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Neighbours Episode 1433 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1433
Australian airdate: 15/05/91
UK airdate: 15/05/92
UK Gold: 29/04/98
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge can't sleep and has come over to see Joe. He can't sleep either - he's stewing over the money that Dorothy took from him. He suggests a game of cards to take their mind off things.
Joe tells Madge that he enjoyed the wedding more than he thought he would, but still feels a bit down.
JOE: Everyone there was part of a couple. Made me think - I don't have anyone anymore.
MADGE: You'll find someone again.
JOE: Dunno where. I haven't had a date in living memory.
Madge sympathises and says she'll let him win at cards(!)
Todd and Cody are snogging on the sofa.
TODD: Cody, look, I know you don't want to be pressured, but I think we should talk about where we're heading.
CODY: Sure.
TODD: You know it's what I want, and you said yourself that you wanted it too. I think we should...do something about it.
Cody gets up and says they'd better take Josh his food.
TODD: Changing the subject?
CODY: No, I agree with everything you've said.
They start kissing again.
Doug comes out and Cody is quite relieved to have someone else in the room with them! Cody and Todd head off to give Josh his food, even though it's late.
Doug answers the phone.
DOUG: Dorothy? What's up? ...Arrested?
Josh's garage
Todd tries to get Josh to come home, but he says he blames himself too much for the business with the insurance company. He thinks if he hides, he won't have to testify against Helen. Todd invites Josh around to breakfast tomorrow and he agrees, as long as Todd is sure that noone else will be around.
Police Station
The police don't believe Dorothy's story about how she found the money.
DOROTHY: It's exactly as I told you! My neighbours found it in my garden, in a biscuit tin.
The police ask her if she's passed off fake money before, but Dorothy insists that she's innocent.
Joe, Doug and Madge are laughing their heads off about Dorothy's predicament.
JOE: The thought of her sitting in a cold, jail cell warms my heart!
Doug says they'd better go down to the station to corroborate Dorothy's story but Joe says there's no rush - they should let Dorothy stew for a while!
JOE: Come and have a game of gin rummy Doug.
DOUG: We will pick her up.
JOE: Sure, mate. Eventually!
Dorothy is very angry that it took Doug and Joe so long to pick her up from the police station. Doug claims that their car broke down.
DOROTHY: I don't believe that for a minute.
JOE: Are you calling us liars?
DOROTHY:(thinks) Yes.
Joe says it served Dorothy right for keeping all the money. She isn't chuffed and tells them to go home - it's 3am! But Joe says he wants the money for the gardening work - Dorothy paid him with the fake money. Dorothy huffily writes him a cheque.
Robinsons, the following morning
Josh has turned up for breakfast and only Todd is there. Josh says he's definitely going out tonight to escape the garage.
TODD: If you're going out tonight, can Cody and me use the garage tonight?
JOSH: What for?
Todd suddenly becomes rather tongue-tied and Josh does the maths.
JOSH: I didn't realise you two were so serious!
TODD: Yeah, well, we weren't, I mean, we're not...not yet anyway...
JOSH: So, tonight's the big night?
TODD: Yeah. Well only if we can have the garage.
JOSH: You can have the garage.
TODD: Great. And Josh, don't say anything to anybody OK, I don't want it to be cheap...
JOSH: I'm not going to tell anybody. Have you ever...?
JOSH: No, neither have I. So...
TODD: Tonight's the night.
They high five.
Coffee Shop
Joe says that Dorothy being arrested is the best time he's had in ages(!) Madge says she's been thinking about his situation and thinks he should go to a dance tonight at the local social club. Joe doesn't want to.
JOE: I've heard it's full of desperados!
TOBY: You'd fit it well, then, Dad!
Joe doesn't think it's his scene, but Madge says he just has to be a bit brave. Madge says she'll babysit.
Doug has got the offer of a job and goes off to see about it. Todd comes round to see Cody. He tells her that everything's going really well - Josh has agreed that they can have his garage tonight.
TODD: It's going to be just right. The way I intended it to be originally. Perfect.
CODY: That's...great.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy is still in a very bad mood when she comes in for a cup of tea.
MADGE: Do you mind paying now.
DOROTHY: Of course not.
Madge holds her money up to the light.
MADGE: Well, it looks alright. You never can tell.
DOROTHY: Very funny.
Josh comes in and asks Madge for a tab - he's got no cash at the moment. Madge offers him a job doing some chores in the kitchen. Dorothy calls Josh over and says she'll need his new address and phone number for the school records. He says he can't remember.
DOROTHY: Alright. This has gone on too long already. I want to know exactly where you're living. And don't give me any nonsense.
JOSH: ...a garage.
Dorothy is horrified and tells him to go back to the Robinsons. Josh says he can't, and going back to Mildura isn't an option because it would interrupt his education too much.
DOROTHY: There's only one thing for it. You'll have to come and stay with me.
JOSH: What?
Josh is stunned and says faintly that he'll think about it. Dorothy tells Madge quietly that after a few days of hell with Dorothy he'll be begging to go back to the Robinsons!
Joe comes round with some money for Doug. He gives it to Cody. He's off to the social dance. Cody starts telling him about a "friend" of hers who isn't sure she can go through with something she told her boyfriend she would. Joe looks a bit confused, but then realises what she's talking about.
JOE: The way I see it, a girl's got the right to back out. But...on the other hand, it's not really fair to lead a guy on and then knock him back. I reckon this friend of yours should either not promise anything, or go through with what she said she would. Although the way I see it...she should leave this poor guy alone until she sorts out what she wants. Is that any help?
CODY: It's probably not the answer she's looking for...but yeah, thanks Joe.
No.30, evening
Josh has arrived at Dorothy's place with a small bag of stuff. Dorothy offers to drive him over to the garage to pick up the rest of his stuff, but he tells her that tomorrow will be fine(!) So she proceeds to acquaint him with the ground rules. He'll come straight home from school. No going out on school nights. Home by 11pm on weekends. Keep his room tidy. Do his own washing and ironing. TV only to be watched after homework is finished, and only "suitable" programmes. She tells him he can't go out tonight either!
Joe is home early from the dance. He said it was OK, but it wasn't really his cup of tea. He thinks meeting people in a dance is a bit forced.
JOE: To tell you the truth, I don't think my type of girl exists.
He's convinced that he'll never find another Kerry, and anyway, he has two kids to think of.
JOE: She's got to be easy-going, you know, like a bit of a laugh, not take things too seriously, that's all really.
MADGE: Well, if that's all you want, it shouldn't be a problem! Let me put my thinking cap on and I'll see if I can come up with someone.
Joe isn't keen, but Madge is resolved to find someone for Joe.
Todd and Cody are having a candlelight dinner. She looks very nervous.
Todd puts some music on and they start to kiss. But then Cody pushes Todd off.
TODD: What? What are you doing?
CODY: I can't! I can't go through with this!
TODD: Why not?
CODY: Because. Because we're heading in...um...two different directions and sometimes...
TODD: Cody, tell me what you're trying to say, you've got to tell me what you're trying to say!
CODY: What do you think?
TODD: You want to break up?
CODY: Yes. I'm sorry you went to all this trouble and I'm sorry I...
TODD: Why?! I don't understand?!
CODY: What's there to understand? It's over!
She walks out.
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