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Neighbours Episode 1469 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1469
Australian airdate: 04/07/91
UK airdate: 01/07/92
UK Gold: 18/06/98
Writer: Paul Spinks
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Margaret tells the twins that she's left their father.
Number 22
Margaret cries that Frank just doesn't appreciate her - ever since the twins left home he's never there anymore. He loves his work more than her. She's tried talking to him, but nothing has helped. This looks like it has struck a bit of a chord with Paul. The twins try to encourage her to go home and talk things over with Frank, but she doesn't want to. Paul tells her that she can stay on with them as long as she wants. But she says she knows when she's not wanted(!)
Number 32
Joe gets another crank call. Glen is there and sympathises with his predicament. Glen offers to move in with them for a bit to help them fight off any intruders, but Joe thinks they'll manage. Toby goes off to the kitchen for some milk and Joe tells him ominously to come straight back.
Ramsay Street
Jim and Dorothy are chatting about Lucy's poor behaviour when Harold comes over. He invites them both to his slide night. Jim says he's busy tonight. Dorothy chips in that they have a parent-teacher meeting tonight, so neither of them can come(!) Harold is a bit put out. When he's gone, Dorothy and Jim realise they'll have to make themselves scarce so that their story seems believable.
Todd and Cody want to go to "The Hop" nightclub. Glen tells them that their parents won't let them go, but he agrees to take them if they do say yes.
Jim comes in and Todd and Cody ask if they can go to the nightclub. Jim says no - they can start going to pubs when they're 18 and not before. He suggests they go to Harold's slide night instead(!) Cody tells Todd quietly that she's going anyway!
Number 22
The twins are depressed about their parents splitting up. Paul says maybe they just need some time to calm down and work things out. But he gets an idea - there may be something he can do.
Number 32
Harold invites Joe to his slide night and Joe refuses to come in no uncertain terms, saying he's not in the move. Toby is back from the shop. He tells Joe that some guy gave him a note. Joe opens the note and scary music plays. The note says, "An eye for an eye". Joe is besides himself with worry - the bloke could be capable of anything.
Cody and Todd are trying to dress up to make themselves look older. Todd has got a false moustache on(!) Glen comes in and laughs his head off. They don't tell him that they haven't got permission to go and head off.
Number 32
Joe phones Melanie at her sister's to tell her to stay on there a bit. Joe tries to get Toby to describe the man who gave him the note. He suggests that Toby goes to stay with Harold for a few days. Toby is confused as to what's going on. Harold picks up Sky and heads off with her and Toby.
Frank and Margaret's house
Paul has come to have a chat with Frank - Frank didn't even know that Margaret had left him - he thought she was staying with Christina for a few days. Paul tells Frank that obsession with work can destroy a marriage - family is the most important thing. He suggests that he goes to talk to Margaret, but Frank wants Margaret to make the first move.
Jim and Dorothy are going out to a nightclub. Ooooh, what a coincidence, could it be "The Hop"? Why, yes, it could. Jim is a bit unsure, but says it has to be better than Harold's slide night(!)
"The Hop" nightclub
A good dozen extras are dancing when Todd, Cody and Glen arrive. Todd and Cody head off to dance while Glen goes to check out the talent.
Jim and Dorothy arrive and a woman winks at Jim. He is quite pleased(!)
Todd and Cody catch sight of them and beg Glen to take them home. Glen is not pleased. He gives them some money for a cab home. Glen goes over to say hello to Jim and Dorothy while Todd and Cody make their escape through the bathroom window. But Todd unknowingly drops his wallet on the way out.
Number 22
The twins, Paul and Margaret have just finished their dinner, when Frank arrives. He's got a big bunch of flowers for her. He wants them to have a talk and Margaret reluctantly agrees. She tells him she's been bored out of her brain - they never have any fun together any more. Frank says that from now on, things will be different, he'll promote George and get his weekends freed up. Margaret isn't sure about this. They eventually compromise and Frank agrees that Margaret can have a job with the company if she wants. She is very pleased and hugs Frank. Christina and Caroline are very impressed with Paul for sorting things out.
Number 32
Joe is pacing like a caged rat. He goes the the window and starts shouting.
JOE: Why don't you show yourself, you cowardly mongrel?!
"The Hop" nightclub
Slow music is playing now. The DJ announces through the microphone that a wallet has been found - belonging to a Todd Landers. Jim and Dorothy are shocked.
JIM: Wait till I catch up with him!
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