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Neighbours Episode 1468 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1468
Australian airdate: 03/07/91
UK airdate: 30/06/92
UK Gold: 17/06/98
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
- "Oh Boy" by De-Part-Mental
Summary/Images by: Cyclone49 & Sayaka
Dorothy and Helen finding out that Josh helped Lucy hack into the school computers to change her marks.
Lucy says that it wasn't Josh who did the hacking, it was her - Josh didn't know she changed the comments. Dorothy says she will have to suspend her. Helen is very angry with her.
Number 22
Paul is trying to take care of Christina, but her mother Margeret won't let him. He is about to cook some lamb chops, but Margaret won't let him and cooks pasta instead. Paul just gives up and leaves them alone.
Jim is yelling at Lucy over dinner. Lucy is saying it wasn't that bad, but Jim says she is grounded for a month. Both he and Helen are very disappointed in her.
Number 22, the spa
Paul in the spa when Caroline comes home. She says she has had a hard day at work and Paul says he had a hard day at home! Caroline asks why, and Paul says it's her mum and that she just won't let him do anything.
Josh is practising his dance routine and stripping off some of his clothes. Lucy comes in and laughs at him and he claims he's doing "isometrics" to help his muscles(!) Lucy tells Josh about how being expelled will be good because she could get a job. Josh looks worried, because she would meet other guys.
Outside the Robinsons
Jim and Helen are discussing Lucy. Helen says she's fed up of quarrelling in the family - she's going over to see Paul. She asks Jim to come with her, but Jim reckons that it's up to Paul to make the first move after the way he behaved.
Number 22
Helen and Paul settle their differences. He moans about his mother-in-law Margaret interfering in his attempts to look after Christina. He wants Caroline and Christina to have a word, but they don't want to hurt their mother's feelings.
Ramsay Street
Josh goes over to Dorothy's garden, and asks her about fate, and says it's working against him because Lucy might meet other guys. He tries to get Dorothy to lift Lucy's suspension, but she won't.
Number 22
Paul wants Helen to have a word with Margaret about her interfering. Helen refuses to get involved.
PAUL: Maybe I could move house while she's out?!
Jim overhears Lucy talking to her friend Emma on the phone saying she is really happy to be suspended because she doesn't have to go to school and she hopes she gets expelled(!)
Coffee Shop
Dorothy comes in and Jim talks to her. Dorothy says that computer hacking is a serious offence. She's probably be expelled by the board. He says that suspension is probably not a good punishment for Lucy, because she is happy about it.
Number 22
Margaret says she's settle in very well at Number 22. Caroline tells her that her husband has Frank called, but she avoids the topic.
While Margaret is upstairs, Paul, Caroline and Christina decide they will have to tell her to leave - tactfully.
Lucy tells Josh that she wants to finish Year 12 - she's only pretending to be pleased as a ruse. Dorothy and Jim come in. Dorothy tells Lucy that she will get four weeks' detention and litter duty instead of being suspended. Lucy is happy - her ruse has worked!
Number 22
Paul talks to Margaret. He says that while it is great to have her around, he wants to take care of Christina himself. The twins come in and say that she should go home to their father, Frank. She starts to cry and says she can't, because she's left him.
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