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Neighbours Episode 1516 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1516
Australian airdate: 09/09/91
UK airdate: 04/09/92
UK Gold: 24/08/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul and Caroline are lost in the bush.
Todd invites Brad to come and see a band called "The Dirtbags" but he wants to work on his surfboard. Pam tells him he's spent enough time on his surfboard hobby, but Brad reckons that making surfboard is high art! Pam tells Brad he should concentrate on something more important, like repeating Year 12 at tech. Brad doesn't want to - he's got other things to do. Pam says the only alternative is going back to high school. Brad looks horrified!
Dorothy has been out door-knocking for the Save our School campaign. Christina rings up - Paul and Caroline still aren't home. Helen says she's sure there's nothing to worry about, but to call her as soon as they come home. Helen is actually quite worried and tells Jim it's strange they haven't rung.
The Bush
Paul and Caroline are huddled together, freezing. Caroline wonders if they're going to freeze to death. They hear some strange noises from animals. It's only 9.45pm! Caroline is cold and scared.
Brad is not impressed at the thought of resitting Year 12. Todd heads off to see the band. Doug comes out and Brad begs him to talk to Pam about the repeating Year 12 idea. He wants Doug to talk her out of it - maybe he could work on the building team instead. Doug doesn't think this is a very good idea.
The Bush
Paul and Caroline are still huddled together. Caroline thinks Christina must be very worried. Paul doesn't think Jim will be worried about him(!) Paul wonders if they could try to start a fire with sticks. Caroline is starting to confuse her words. Paul goes off to look for some sticks.
Paul is wandering through the bush looking for sticks, hearing animal noises as he goes. He walks into a spider's web and generally doesn't do very well with the sticks. The animal noises are getting closer and suddenly he falls off a rocky out-crop and lies on the ground, still.
Jim has rung the vineyard and they were there, but left hours ago. Jim has also spoken to the police who are going to keep an eye out. He wishes he had made up with Paul now - he's realised that all their arguing is silly. He'll go and search the area himself in the morning if they haven't turned up.
The Bush
Caroline wakes up and calls for Paul. She starts to cry when she realises he is missing.
Wililses, the following morning
Brad has made Pam breakfast in bed, but she's already up. Pam is rather surprised at the gesture, but tells him she won't be moved about him going back to school. Doug has gone with Jim and Todd to look for Paul and Caroline.
Helen answers the phone to Michael. She tells him she's not interested in talking to him.
HELEN: Look, I'm going to say this for the last time, you are not part of my life anymore, and I don't want you phoning me here again, goodbye.
She bangs the phone down.
Pam pops round to lend support to Helen and they chat about Paul and Caroline being missing. They also chat about Brad and Helen suggests getting him to talk to Dorothy.
PAM: They'll be alright, Helen. I'm sure they'll be alright.
The Bush
Jim/Todd and Doug are driving around in their cars searching. Suddenly Todd spots a car just off the side of the road - it's Paul's! The bonnet is cold, so must have been there all night. Jim sounds his horn and shouts for Paul, but there's not answer. He thinks they must have tried to take a shortcut to the nearest town. They head off to start searching.
Pam has send Brad around to talk to Dorothy about going back to school. Dorothy thinks it's a very good idea. Brad says he was rotten at all the subject and anyway, he's a disruptive influence(!)
DOROTHY: Sit down, Brad, keep talking. I like a good horror story!
Brad regales her with all sorts of terrible school stories!
The Bush
Doug has found the Caroline sprawled on the ground. He covers her in a blanket.
JIM: Caroline, where's Paul?
CAROLINE: He went to get firewood. He didn't come back.
She starts to cry.
Dorothy and Brad have come to talk to Pam. Dorothy tells her that she didn't believe a word Brad said, but she doesn't think he should go back to school. He's not a child, and at his age there no point trying to force him into going.
BRAD: Yes! Way to go, Mrs B!
Pam is surprised, saying a good education is vital. Dorothy says it's true, but Brad has no motivation. After a year of work, he might change his mind and then they can send him to night school or something.
The Bush
Todd and Jim are searching the bush. It's starting to get dark and they still haven't found Paul. The police are on their way.
As they walk away, we see Paul ground nearby, still unconscious on the ground.
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