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Neighbours Episode 1528 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1528
Australian airdate: 25/09/91
UK airdate: 22/09/92
UK Gold: 09/09/98
Writer: Tara Smithson
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Doug tells Gaby about the anniversary of Glen's mum's death.
Guy is exercising with weights and Brenda moans that he's been doing too much exercise. He tells her he's in training for a forthcoming cross- country event with a $500 prize. Brenda says she's been thinking about getting fit herself and is interested in going running with Guy. Guy sees through this and says there's no point her trying to look good for Doug - he's married! Brenda says that Doug is trapped in an unhappy marriage!
BRENDA: I don't think you realise how determined a woman can be when she's finally found the right man!
Helen is taking Dorothy out to celebrate her election victory while Glen sits and plays melancholy tunes on his guitar.
Gaby pops round and apologises for Glen for being cross with him earlier and he tells her not to worry about it. An awkward silence descends so Gaby decides to leave.
No.28, the following morning
Doug and Pam are back on good terms. Pam says she'll try to get out of night duty tonight.
Gaby tells Pam that she's botched things with Glen. Pam said maybe he just wanted to be left alone last night, and Glen might seek Gaby out again later.
Coffee Shop
Doug greets Brenda and she offers to make him a big breakfast "on the house", but he's rushing to work. Brenda invites Doug to dinner tonight instead, saying she's feeling depressed because she's heard that her ex Roy is retiring. Doug agrees to pop in for a drink after work.
When he's gone, Guy asks Brenda if she's throwing herself at Doug on the rebound from Roy. She says Doug will be staying for a lot more than just a quick drink!
Doug has popped home at lunchtime for a bit of a cuddle with Pam. Pam tells him that she's managed to swap her shift, so they can have dinner and a drink after work. Doug suddenly realises he's promised to pop in to Brenda's on the way home, explaining about her husband remarrying. Pam takes this quite well, although she is quite disappointed. But they will have the rest of the night together.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy and Helen are having coffee. Helen wants to talk to her about a council meeting - there's a proposal to be discussed about establishing a Youth Art Workshop in a small cottage belonging to the council. Would Dorothy be able to help? Dorothy would.
At another table, Paul asks Caroline to go back to cover the office as he has to go out. When he's gone, Guy chats to Caroline and is surprised that someone so "young and pretty" is a hotel manager. He's clearly quite taken with her.
Glen and Gaby are having a cup of tea on the pretext of Gaby having "locked herself out". They get to talking about Glen's mum. Glen has never been to his mum's grave as he thinks he'd be too upset. Gaby says she could come with him, and she could visit her grandmother's grave at the same time.
Doug and Guy are talking about fitness. Brenda offers Doug another drink. He asks her what happened with Roy and she asys they just wanted different things - Roy was quite old- fashioned and she likes to get out and meet new people. Even after they were divorced, Brenda thought they'd get back together one day, but now he's with someone else. Brenda doesn't think she'll ever find someone else - there's nobody she finds interesting enough. Doug encourages her and says that somewhere out there, there's a bloke who's been waiting for Brenda all his life!
Glen is standing at his mum's grave while Gaby waits for him under an umbrella, a little way away. She walks over to him slowly and joins him. Sad music plays. They talk about Glen finding Jim - his mum didn't tell him about Jim until she knew she was dying. He doesn't know why she kept it to herself all those years. He starts to cry.
GLEN: I don't really blame her.
GABY: What is it?
GLEN: It's nothing.
GABY: Let it out, it's OK. Do you miss her?
GLEN: No, it's not that. I mean, I guess I do blame her. I guess I'm angry at her, cos she never told me years ago. I thought I was angry at Dad, because he didn't want me. But I'm angry at her, too. Why didn't she tell me?!
Outside the pub
Paul is just coming back and Caroline has been busy all day. She hasn't been able to get to the bank, so she's put the day's takings in the safe instead. Paul asks her to get it to the bank soon, so it's safe. Unknown to them, a shady- looking character at a table is listening to their conversation.
Brenda begs Doug to stay for dinner, laying it on thick that she doesn't want to be on her own this evening. Doug looks conflicted and says he's got to get home to Pam. But she persuades him to ring her instead. When Doug is on the phone, Guy tells Brenda to give Doug a break, but she says she didn't have to encourage Doug very much, he was more than ready to ditch his wife!
Dorothy has got a lot of documentation to read for the council meeting. In the kitchen, Glen tells Gaby that he's feeling a bit better about the whole thing with his mum. He's glad she did tell him in the end because now he's got a new family. Gaby suggests that they go out to a movie, but Glen says he feels too tired tonight. Gaby heads off instead, looking a bit disappointed.
Brenda has grabbed Doug's arm and put it around her. Just then, Guy answers the door to Pam.
PAM: Hello, Brenda. Doug said you were upset, I thought I might be able to help.
DOUG: I that you would relate better to another woman. Well, I'll leave you two to it.
He leaves. Brenda looks totally fed up. Pam sits down for a chat and Guy tries not to laugh.
Caroline is transferring the money from the safe into her briefcase. The shady bloke comes in, takes out a gun and demands that she puts the money in a bag! Just then, Paul comes in and tackles the guy - and the gun goes off! The bloke grabs the bag of money and leaves. Paul gets up and sees that Caroline is lying on the floor unconscious.
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