and Glen tells her that all the chores around the house have been done.
HELEN: I must say I'm very impressed at the way everyone is maintaining the house. Seems that my constant nagging has paid off(!)
She searches around for some housework to do, but there isn't any.
Brad won't let Doug call the police about Paige. He wants to let it go now he's got the boards back, but Doug protests. Brad reckons that Paige has learnt her lesson and won't do it again.
DOUG: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't call the police.
BRAD: I love her, OK? I love her. Is that good enough?
Toby takes Gaby and Glen's order. Gaby invites Glen to come around later but he's going busking with Guy. Toby comes over and hints for a tip(!) Gaby relents and gives him a dollar.
Brad answers the phone to Paige. He slams the phone down.
Helen is sketching when Glen comes in and gives her a letter. She sees it is from Michael and hesitates to open it.
When Glen has gone to change, she throws the letter on to the coffee table, unopened.
Coffee Shop
Guy is just closing up when Doug and Brad come in for a coffee. Brad is still very down in the dumps and decides to head off home.
Paige comes around to see Brad. Gaby tells her to get lost, but Brad says he'll see her. Paige wants Brad to forgive her, but he says "no way". Paige wants another chance with Brad - she loves him.
PAIGE: If you think about it, really think about it, you know that we're made for each other. Aren't we?
BRAD: It's over.
He tells Paige he won't call the police, but doesn't want to see her again.
BRAD: That's it. Now get out.
Paige comes around to yell at Guy for telling Brad she stole the surfboards. Guy counters that she brought it all on herself. She pushes him and Glen restrains her.
PAIGE: Thanks a lot, Guy.
Helen finally opens the letter from Michael at the kitchen counter.
HELEN: Oh, Michael.
Shopping Centre
Guy and Glen are busking in the middle of a shopping centre but haven't made much. However, some girls are coming back in 10 minutes so they decide to continue until then.
Brad has cheered up a bit since Gaby has made him a smoothie. Pam is reading documentation about leg ulcers(!) because apparently she got the job as a district nurse! Pam tells Brad that he's better off without Paige - she's seems rather crazy. He's still obviously very upset about it.
The Pub
Guy and Glen are hanging out with the two girls they met while busking.
Pam is telling Helen about her new job as a district nurse. Helen tells Pam that she's heard from Michael - his wife has died. He wants them to pick up again with a second honeymoon. Pam says it might not be such a bad thing, but Helen doesn't know what to do.
HELEN: If I stay, I might never know how it could have worked out between us. If I go, I'll be saying goodbye to Ramsay Street.
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