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Neighbours Episode 1434 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1434
Australian airdate: 16/05/91
UK airdate: 18/05/92
UK Gold: 30/04/98
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Adam is testing Pam on her medical knowledge ahead of her exams. Cody comes in and pours herself a drink.
PAM: G'day, love. What's up?
CODY: I don't want to talk about it.
PAM: But if you're upset...
ADAM: She doesn't want to talk about it, and neither to you if you want to pass your exams!
Cody goes to answer the door and it's Todd.
CODY: Oh, what do you want?!
TODD: To talk. Don't you think that'd be a good idea?
CODY: No! Cos I have nothing to say to you!
Adam and Pam collect up their books and head off to Pam's room which Todd and Cody continue to shout at each other.
TODD: Come on, you can't shut me out like this, Cody, it's not fair!
CODY: Fair? You're one to talk about fair! You try to talk me into going to bed with you...it's not going to work.
TODD: I'm not! I'm not! I thought it was something we both wanted!
CODY: Well, it's not! And I'm not letting you force me into this!
TODD: I wouldn't. Because I really care about you.
CODY: Oh! You know that's just a line to get what you want!
TODD: It is not! Come on, Cody, please!
CODY: No! Rack off!
TODD: Please!
CODY:(pushing him) No!
TODD: OK, if that's the way you want it, that's fine!
He storms out, slamming the door behind him.
Glan and Gemma are back from their date. She didn't like the heavy metal music much, but has enjoyed herself anyway. Gemma makes them a coffee and asks Glen how he really feels about her.
GEMMA: I just don't know what's going on. Sometimes I feel like we're getting really close and then other times it's like you keep pulling away from me, like you don't want to get involved. And I don't know whether it's something I'm doing...or whether it's something I'm not doing or what.
GLEN: Hey, it's not you, I think you're terrific, I like you are lot.
GEMMA: I hear a "but" coming along.
GLEN: Yeah, maybe. But it's my problem. I've always been a bit of a loner. Cautious of people. Let the wrong one get close to you, they mess you up.
GEMMA: Glen, I'm not like that!
GLEN: Yeah, I know, but...I'm happier taking things nice and easy.
GEMMA: You're asking me to be patient, right?
GLEN: Something like that.
She agrees, as long as they can go out together tomorrow night!
Robinsons, the following morning
Glen is buttering his toast while Todd sulks at the table.
TODD: Glen, do you understand women?
GLEN: What?
He tells Glen what happened with Cody and the "special night".
GLEN: We talking seduction here?
TODD: Well, it was supposed to be, but...
GLEN: She changed her mind.
TODD: Yeah.
GLEN: It happens, mate.
TODD: She didn't give me a chance. She said she wanted to break it off and then stormed out. And when I went to talk to her later, she wouldn't even speak to me.
GLEN: Mate, I don't know what to tell you. Some things just aren't meant to happen.
TODD: I still love her.
GLEN: Doesn't matter! If it isn't meant to work, let it go. Move on.
TODD: Maybe you're right.
Lucy staggers out - she's got a sore throat and a runny nose and is generally feeling rubbish. Todd tells her about splitting up with Cody.
GLEN: Hey lighten up, mate, women are like trains, there'll be another one along in five minutes.
LUCY:(angrily) Typical! You're such an insenstive jerk!
Adam is chatting to Gemma about Glen.
ADAM: Glen seems like a pretty bloke.
GEMMA: Yes, well, considering what I could have ended up with, not bad at all! How are things with you and Caroline?
ADAM: Good, good. Considering what I could have ended up with!
He says that everything is working out for both of them. Gemma is really happy about being with Glen, singing his praises.
Glen is trying to reason with Lucy, saying that the thing between them can't continue - they have to get on with their lives. Glen realises that Lucy is jealous of him and Gemma.
cody is lying on the floor reading a book.
Pam starts messing about, doing First Aid on her. She takes the opportunity to practise her resusitation.
ADAM:(coming in) What are you doing?
CODY: She's finally snapped!
Pam says she has to practice for her practical test.
ADAM: Mum, why don't you go and do a bit more reading and I'll die for you later.
PAM: Promise?
ADAM: Dead as a doornail.
Adam is surprised to hear that Cody and Todd have broken up, but she doesn't want to tell him the real reason. She says they just "grew apart".

Glen is rather serenading Lucy with his guitar. It works and she starts laughing. She wishes she could stop herself getting jealous and admits that she saw him kiss Gemma the other night. He says it didn't really mean anything.
LUCY: Are you sure? I mean Gemma's fun and she's bright and she's pretty.
GLEN: Yeah...but...I just can't seem to get you off my mind.
LUCY: If I asked you to drop Gemma, would you?
Glen says it's best to keep away from each other - it'll be easier to get over their feelings for each other.
Todd is hanging out with Gemma, who is cooking burgers. There's a knock at the door and it's Adam. He's come to borrow something off Gemma.
ADAM:(to Todd) Now, am I talking to you?
TODD: Suit yourself.
Adam asks Todd if he dumped Cody, but he says Cody was the one who did the dumping.
Lucy is nursing her cold by putting her head over a bowl of hot water, Harold-style. Todd comes in, still in a very bad mood.
LUCY: You can do better than Cody Willis, Todd.
TODD: Maybe I can, but I don't need you to tell me, Lucy, OK?
Glen breaks up the spat and tells them not to start fighting again. Glen tells them the news that Josh has moved in with Dorothy.
TODD: And we think we've got problems?!
Pam is studying again when Cody comes out of her room.
CODY: Could I just ask something?
Pam tells Cody to sit down for a chat.
CODY: If I asked you something, would you promise to tell me the truth?
PAM: Don't I always?
CODY: Yeah...but.
PAM: What?
CODY: How old were you the first time you had sex?
Pam is a bit takenaback.
PAM: It's a very big question. And I'm not sure that's really what you want to know. My guess is you want to know whether you're old enough to have sex. Am I right?
CODY: Mmmm.
PAM: My inital response is to say, no you're not, but I'm smart enough to know that I can't stop you if it's what you really want. Are you sure it is?
CODY: No! I don't know!
PAM: Has Todd been pressuring you?
CODY: Yes! But it's sort of been my own fault. See, when I thought we were leaving for good I said that we should...just so we'd be the first for each other. Do you understand? But now that we're not going I told him no. And he got really angry. He thinks it's wrong to promise something and then not go through with it. So now I feel real guilty.
PAM: Don't go to bed with a boy out of guilt, ever. It's just not on.
Cody doesn't think she can make up with Todd, but she still loves him. Pam comforts her.
PAM: What made you change your mind?
CODY: I'm not sure. I guess I just wasn't ready.
PAM: And have you explained that to Todd?
CODY: No, but I don't see what difference it'll make if he wants sex.
PAM: Maybe you're under-estimating him. You two have been going out for a long time now and it hasn't been an issue. I think Todd would be content to wait a while longer if he knew how unsure you were.
CODY: You think so?
PAM: Good communication's what makes a good relationship. And I assume that's what you want.
CODY: Yeah, I do!
PAM: Then go and talk to him, sweetheart. If he loves you, he'll listen.
Cody hugs Pam.
Robinsons, that evening
Todd and Lucy are hanging out feeling bored. Glen is doing the ironing and suggests videos and popcorn. He won't be joining them though, as he's going out with Gemma.
Just then, Cody comes in through the back door.
TODD: What do you want?
CODY: To say sorry.
TODD: What for?
CODY: For everything. I broke up with because I didn't want to sleep with you, but not because I didn't love you, because I do. I just didn't think you'd understand.
TODD: So you made up your mind without even talking to me? Well, that doesn't say much about us going out together all this time, does it? If you can't even trust me about something like that.
CODY: I was wrong, we don't have to break up. Todd, please?
TODD: Look, we split up. Let's just leave it that way, OK?
Adam suggests that Pam uses a tape recording of her notes - if she plays it under her pillow, she'll learn subliminally. Pam agrees to try it.
Cody comes in, crying.
PAM: Cody, what's wrong?
CODY: I tried to tell him, Mum, I really tried! But he didn't want to listen. He couldn't care less.
PAM: Oh!
They hug.
Gemma comes round looking for Glen, but he's popped out to the video shop with Glen. Lucy says Glen isn't going out with him - he's staying in to watch videos instead.
LUCY: Glen isn't interested in you. There's somebody else. Somebody else he really cares about. He's just using you, Gemma!
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