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Neighbours Episode 1517 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1517
Australian airdate: 10/09/91
UK airdate: 07/09/92
UK Gold: 25/08/98
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Michael Daniels: Brian Blain
Guy Carpenter: Andrew Williams
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim and Todd are tramping through the bush looking for Paul. Paul is lying in a ditch, unconscious.
Dorothy has been leaflet-dropping for the school. Madge and Harold look at her poster and wonder if they could get anyone to stand for council to represent them. Harold suggests Helen, but Madge thinks it might not be very good timing after all she's been through.
Brenda is ironing and watching the football, when a bloke comes to the door. Brenda hugs him - his name is Guy. He tells her he plans on staying a while, but Brenda isn't sure - it's not even her place. Guy admits he's skint and he's got nowhere else to sleep.
The Bush
The police have arrived, and also Brad, Adam and Lucy. Jim greets Lucy and hears that Caroline is doing OK at the hospital, just a bit of exposure. Lucy tells Jim that a bloke rang about a tender, but Jim says it'll have to wait, even though it's a big job. He decides to go and have another look for Paul before it gets dark.
Christina is crying with worry about Paul and Helen comforts her.
HELEN: You know as well as I do, Paul is one of life's survivors.
There's a knock at the door and it's Harold, Madge and Dorothy. Helen lets them in and tells them there's no sign of Paul yet. They sympathise with Helen and then awkwardly bring up the subject of Helen standing for council - on that single issue.
HELEN:(crossly) I'm sorry, but I'm not interested.
MADGE: Maybe if you just thought about it...
HELEN: No, Madge, I've enough on my mind. I'm not taking on the job of councillor and all its inherent problems.
Helen says she is flattered they thought of her though, and they see themselves out. Helen answers the phone and to her exasperation it's Michael again.
HELEN: Michael, I told you not to ring me here anymore. But you're only making things worse with these constant phone calls. No! It upsets me. Michael, I have no interest in talking to you - ever.
She slams the phone down.
Brenda tells Guy that he'll have to go before Madge and Harold get home, but just then they return. Brenda tells them that Guy is a mate and Harold invites him to dinner. Brenda rolls her eyes.
The Bush
Jim is wandering through the bush, calling to Paul. Paul finally comes back into consciousness and calls back.
PAUL: Over here!
Jim rushes over to him and helps him up.
JIM: Thank God.
Paul has hit his head, but he doesn't think anything is broken. Jim helps him to walk.
Paul arrives home, having visited the hospital first and Christina hugs him tightly.
JIM: I'll make you a cup of tea, eh?
PAUL: No thanks.
JIM: It's not trouble.
PAUL:(stiffly) I'll make one when I want it.
JIM: Alright. Well, I'll leave you to get some rest.
Jim departs, awkwardly. Paul tells Helen and Christina how he fell and cracked his head. He wondered a couple of times if he was going to survive.
Guy, Madge, Harold and Brenda are having their dessert. Madge asks how long Brenda and Guy have know each other, but they are evasive and just says it's been a long time.
Harold goes to the door as Dorothy has knocked. Brenda introduces her to Guy and says that Guy is just off to the bus stop. Madge suggests Neil Dawson the doctor could be the new council candidate. Dorothy says she'll ring him tonight.
Paul is stiff and rather uncomfortable after his ordeal. Lucy pops round and tells them that Jim was there the whole time.
PAUL: A sense of duty and nothing else.
LUCY:(crossly) I'm sorry, you're wrong!
Lucy tells Paul how upset Jim was, and also how he let a big contract slide because he was out looking for Paul.
LUCY: When it came down to it, Paul, Dad was there because he loves you. It makes your fight seem pretty stupid and I reckon if you can't see that, you're not the man he is.
She stomps out.
Coffee Shop, late at night
Brenda lets Guy in - he's going to sleep in the kitchen in his sleeping bag. She tells him that it's just for tonight - when Madge and Harold go off on their holidays he can move in with her. Guy kisses her on the cheek to say thank you.
Lucy answers the door to Michael.
LUCY: Oh, it's you.
She tries to slam the door in his face, but he says that he must see Helen, to have a chance to explain. Lucy tells him that Helen isn't home. Michael tells her he loves Helen more than she can possibly imagine, and there are good reasons for what he did.
MICHAEL: Now, I must see Helen.
LUCY: Rack off.
She slams the door in his face.
No.24, the following morning
Madge, Dorothy and Brenda are having breakfast - apparently Neil Dawson has turned down the chance of running for council. Brenda suggests that Dorothy stands for council. She says maybe she'll have to!
Madge answers the phone to Henry, calling from New Zealand. Harold goes off to open the Coffee Shop and Brenda runs after him.
Paul awkwardly comes in to see Jim.
PAUL: I just wanted to thank you properly for finding me yesterday. I realise I didn't sound to grateful.
JIM: I understand. You were exhausted.
PAUL: No, what I was was stubborn and pig-headed. I didn't want to see the truth. You do still care about me, don't you.
JIM: Of course I do, you're my son!
PAUL: Yeah, I know, but the ways things have been lately...
JIM: Look, we've had a few disagreements. We said a few things we shouldn't have said. But I didn't want to cut you off the way you cut me off.
PAUL: Sometimes I felt like you had cut me off.
JIM: The will?
PAUL: Yeah. I don't mean the money, I just got to thinking that you didn't care about me anymore and it hurt.
JIM: Sometimes it's very hard to know how to show you that I still cared. So independent, big business tychoon, what could I do for you?
PAUL: You don't have to do anything. I just want you to be my father.
JIM: Well, that's easy. (More gently) Maybe it's not. Paul, sometimes I want to throttle you, but it doesn't mean I don't love you.
PAUL: Oh Dad. Oh, I love you too.
They hug.
Coffee Shop
Harold opens up and puts the light on. Brenda runs in after him, much to his surprised. She talks in a loud voice, trying to make sure that Guy is awake. She knocks over some straws as a distraction, and in the kitchen, Guy starts to wake up. Brenda rushes out and bustles Guy into the store cupboard, just before Harold comes into the kitchen.
HAROLD:(picking something up off the floor) What's this, a mouth organ?
BRENDA: It's mine!
She grabs it and starts playing a tune(!) Harold goes into the store cupboard, but fortunately Guy has done a runner out of the back door.
Around the back of the Coffee Shop
Guy is struggling to put on his clothes and bumps into Lucy.
Helen is very pleased to hear that Paul and Jim are making up. There's a knock at the door and Jim answers it to Michael.
JIM: Can I help you?
MICHAEL: Yes, I'd like to see Helen, please.
JIM: You're wasting your time, Michael.
MICHAEL: I'm afraid I must insist. I'm going to stay right here until she sees me.
HELEN:(coming in from the kitchen) It's alright Jim, I'll deal with this.
JIM: I'll be in the kitchen if you need me.
MICHAEL: Thank you, Helen, for seeing me.
HELEN: It's just this one time. Because there's nothing you can say that will excuse your conduct in any way.
MICHAEL: I'm not trying to excuse it, I just want you to understand. I want you to come with me. And if you can still find no forgiveness or understanding in your heart, then I promise you'll never see me again.
HELEN: I told you, Michael. There is nothing you can say that can make any difference to the way I feel.
MICHAEL: I think what I have to show you will.
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