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Neighbours Episode 1470 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1470
Australian airdate: 05/07/91
UK airdate: 02/07/92
UK Gold: 19/06/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
A rock is thrown through Joe's window.
Number 32
Joe jumps up and runs out of the house.
Todd and Cody are watching an old movie and are chuffed that they got away unscathed from the nightclub.
Jim comes in and asks if they enjoyed Harold's slide night but they said they didn't go - they watched old movies instead. Jim winds them up for a bit and then reveals that he knew they were there. He shows Todd the wallet that was found at the club.
Joe has come to borrow some masking tape to fix the window. He tells Doug what's happened and Doug looks very worried. The phone rings and it's Jim - he wants Doug to come over.
Jim is ranting at Todd for going against his wishes. Doug doesn't seem too concerned and asks Cody if she had a good time(!) Jim says that Todd and Cody can only see each other at school from now on.
In the kitchen, Doug tells Jim about the nutter who's terrorising Joe.
Glen comes in and Todd tells him that Jim always comes down on him like a ton of bricks - he's fed up of it. He wonders if he'd have been better off living with Beverly or his mother.
Number 32
Joe is on the phone to the police to report this latest incident. He sweeps up the broken glass and as he's doing so he hears a noise. He picks up a cricket bat and goes to the front door, but it's only Bouncer!
Jim tells Todd that he's washing his car today. Glen thinks Jim is being a bit hard on Todd - after all, it was all Glen's fault. He reckons he thought up the whole idea, but Jim isn't moved.
Number 32
Doug is helping Joe to replace his window. Jim comes round and says that the police have nothing to go on - but the neighbourhood watch people are keeping an eye out. They'll all support Joe.
Ramsay Street
Todd is cleaning Jim's car when Cody comes up. Apparently Brad has phoned from the USA and he's coming home soon.
Paul comes over and is interested to hear that Jim for at "THe Hop" last night. Todd tells Paul that he shouldn't have it in for Glen - he's a decent bloke. Paul reckons that Glen "muscled in on the family" but Todd says that the same could be said about him. He tells Paul off for his behaviour.
Number 32
Doug suggests that Joe sleeps in his spare room for a while. Joe is very pleased and goes to pack a bag.
Ramsay Street
Doug and Glen are talking about Todd's punishment. They think it's rather harsh. Doug says that it's rather hypocritical of Jim given that he told Harold that they were at a school slide night.
Glen comes in and tells Jim off for being harsh. He calls Jim on avoiding Harold's slide night. He tells Jim if he doesn't let Todd and Cody off the hook, he'll shop him(!)
JIM:(laughing) That's blackmail!
GLEN: That's about the size of it.
Jim has called Cody over to the house. He tells them that he's lifting the punishment - as long as they never go against him again. Todd realises that something has happened and Jim is forced to confess about Harold's slide night. The kids laugh their heads off.
Joe and Bouncer are settling in to their temporary home.
Cody is telling Jim and Todd about the student exchange programme, when Paul comes round to see Jim. Jim is really pleased to see him. Paul tells Jim he's been thinking things over - whatever the differences between them, Christina is still Jim's daughter-in-law and he can see her whenever he likes.
PAUL: Just phone before you come over to make sure that I'm not going to be home.
He walks out without another word.
Doug goes out to get him and Joe some beer. When he's gone, the phone rings and it's the stalker, telling Joe that he won't get away with Angela's murder. Joe tells him that he can't take much more of his terrorising and wants to sort things out. He'll meet the stalker in the park at 6pm toinght - alone.
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