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Neighbours Episode 1527 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1527
Australian airdate: 24/09/91
UK airdate: 21/09/92
UK Gold: 08/09/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Josh and Todd make a pact to stay away from girls - the loser has to kiss Phoebe Bright in public.
No.26 (morning)
Glen and Lucy are having breakfast. Glen is still feeling very down as it's the anniversary of his mother's death.
Josh and Todd arrive and tuck in to breakfast. Josh advises Lucy that she has to study a lot in Year 12. He's not worried - he can enjoy the holiday as he absorbs information quickly and can do it after the holidays!
Pam is feeling the pressure of work. Doug tells them that he'll be busy too as Glen is off work today. Pam suggests that Gaby could go over and see them, but she informs them that they've fallen out over the nursery. Pam suggests she could apologise.
Brad comes out of his room looking for his jacket. Gaby says she was going to take it back, but Brad insists it's fantastic - the girls love it, so he's going to wear it all the time now(!)
Gaby tells Pam that she'll do the washing later. Pam is still dark on Doug for wasting money in a restaurant, so he storms out.
Pam notices that there is lipstick on one of Doug's hankerchiefs.
Everyone is telling Lucy to study, but she doesn't want to. Todd gets a phonecall from Emma, which Josh observes with interest. Todd is pleased to hear that Emma wants to talk to Josh! Josh doesn't believe him and won't come to the phone. It turns out Josh was right, because it's Brad on the other end of the phone - he and Todd were trying to set Josh up! Todd tells Brad on the phone that he'll have to work out a Plan B!
Front garden of No.26
Lucy comes to get the mail and finds there's a letter for her. There's also one for Glen from Gemma. Inside is a charm bracelet - the one that belonged to Glen's mum. The letter says that she's doing well in Newcastle with Adam and thought Glen should have his mother's jewellery back.
Glen tells Lucy earnestly that his own mother would have love him to have a good education - she shouldn't blow her chance. She goes back inside.
When Lucy has gone, Gaby comes along to see Glen and invites him to lunch to say sorry for the other day. He says he can't make it today and he's busy all the week. Gaby is offended and stalks off.
Doug returns home for lunch as he didn't have much cash left. Pam isn't happy that he spent a lot of money in the restaurant. She's horrified to hear that he bought Brenda a rose - what if someone they know had seen them? A row ensues about Pam's working hours. Pam asks about the hankerchief, and Doug says she's jealous - and there's always some emergency with Pam's work that prevents them spending time together. He stomps off.
Coffee Shop
Todd and Brad "apologise" to Josh about the prank phonecall and tell him they want to give him a free feed in return.
After a few minutes, a glamorous young blonde girl comes in. She drops her lipstick under Josh's chair and asks him to pick it up. He refuses, saying he's off girls and hisses at Todd to pick it up instead. The girl leaves.
JOSH: Where on earth did you find her?!
Brad and Todd look shifty and decide to leave(!)
Gaby and Pam are chatting about Glen. Pam says that Glen takes time to get to know. Then she rants about the lipstick on the hankerchief. Gaby says Doug wouldn't go off with another woman - and Brenda is no threat to her. Pam admits that she's annoyed about the money and that Doug went out and had fun without her. Gaby tells her that Doug is really missing her while she's on night duty and she should give him a chance.
Ramsay Street
Doug wanders over to see Glen, who is working on his car. Glen is feeling a bit bad about alienating Gaby. Doug is on his way to put up some hooks in Gaby's changing room, so Glen offers to do it instead.
Todd has enlisted Lucy to help out with tricking Josh into talking to girls. Just then, Brad rushes round and says that he's got an idea - Lucy could entice Josh. She agrees, but only if she can do it her way.
Glen has arrived to put the hooks up. There is a bit of an awkward exchange between them. Gaby observes that Glen hasn't got time for lunch, but he has got enough time to put hooks up. Glen doesn't say much and heads off to the changing rooms.
Pam and Doug are having a chat. Pam tells Doug that she loves her nursing for the job satisfaction. Doug doesn't begrudge her that, but they're using their bed in shifts(!) Pam is going to ask them to take her off night duty, and look into doing district nurse work instead. Doug is pleased and says he'll support her - in fact, he'll start by cooking tea! Pam says they can cook it together and they kiss.
No.26 (evening)
Lucy is all set to entice Josh. She approaches him wearing a dressing- gown and asks her to massage her stiff neck. Josh backs off quickly and says he's going for a shower - a cold one!
Brad comes in and finds that Pam and Doug have made dinner. Gaby joins them and starts moaning about Glen. Doug tells them about the anniversary of his mother's death and Gaby groans - she'll have to make it up to him.
<<1526 - 1528>>
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