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Neighbours Episode 1435 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1435
Australian airdate: 17/05/91
UK airdate: 19/05/92
UK Gold: 01/05/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge and Helen have been to the movies. Madge is still worried that Paul will find out about her running the Coffee Shop. Helen has the court case coming up and is finding it hard to think about anything else. Apparently Helen's solicitor still thinks they have a reasonable chance despite Josh's testimony - there are witnesses who will testify that they've also tripped on the carpet.
Gemma is moping about and decides to go out for a walk.
Glen has returned with some videos. He's surprised that Gemma hasn't arrived yet. Lucy says she called in and cancelled going out tonight. Glen thinks it's weird and says he'd better go over and see her. Lucy is not pleased.
Adam and Pam are washing up and chatting about Todd and Cody.
ADAM: What caused the break-up?
PAM: Oh, you know, always some problem or another...
ADAM:(grinning) Sex?
PAM: Just leave it!
Adam laughs his head off and Pam tells him off, saying they'll have to help Cody get through it.
Doug comes in looking dejected. He's been at the guesthouse all day. Adam asks Pam if she's got the subliminal tape ready to go for tonight.
Helen pops round to see Christina with a present for the baby. Christina is already in bed, but Paul says he'd like to talk to Helen. He apologises for being so hard on Josh - he didn't think he'd leave. Helen says that Josh is still very young and spoke up without thinking. Josh is a lot more sensitive than people realise. Helen hopes he'll return home before too long.
Paul says he doesn't feel as close to the family as he used to - every since Glen's been around he feels pushed out. Helen tells him not to be silly - both she and Jim love him very much.
Glen has come round to see Gemma. He's confused about why she broke the date. Gemma tells him about the message Lucy gave her.
GEMMA: She said there was someone else, that you're just using me.
GLEN:(angry) That little...
GEMMA: Look, I thought we had an honest relationship. I need to know - is there someone else? ...there is...! I think you'd better just go.
GLEN: No, look, Gemma, I...
GEMMA: Just go, would you, please?
He walks out.
No.28, the following morning
Pam is very nervous about her exam. She says that Doug was snoring all night and kept her awake.
ADAM: OK, let's see how much learning you've taken in. What's osteo-mylitis?
PAM: Oooh, I know that one.
DOUG: It's an infection of the bone marrow, that can spread to the periostium.
PAM:(stunned) How did you know that?
Doug doesn't know!
ADAM: What's the name of the surgical instrument used for cutting pieces of bone from the skull?
DOUG: It's a trephine.
PAM: How could you possibly have known that?!
ADAM: Mum, did you say dad took up the whole of the bed last night?
PAM: Yes, when I woke up this morning I was right on the edge...
ADAM: Was he on yoru pillow?
PAM: Now that you mention it!
ADAM: Dad's the one that's taken in the subliminal learning?
DOUG: You mean I spent the whole night listening to a lot of medical jargon? No wonder a man's still tired!
PAM: Well, a lot of good that is to me, the information I need is in your head!
DOUG:(laughing) You could take it with you!
Pam is not impressed, but Adam tells her she's already studied hard, so she'll do fine.
Garden of the Robinsons
Lucy has decided not to go to school today because of her cold. A man is taking photos of Helen while she hangs out the washing.
Madge sees the man in her garden and is appalled. She sends him packing.
Helen has heard the commotion and doesn't think photos of her hanging out the washing will look good in court.
Glen isn't happy with Lucy over what she said to Gemma. He rants at her and she shouts back at him. Helen comes in and wonders what's going on.
HELEN: I've just about had enough of you two squabbling! You two are going to learn to live together if it's the last thing you do!
She leans heavily against the table. She's very rattled about the man in the garden.
Coffee Shop
Madge is hiding in the kitchen again, but it's just Caroline who's come in, not Paul. She says she'll keep avoiding him and Pam will help when she's finished her exams.
Caroline sits with Adam at a table and tells him that she's had a rise from Paul and he's put her on a contract!
Just then, Paul approaches the Coffee Shop, so Madge hides in the kitchen again. Caroline gets rid of him.
Glen is trying to talk to Gemma, saying he wants to be honest with her. He says that the other girl used to be important to him, but she doesn't mean anything to him now - he likes Gemma. He won't tell her who the other girl is, saying it doesn't matter.
GLEN: I want to keep seeing you, Gemma.
GEMMA: And you're absolutely certain that this other girl doesn't mean anything to you anymore?
Gemma relents and says they can go on seeing each other. They have a pash.
Doug has come over to ask for a phone number, but Lucy doesn't have it. As Doug is leaving, Gemma comes round. She tells Lucy that Glen has explained everything to her - that he's got the other girl out of his system. Lucy looks upset.
Pam is back from her exam and tells Adam that it didn't go too badly. She thinks she might have done enough to pass. She can't wait to get back to nursing and be a useful member of society. Also, to contribute financially to the household.
The Office
Paul is appalled that a photographer is stalking Helen. Helen is worried about Glen and Lucy's bickering and thinks the only way to solve their problems is to separate them. She wants to suggest that Glen moves in with Paul for a while. Paul refuses point-blank, saying that Glen is a trouble-maker. He is adamant, he can't afford any stress in the house while Christina is pregnant. He even refuses to let him stay at the staff quarters at Lassiter's.
Doug comes in to talk to Paul about the guesthouse - he's got a few ideas to discuss with him. Caroline overhears them decided to go to the Coffee Shop for a snack and looks alarmed.
Coffee Shop
Caroline rings Madge to tell her that Paul is on his way. Madge is panicked, but luckily Paul and Doug take a seat outside. Helen offers to take the order out for her.
Outside, the photographer catches Helen on film. Glen sees this and challenges the man. Paul goes over and gets involved too. Glen pushes the man over but it's too late - he has photos of Helen "waitressing".
<<1434 - 1436>>
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