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Neighbours Episode 1526 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1526
Australian airdate: 23/09/91
UK airdate: 18/09/92
UK Gold: 07/09/98
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brenda thinks she and Doug are developing feelings for each other. Guy is not convinced.
Josh has woken Todd up by playing loud music. It's the first day of the holidays, and Todd had been hoping to have a lie-in! Josh is off to the hospital for a last check-up on his eyes, so Todd goes off to put some washing on - they're off to a party tonight. Josh reckons that he has a shot with Nicole, the party host.
Ramsay Street
Brenda sees Joe arriving home, looking very tired. He tells her that Madge has gone up to Charlene and Scott's, and Helen has gone to try to sell the campervan back to the dealer. Doug comes over to ask after Madge.
When Joe has gone inside, Doug moans to Brenda that he's had no breakfast. She tells him to come by the Coffee Shop, but Doug says that Pam will be home by now, so he goes to eat with her.
Brad is having breakfast while Pam cooks fried eggs. Doug comes in and hugs Pam - she's exhausted after her shift. Doug wants to take her out tonight, to Lassiter's, and Pam is very pleased.
Josh and Todd come round to invite Brad to Nicole's party. Pam suggest that Brad could wear his new jacket(!) He rolls his eyes and then makes a sharp exit.
Joe is greeting Melanie and the kids. Melanie tells Joe that she has some bad news - the church is booked up for months.
MELANIE: Well, there is one alternative...
JOE: Oh, no. I'm not getting spliced at the zoo again!
Melanie laughs and explains that the church still has one date available, but it's in two weeks' time. Joe says that'll be fine! He thanks her for looking after the kids. Toby says it'll be good practice for when the "little brothers and sisters come along". There's a bit of an awkward silence(!)
Pam gets a call from someone wanting to buy a surfboard from Brad. Pam is upset that Brad didn't like his jacket (Doug told her).
Coffee Shop
Brad, Todd and Josh are hanging out at the Coffee Shop, talking about the party tonight. A girl in a yellow jumper and glasses comes in and Josh explains to the others that her name is Phoebe Bright. Apparently she's got a pet snake and is a bit of a "loner weirdo".
Melanie comes in and talks to Brenda about having children - she's worried that Joe won't want any more kids. Pam comes in and orders a coffee - she's trying to stay awake to do some shopping before having a sleep. Melanie tells Pam her problem and she advises her to "use her feminine charms" on Joe.
Joe is absently putting several spoons of sugar in his tea, telling Doug how worried he is that Melanie doesn't want any more kids(!) Doug advises Joe to talk it over with Melanie. In the meantime, he can't wait to take Pam out tonight.
Doug is dismayed - Pam has cancelled their night out because of an emergency at the hospital. Doug says he'll just go on his own and stomps off to find a tie.
Josh and Todd come round get Brad to take him to the party. Pam tells Brad to put his jacket on. He reluctantly does so.
Brenda is working out to an exercise videos when there's a knock at the door - it's Doug, and he's all dressed up in a suit. He invites her to join him at Lassiter's Restaurant. She is delighted and runs off to change.
Josh, Todd and Brad have arrived. Nicole greets them and tells Brad that she likes his jacket. He's surprised, but pleased(!)
Josh drags Nicole off for a chat and tries to engage them in conversation. She isn't very interested though, and goes off to check on the food.
Lassiter's Restaurant
Brenda and Doug are talking about marriage over their dinner. Brenda is hanging on Doug's every word, and is delighted when Doug buys her a rose off a passing seller.
Josh is still trying to get Nicole's attention but she isn't at all interested in him and tells him to back off. Todd and Brad commiserate with him, but he is upset and wants to go home. Todd and Brad decide to go home too - the party is getting boring, anyway.
Joe sends Toby off to bed so he can have a talk to Melanie. He awkwardly brings up the subject of them having kids.
JOE: Well...I been hoping that we might be able to...add to the tribe.
MELANIE:(pleased) You and me? A baby of our own? Oh, Joe, I'd love to! I'd love to!
They kiss. Not that they're in a particular rush, but at least now they know where they stand.
JOE: Oh, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me!
Doug and Brenda come in, giggling, having had a great night out. Doug thanks Brenda for a great night. She offers him and glass of port, but he says he has work in the morning. He gives her a kiss on the cheek before he leaves.
JOSH: From now on, the female of the species is off-limits to Josh Anderson! Think of the time I've wasted on them. Melissa...Cody...Emma...
TODD: ...Lucy...
JOSH: I'll do my own inventory, thank you!
Brad tells him to relax and have something to eat, but Josh is quite serious - he's had enough of women. They agree to have a bet - whichever of them stops avoiding girls first has to get with spooky Phoebe Bright from the Coffee Shop and kiss her in public.
JOSH: You've made a big mistake, boy! I'm off women forever!
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