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Neighbours Episode 1471 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1471
Australian airdate: 08/07/91
UK airdate: 03/07/92
UK Gold: 22/06/98
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe arranges to meet his stalker at the park at 6pm.
JOE: If you want me, I'll be there.
STALKER: You'd better be alone, Mangel.
JOE: I will. I promise. Six o'clock sharp.
Joe is sitting in a chair stroking Bouncer.
JOE: Strewth, mate, what have I got myself in for this time?
Doug comes back with the beer. Joe tells Doug that he's going home. Doug is confused.
Number 22
Paul is going down the office for a bit - he says he needs "a fix"(!) Caroline decides to come with him.
Melanie comes round just as they are leaving - her sister didn't want her to stay any longer. Paul gets a call from the police - apparently they've got a lead on his Porsche!
Number 24
Madge has just arrived home and has some presents for Toby and Sky. She hugs Harold and tells him that she's glad to be home. Apparently she had dinner with Lou Carpenter last night - he's lost his house, the car lot and everything in the recession. His divorce hasn't helped either.
When Toby and Sky are outside playing with their toys, Harold tells Madge that Joe has a stalker.
Number 32
Joe paces the house with a cricket bat. He picks up a Swiss Army Knife and looks at it thoughtfully. Then he almost jumps out of his skin when Melanie comes in. She's shocked at the state he's in. Doug comes in and asks Joe what's going on.
Number 24
Harold and Madge are having a cup of tea. Harold tells Madge that Helen has an admirer who drives vintage cars. Madge says she'll get all the details out of her later(!) He starts to tell Madge about Adam and Gemma, but they are interrupted by Toby and Sky. They want to play table tennis. Harold moves the couch to allow them to set up the table, but in doing so, does his back in.
Number 32
Doug can't understand how the bloke knew the phone number at the Willises. They don't want Joe to go to the park to meet the stalker - they think it's too dangerous. Joe is determined to face the bloke and finish things though.
DOUG: Right, so let's take the worst case scenario. You go there on your own. The bloke goes bananas and shoots you. You've got a couple of kiddies to think of, remember?
Joe says he can't risk the bloke going after the kids - he has to meet him.
The Office
Paul is frustrated that his Porsche hasn't been found. Apparently Christina is visiting her parents. Their father, Frank, wants Paul to come round for a beer soon.
Number 24
Madge and Toby are playing table tennis while Harold takes it easy on the couch.
MADGE: I was junior champion at school...back in the days of pre-history!
Madge suggests to Harold that she gives him a massage, but he says it's best to just let it get better on its own.
Number 32
Joe, Doug and Melanie are sitting in silence and brooding. Melanie suggests that they put a video camera in the park just in case anything bad happens. Doug says he'll go along with Joe for protection - he'll just pretend to be jogging on the other side of the park. Joe agrees.
Number 24
Toby is reading Madge's book but she takes it off him because there are lots of "naughty" bits in it(!)
Joe comes round and Madge hugs him. Then he hugs Toby tightly.
The Office
Paul and Caroline are working. They discuss a circus promotion and Paul agrees that they can go ahead with it.
The phone rings and it's Erinsborough Police - they've found his Porsche, but it's burnt out.
Number 22
Paul is being philosophical about the car - he can collect the insurance payment and buy a cheaper one. Paul and Caroline are off out, but first he wants to have a word with Madge.
Ramsay Street
Doug is dressed in his jogging gear. Melanie hugs Joe and tells him to be careful.
MELANIE: I'd hate anything to happen to you.
JOE: I wouldn't be too rapt meself!
Number 24
Harold is reading Madge's book and looking a bit scandalised(!) Madge tells Paul that she's not interested in coming back to the bar - Harold needs her in the Coffee Shop. She suggests a compromise - she'll come back part-time. Paul agrees and Madge is very pleased.
Madge taps Harold on the shoulder, and engrossed in the dirty book, he jumps. Then he realises that he has put his back into place!
MADGE: I suppose dirty books do have their uses after all!
Toby asks Madge what's going on with Joe - he's acting really weirdly. Madge says Joe has just got a lot on his mind.
The Park
Joe looks round with trepidation.
JOE: Alright, mate. Come and get me.
Someone is watching him from the trees.
<<1470 - 1472>>
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