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Neighbours Episode 1518 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1518
Australian airdate: 11/09/91
UK airdate: 08/09/92
UK Gold: 26/08/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Michael Daniels: Brian Blain
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michael tells Helen that he wants to show her something to explain his behaviour.
MICHAEL: Will you come with me?
HELEN: I don't see what good it will do...
MICHAEL: You *must* come. It would explain a lot.
HELEN: Alright, Michael.
Helen goes into the kitchen and tells Jim that she's going out with Michael for a while.
HELEN: He's under the impression he can make me understand why he did this.
JIM: That'll be some explanation.
Josh (still blind) says in a loud voice that you can't just explain away bigamy. Michael is within earshot, but doesn't say anything.
JOSH: Better be good.
Jim will take Josh to the hospital today.
Toby and Sky are packing their thing when Joe and Melanie arrive home.
JOE: We had a top time, didn't we Mel?!
MELANIE: Yeah, best holiday I've ever had!
Madge eyes Joe curiously as he bustles Melanie and the kids out of the door but Madge grabs his arm.
MADGE: You're not setting foot outside this door until you put me out of my misery!
JOE: Madge...thanks a lot.
He kisses her on the cheek. Madge celebrates and Harold wants to know what's going on. He starts tickling her to get it out of her!
Toby is rather surprised to see Joe and Melanie kissing. They sit him down and tell him they have some news about their relationship becoming more than friends. Toby pretends to look upset, but then he laughs and says "Cowabunga!"(!) Toby is very pleased and tells them he thinks it's great. He begs Joe to let him to come home this afternoon to say goodbye to Madge and Harold.
When the kids have gone, Melanie worries about what she'll say to Simon. Dorothy comes in with Bouncer and tells them that she's decided to run for council. Then she tells them delicately about Helen's marriage being off due to bigamy. Melanie looks grave and says that Madame Zolga was right - she predicted doom for Michael and Helen. She's going to go to see Madame Zolga about her and Joe's relationship.
A nursing home
Michael takes Helen through to the garden of a nursing home. A woman is sitting there, her mind addled by dementia.
MICHAEL: Helen...this is Louise.
Helen looks shocked. Michael explains that Louise has progresive dementia, brought on by schizophrenia. She's been degenerating steadily for the last twelve years, but the schizophrenia started even longer before that.
MICHAEL: I loved her Helen. But it may be difficult for you to comprehend what I say. She really only existed for the first maybe six years of our marriage, and even then she was drifting away from me. This is not the woman I married. Nevertheless, you can see why you couldn't abandon someone like this, at least, I can't. And to consider divorcing her would be tantamount to rejection.
HELEN: Yes, I think I can understand.
MICHAEL: I would have lived with you, but I understood that was against everything that you stood for. So I...I took the easy way out, the selfish way. I pretended that Louise didn't exist.
Coffee Shop
Brenda and Guy are chatting. Brenda tells him to drop by with his stuff once Madge and Harold have left.
Dorothy asks Brenda if she can put up some posters in the Coffee Shop. She asks Lucy what she's doing there and Lucy asks her if she can come back to school a bit late this afternoon as she wants to go with Josh to the hospital. Dorothy agrees. Lucy looks over at Guy and recognises him as the bloke she saw half-dressed this morning.
Michael and Helen have come back.
MICHAEL: I thought it was the best way for you to understand why I couldn't get a divorce.
HELEN: Hmm. Poor Michael. Poor Louise.
MICHAEL: I didn't want to hurt you. But I knew I'd lose you unless I married you.
HELEN: Well, I can understand how you could convince yourself that you were free to act as you did...
MICHAEL: The marriage doesn't exist Helen, it hasn't existed for as many years as I...
HELEN:(angry) It exists in law, Michael! Oh, I know you've been living as a single man for a long time, Michael, but...
MICHAEL: I want you to stay with me, and be my wife. We are married, in fact, if not in law. Please?
Michael is still sitting in the living room when Lucy comes in. Helen is just making her and Michael a cup of tea. Lucy, Josh and Jim head off to the hospital.
MICHAEL: Have you thought about what I said?
HELEN: Michael...I sympathise with you, you've been through a heartbreaking experience, and I know what a burden it must have been to look after Louise.
MICHAEL: It nearly tore me apart to put her in there, but that's why I came to Erinsborough. That sanitorium has some of the best facilities in the country and I wanted the best for her. And then...then I met you.
HELEN: I do love you, Michael.
MICHAEL:(taking her hand) Helen...
HELEN: But I can't condone what you've done.
HELEN: You do understand?
MICHAEL: So things can never be the same between us again?
HELEN: I'm sorry.
Michael looks crestfallen, and leaves without saying another word. When he's gone, Helen bursts into tears.
Madge and Harold are very excited about their trip. Joe comes in and Harold shakes his hand, warmly.
HAROLD: Congratulations, Joe.
MADGE: He forced it out of me.
JOE: You don't mind?
HAROLD: Oh, I couldn't be happier! I wish you both all the happiness in the world, I really do.
JOE: Fantastic.
Harold asks Joe to keep an eye on the garden while they're away and he happily accepts. He tells them to go off and have a great holiday.
Josh has come home without eye-patches, but he still can't see. Apparently his eyes are recovering well from the burns, though, the sight will hopefully follow later.
Lucy takes Josh off to the kitchen for a cup of coffe and Jim sits down with Helen in the living room.
JIM: Michael's gone?
HELEN: It was the hardest decision of my life. It's such a tragedy Jim, his wife...but I had to say goodbye.
Ramsay Street
Jim and Helen have come out to say goodbye to Madge and Harold, along with Joe, Melanie, Dorothy, Toby and Sky. Madge and Harold hug everyone and then Brenda rushes up to say goodbye. Harold isn't too impressed that she's shut the Coffee Shop for an hour.
MADGE:(to Dorothy) You should be at school.
DOROTHY: I'm playing truant! I hope you won't consider it too much of an insult that I consider us to be friends, now!
MADGE: I don't think I could stand it!
DOROTHY: That's what I thought!
They hug goodbye.
MADGE: Now, you get on that council and give them hell, you hear?!
DOROTHY: I will and I shall!
Harold says goodbye to Joe, Melanie and Toby. Toby presents Harold with a map. As they're taking pictures, Guy comes up the street. He hides behind a fence as everyone Madge and Harold finally drive away, to shouts of "Goodbye!"
Helen tells Jim that she doesn't intend to press charges against Michael. Jim gets a call from Japan and goes to take it in the living room.
Josh and Lucy are talking. He says he can only see grey and some movements. Lucy says that's a bit of an improvement and he should think positive.
JOSH: I'm thinking positive! I just wish I wasn't as blind as a bat!
Jim comes back into the kitchen to tell Helen about his phone-call.
JIM: They want me to go to Japan.
HELEN: Jim, that's wonderful!
JIM: As a consultant, working on my fuel-injection system.
Jim says he'd be away 6 weeks, but doesn't think he can consider accepting with all that's going on at home. Helen says he'd be a fool not to take it up.
Guy is settling in with Brenda. The phone rings and it's a wrong number. Brenda looks suspiciously at Guy, who is very jumpy.
Dorothy comes around to welcome Brenda to the neighbourhood and is surprised to see Guy there.
When she's gone, Brenda asks Guy what's going on. He admits he got into a bit of strife in Queensland.
GUY: It's nothing, really. It's just that, I think someone's after me. I'll just have to wait and see, that's all.
BRENDA: Terrific.
Melanie comes in from seeing Madame Zolga. She's made another prediction - apparently their relationship is 100% compatible. *But* there is a dark cloud looming over their immediate future. Joe jokes it's just rising damp in the ceiling(!)
Josh is rubbing his eyes, frustrated. Suddenly he starts to see objects, blurrily. Lucy comes in and starts feeding him grapes. He tells her he's very grateful to her for her help.
LUCY: As long as you can't see, I will be here to look after you, you remember that.
JOSH: Yeah. I'll remember it.
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