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Neighbours Episode 1428 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1428
Australian airdate: 08/05/91
UK airdate: 08/05/92
UK Gold: 22/04/98
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy orders Jim out her house.
Jim tells Helen and Rosemary that he's been ordered out of Dorothy's house - Jim is a bit worried about her. Helen decides to ring her up.
Dorothy is lying on the settee in her pyjamas looking very depressed. She eventually gets up to answer the phone to Helen, but doesn't speak. Presently, she hangs up and leaves the phone off the hook. Then she goes back to lying silently on the settee.
The Office
Paul is giving Melanie some tasks to do for the day while Caroline shows Paul the latest figures. Caroline suggests offering the airlines a discount as well.
In the outer office, Caroline and Melanie chat about sympathy pains and Paul looks a bit worried(!) He asks Caroline for a chat tonight, after hours.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Joe tells Madge and Harold that Bouncer has turned up with blood on him - he doesn't know what to do or how to tell Toby. Madge tells Harold to cancel the Scout adventure training programme, but he's still waiting for a miracle.
Joe is telling Toby and Sky about Bouncer - but Toby can't believe that Bouncer would bite anyone. Joe says maybe they can prove it's not Bouncer, but they'll have to keep him tied up in the meantime, for his own good.
The Office
Paul sits Caroline down at his desk. He asks her how she likes her job and how much he needs her.
PAUL: Look, when you get to think about it the world is really broken down into two types of women: there's working and non-working.
CAROLINE: Is that right?
PAUL: Er...well, not so much non-working, I mean *all* women work. Career and non-career I suppose would be more to the point...
CAROLINE: Speaking of coming to the point...
PAUL: Yeah, look. I look at you as a career woman.
CAROLINE: Thank you...I think.
PAUL: But...I mean if you ever wanted to take Christina's lead for example and settle down and raise a family of some kind...
CAROLINE: What did you have in mind? Ferrets?
PAUL: You know what I mean. It's just, out of empathy with Christina for example if you wanted to...you know...it would really mess up my business.
CAROLINE: Oh, I never thought of that. How selfish of me that would be.
PAUL: Look. A woman can't deny her natural instincts, I know that. But, I just thought I could maybe make your position here a little more attractive, a little more substantial. Just...so you didn't necessarily give in to those um...feelings.
CAROLINE: I see. And how would you do this?
PAUL: A super-annuation scheme for instance, plus a decent...well, a reasonable pay rise.
CAROLINE: In return for...?
PAUL: Your commitment in writing to stay with the Robinson Corporation for the foreseeable future. We're talking a contract here. Three years.
CAROLINE: Done, I said yes. Where do I sign?
Caroline asks him what's brought all this on and Paul tells her that Adam let slip that Caroline was looking for ways to improve her chances of getting pregnant.
CAROLINE: And you thought you'd offer me a deal to make me change my mind.
PAUL: You can't blame me, can you?! And I've got to tell you, he is going to be so relieved that you've accepted, he's not really ready to be tied down yet.
CAROLINE: Oh, really?
Caroline has told Melanie about her conversation with Paul and they're laughing about it. She doesn't know how they got the idea she was trying to get pregnant, but Adam's not going to get away with this scot-free!
Melanie goes to Paul and asks if she can have a pay-rise for not getting pregnant(!) Madge comes in and thanks Paul for the extractor fans. Also, she needs some time off - she didn't have any time off when she was ill and now she needs a rest. Paul eventually caves in to two weeks off without pay as long as he doesn't hear anything about passive smoking after that(!)
PAUL: What are you intending on doing?
MADGE: Oh, I don't know. I'll think of something.
Harold has come to give Toby his pool tournament trophy but Bouncer sets off his allegies, so he makes a sharp exit. Joe comes in and sees Bouncer is sitting on the chair and tells Toby off - he has to be tied up. Melanie doesn't think it's Bouncer either.
Harold has dropped in to see Dorothy, but she won't let him in. He's very concerned for her and eventually she silently allows him in. He comes into the living room which is in darkness.
HAROLD: I would like to help. Besides, I know what it's like to lose a loved one.
Dorothy is completely silent. Harold suggests some counselling to her and tells her how much his religion has helped him in troubled times. He offers to help clear away some of Colin's things.
DOROTHY: I do wish you would all mind your own business.
Garden of No.32
Bouncer is tied up, but eventually wriggles free and escapes.
The Office
Rosemary pops in to see Paul, just as Caroline is leaving. Rosemary asks her to organise a secretary for her tomorrow - Rosemary has got the Henson report down on tape and needs it typed up. Paul suggests that Melanie could do it(!) But she does tell Paul that she's enjoyed her stay.
ROSEMARY: I'm afraid there's nothing I can do but recommend that Lassiter's be granted the franchise for Henson Hotels.
PAUL: That's fantastic! Rosemary, I could kiss you!
ROSEMARY: That's alright, I'll settle for a drink at the bar!
It seems that Paul has forgotten that Christina is planning a special evening for them.
Madge has bought Harold a present.
HAROLD: Hiking boots?
MADGE: Yes, you shall go on the adventure training course, Cinderella!
Harold is surprised that Paul has granted Madge time off, but very pleased.
Dorothy is up, dressed and vacuuming the house very forcefully. Jim has come to see her.
JIM: Look at me. Come on, look at me. We don't know how to help you. And you must be getting very tired of us barging in here and trying, but we can't stand to see you in such pain. Now, you've got to face up to this. Nobody is laughing. Everyone understands. Colin's not worth all this. Nobody blames you for falling in love.
DOROTHY:(starting to cry) I don't care about Colin. He could be dead for all I care. I just wish everyone would stop talking...
She collapses in Jim's arms, sobbing.
DOROTHY: I loved him so much.
Jim comforts her.
Caroline is winding Adam up by reading a baby book and he looks very worried(!) Then she says she wants them to be alone tonight and then says that Christina is so happy. Adam tells her that he's not ready to settle down yet - he loves being with her, but he's got his studies and is still living at home. Caroline starts giggling and says she's not ready to have babies yet either. Anyway, Christina isn't pregnant yet - that's why she was asking Adam about pregnancy - for Christina, not for herself.
Bouncer is back.
JOE: Stop looking at me like I'm Attila the Hun!
He's tying the rope tighter this time. There's a knock at the door and it's a bloke returning Bouncer's collar. They think he big someone tonight - the description seems to fit.
BLOKE: There's not much doubt that your dog's responsible for these attacks. I'm going to have to take him with me.
Apparently if Joe doesn't give him up, he'll just get a court order and come back in the morning. He takes Bouncer away. Melanie and Toby are not impressed.
TOBY: If Bouncer dies, it'll be all your fault!
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