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Neighbours Episode 1429 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1429
Australian airdate: 09/05/91
UK airdate: 11/05/92
UK Gold: 23/04/98
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen and Gemma are back from their date and Madge starts grilling Glen about his intentions and career plans. Gemma is highly embarrassed and quickly gets rid of her! Glen has to go soon - he has to get up early to give Jim a lift to the airport. Gemma is expecting Glen to kiss her, but her doesn't.
Lucy asks Glen how his date went and gives him quite a good grilling(!) She tells him unconvincingly how great a time she's having with Josh.
Toby is very upset about Bouncer being taken away, and Melanie isn't much better. Joe rolls his eyes and says he had no choice but to give Bouncer up. Melanie and Toby aren't buying it and Melanie tells Joe that he should have waited for the bloke to get a court order.
TOBY: What did he ever do to you?
MELANIE: Except love you.
Joe finally gaves in under extreme pressure and says he'll make some calls to do his best to get Bouncer back.
Harold is trying on his hiking boots and decides to go on a short walk to start breaking them in. Harold asks Madge to call into the Coffee Shop so he can give her a refresher course on the procedures. Also, he wants to cook her dinner tonight as it's his last night before he leaves for the training camp.
Madge asks Gemma if she's in love. Gemma admits that she does like Glen, but there's no need to rush into anything.
Melanie and Toby are giving Joe the silent treatment. He's rung around but Bouncer has been identified by people who were bitten.
Harold comes round and tells them that he's seen Bouncer in the street again. They all start and tell him that Bouncer is at the pound. Harold admits that the dog was acting a bit strangely - snarling and so on.
JOE: You know who this is, don't you.
MELANIE:(joyfully) The real culprit!
They rush off to catch the other dog and get Bouncer off the hook. Toby worries that they'll put Bouncer down this morning - he could already be dead. Joe dials the number for the pound.
Gemma pops around to see Glen to thank him for a great night. Lucy glowers in the background as Glen invites Gemma out to see a band at Anson's Corner tonight. When Glen has gone out to his car, Gemma tells Lucy that she really like Glen, but she's got an embarrassing problem - Glen hasn't tried to kiss her yet. Lucy grins to herself and advises Gemma to wait(!)
Driveway of No.26
Glen tells Josh that he's been behaving strangely - a bit hot and cold with him.
JOSH: I know how you and Lucy feel about each other.
GLEN: She told you?
JOSH: No. No, she didn't tell me, I worked it out for myself.
GLEN: And you don't approve?
(Who would?!)
JOSH: That's right.
GLEN: Especially since you're pretty keen on her yourself.
Josh says he's not going to tell anyone, and thinks Glen is doing the right thing in going out with Gemma.
Joe's ute
Joe and Melanie are out hunting for the dog, and eventually spot it on the corner of Ashmore Road - the dog looks just like Bouncer. Joe leaps out of the ute and tries to catch the dog, but he starts snarling and barking. Melanie decides to go and buy some meat from a pet shop so she can lure the dog.
Coffee Shop
Gemma has bought a new top for her date with Glen. She tells Madge about her lack of kissing situation with Glen. Madge thinks it's sweet - Glen must be a gentleman.
MADGE: I didn't think they made them like that anymore.
GEMMA:(downcast) Neither did I.
Madge thinks that Gemma should make the first move - Glen is probably waiting for her to give him the nod. She thinks women should be more assertive.
Joe and Melanie have captured the dog and now both dogs are caged up at the pound. But Bouncer's collar was still found at the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, neither Joe or Melanie can tell the dogs apart and Bouncer won't react when he's called!
Toby rushes up having been let out early from school. He recognises Bouncer straightaway. But the pound manager needs more proof, so Toby gets him to do some tricks like playing dead and crawling along the floor. The pound manager is finally convinced and lets Bouncer go. He's interested to hear that Bouncer is the owner of a bravery award he read about.
POUND MANAGER: I didn't realise I had such a celebrity on my hands!
Toby hugs Bouncer tightly.
Josh is in a bad mood chopping his salad and tells Lucy that Glen knows he knows about them. Lucy's upset to hear that Glen wasn't all that fussed and is "wrapped" in Gemma now. She tells Josh it was just a silly crush, but it's still clearly a lot more than that.
Madge tells Harold about Bouncer's exoneration. She's rather surprised to find camp rations for dinner - she wanted proper food! Harold says that's what he's going to be eating on his adventure course. Madge sits down to make the best of it and observes that it all looks very healthy(!)
Josh is off to bed, leaving Lucy to clean the plates. Lucy hears Glen and Gemma come into the kitchen and spies on them through the slats in the joining door. Eventually Gemma tells Glen she's a bit confused that he hasn't kissed her yet. He rectifies this immediately by going into a full-on pash. Lucy runs into her bedroom and throws herself on to the bed, crying.
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