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Neighbours Episode 1427 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1427
Australian airdate: 07/05/1991
UK airdate: 07/05/1992
UK Gold: 21/04/1998
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Dave (Slugger)
Cody tells Todd she wants him to be her "first"; she wants to show him how much she loves him. When Todd asks if she's sure, she says she is. They kiss.
Paul's beavering away in the kitchen, attending to Chrissie's every need. Chrissie is prodding away at some hideous-looking food, which is presumably the subject of her supposed craving. Adam and Caroline come in, all smiles, laden with bags, back from their weekend away. They both gush about how glorious it was. Caroline has got Chrissie a present: some gorgeous little booties for the baby-to-be. As the twins giggle, Adam leaves to attend his family crisis. Caroline sees him out with a kiss, lamenting their weekend has had to be cut short.
As Caroline bewails the fact that the Willises are leaving, Paul mutters that he wishes he could have helped, but it didn't make good business-sense.
CAROLINE: You're all heart, Paul.
Paul, changing the subject, goes off to order some Chinese takeaway. Chrissie is still discernibly flustered. She thanks Caroline for the booties, but says they are a bit premature. At this point, Caroline pulls a secret weapon out of her bag: sugared almonds, an Italian portent of pregnancy. A desperate Chrissie starts on the almonds atraight away!
Todd and Cody are moving boxes out of the bedroom in preparation for the move. The mood is somewhat awkward. Todd soon broaches the subject of sex. Both are obviously nervous, Cody more so. Todd has arranged for them to use Josh's garage. [Erm, not particularly romantic, but practical enough!] They both agree that this is going to be the most important night of their lives. Cody is anxious that Todd doesn't tell anyone. As Todd rushes out of the door he nearly bowls Adam over.
On the back of Adam's questions, Cody tells him she and Todd are going to spend the evening having a meal in Josh's garage. 'Aww, how romantic,' quips Adam in typically droll style, 'just you, Todd and the mice.' As they move into the food preparation area, of a very bare-looking No.28, Adam finds a note. It's from Doug and Pam inviting Cody and Adam to join them at the pub for leaving drinks. As Cody looks drained, Adam tells her not to fret, he'll make excuses for her. Cody and Adam hug.
Bench outside The Waterhole
Doug is delighted that Jim's providing the money for the guest-house, which will enable the willises to stay in Ramsay Street. He does, however, worry if Jim's not a little concerned about investing money in something he's never seen. Jim says he trusts Paul's judgement. Besides, he's pretty busy with his fuel-injection sketches. Doug can't wait to unpack, but says there's no rush. Pam doesn't share his laid-back approach: she desperately needs to get hold of her study-notes and Cody needs her school uniform. On the subject of uniforns and school, the topic of conversation turns to Dorothy. Doug rather blithely suggests that she is probably licking her wounds. Pam and Doug's concern is more profound. The curtains are drawn, and although Dot's made of stern stuff, Colin's behaved appallingly and she must be ever so hurt. Pam vows to give her a ring.
The lights are out, curtains drawn. From what we can see, the house looks very untidy. A miserable-looking Dorothy is slumped on the sofa in her dressing-gown. The phone rings but she doesn't answer it.
Chrissie is all butterflies, drinking orange-juice in the litchen. Paul is contentment personnified, watching TV as he eats his dinner. He hardly notices Caroline as she scurries down the stairs, talking of a book of "handy hints and favourite recipes" she bought whilst on holiday. She takes Chrissie into the laundry, saying she knows how Chrissie can get pregnant. As parsley is out of the question, it would appear that Chrissie's last chance is to "do it" on a full moon, which tonight conveniently is. The girls giggle as Chrissie says that can be arranged.
Adam knocks on the door. He refuses Paul's offer of dinner, but invites them all to the pub for leaving drinks. Caroline is keen, but her sister has another form of entertainment on her mind. She wants an "early night". Caroline jokes that having a baby obviously changes your attitude -she might have to try it herself. Paul -seemingly forgetting lovely Gail- can't believe such talk coming from a "career-woman". As Caroline and Adam leave, Chrissie tells them to wish Pam, Doug and Cody all the best. Paul notices that Chrissie isn't eating. She has a craving of a different kind on her mind though! They kiss.
Josh's Garage
So, Todd and Cody have planned to sleep together: this is the scene where it should come to fruition. It's very nervy and awkward, but quite sweet as well.
Todd's nervously reading the instructions on a condom packet. There's a mattress laid down, a single candle and a make-shift table set for dinner. There's a knock on the door: it's a distinctly nervous Cody. Todd welcomes her to "Cafe Liberage". Cody looks quite impressed -looking most pertinently at the scariest thing in the world...the mattress! Cody sits at the table as they attempt some stilted conversation. Cody says it must have cost a packet. She agrees with Todd that it's worth it though. After an awkward silence, Cody tells Todd to kiss her. They snog as romantic music plays. Todd pulls away, offering his lover cola, which it transpires is wine. Todd asks if Cody's hungry; she isn't. Todd, in a grossly cringeworthy moment, asks if she wants to eat 'now or after'. As the camera pans to the mattress it would appear Cody has her eyes set on the main course! 'After, I guess,' she mutters apprehensively. The audience can almost hear their nerves jangling as Todd shuffles over to kiss her.
TODD: Cody, are you sure you want to do this?
CODY: You know I do.
They snog , then get down on the mattress where the petting and fumbling ensues.
In a touching moment, they say they love each other. On that tenderest of notes, there's a knock at the door. They struggle to find their clothes and frantically try to conceal the mattress. Adam shouts for them to open up; when they do, they're very sheepish! Adam apologises for breaking up their soiree, in garish fashion. He tells them about the guest-house. Cody squeals with joy at the news that they are staying. Todd agrees that the news is "the best", but he's far less enthusiastic. Cody can't get out of the door quick enough as she accepts Adam's invitation to the pub. Todd declines the offer, in favour of locking up. As he's left alone he runs his fingers through his hair in sheer exasperation.
...shot of street...next morning...
Caroline's fully dressed; her twin's still in her nightie. Chrissie's not sure if the full moon worked but she's going to keep up with the almonds. Caroline suggests it might be time for some expert medical advice. Chrissie panics, anxious to ensure that nobody in the street knows she isn't pregnant. [Why they should seek such advice within the street is a mystery!] Caroline calms her; she'll ask Adam the form in a theoretcical sense. Paul catches the end of the conversation, wondering what Caroline is going to ask Adam. Caroline changes the subject, so as to throw Paul off the scent. Her choice of conversation isn't the most judicious, however. She brings up the subject of Jim buying in to the guest-house. This is obviously news to Paul -and it doesn't thrill him!
Todd's down-in-the-dumps after the previous night's let down. Jim's making breakfast. Josh has already gone to school. Lucy's in the shower. As Jim's going to Adelaide, Todd tells him to warn Katie off boys until she's much older! Jim chuckles, detecting the source of Todd's woes. As Todd leaves, he exchanges pleasantries with the incoming Paul.
Paul and Jim sit beside of the kitchen unit. Paul is perturbed to hear about their business partnership, wondering why he is the last to know. Ostensibly his main concern is the wisdom of the business deal. Jim says it makes good sense to him, suggesting that Paul's really upset because his old man is his business partner. He challenges Paul to buy him out, or become his partner with good grace.
PAUL: I hope you know what you're getting yourself into...partner.
They shake and laugh.
The birds are singing, but there's no sign of life as Pam, donning her nursing uniform, knocks on the door. Pam looks in the window but still there's no movement. Eventually Dorothy's face appears at the door. The rather tense convestaion which ensues alternates between Pam looking in, and just Dorothy's face peering out. Pam says she saw Dot's car outside; she hopes she hasn't packed Cody off to school needlessly. Dorothy says she's ill, hence her day off school. She refuses Pam's offers of help in a manner bordering on rude. Dorothy, no doubt embarrassed, and perhaps thinking Pam to be prying, says she can manage fine on her own.
Paul's Office
Caroline's sitting at the front desk, tapping away at her computer. Adam has bought her some flowers by way of apology for the shortened weekend. As Adam sits on Paul's desk, Caroline follows up her promise to Chrissie. She's got a "friend" -same build, state of health, diet as hers- who's thinking of getting pregnant. Adam gets his wires crossed thinking she's the one who wants a baby. He rushes out at the speed of light, making some excuse about Uni.
The Coffee Shop
Todd and Cody are sitting at a table, fiddling with straws. The atmosphere is tense.
TODD: About last night...
CODY: Sorry I ran out after all the trouble you went to.
TODD: Well, we can always try again.
CODY: [Amelia trying not to laugh] Let's not talk about that now, all right...everything's different.
TODD: Why? What's changed?
CODY: Don't give me a hard time.
TODD: I'm not, I just want to know where I stand.
CODY: I just want to go back to the way things were before.
TODD: What's happened has happened; we can't change that.
CODY: But nothing happened.
TODD: But it could have - that makes all the difference.
Throughout the exchange Todd gets increasingly agitated and a little aggressive. Cody becomes more and more exasperated.
Pam comes in, back from the hospital and the shops. Jim and Doug are talking about Jim's investment. Doug tells Pam that they'll have to take Doug up to the guest-house when he gets back from Adelaide. Pam, however, is more concerned about Dorothy. She recounts her visit to No.30. Doug takes it all as a bit of a joke, saying the change might not be a bad thing. Jim, on the other hand, seems to share Pam's genuine concern.
Paul's Office
Adam comes in to ask if he can have a 'kind of personal' word with Paul. He's bashful as he takes a seat. He says it's about his relationship with Caroline: they're rather fond of each other. Paul's sarcastic, thinking that to be entirely obvious. Adam says it's gone way beyond that. Paul says Adam's lost him and urges him to get to the point.
ADAM: Caroline wants a baby.
That stops Paul in his tracks. He takes a very serious tone, arguing that Adam must be joking: Caroline's not just about to chuck in her career to have a baby. Adam says he would agree, but they both heard the way she was talking to Chrissie last night. That, married with this morning's conversation, makes it abundantly clear. Paul's sole concern would appear to be Caroline leaving her job and the difficulty of finding a replacement!
Dorothy's got the door about a third of the way open; she's talking to Jim through the crack. He's angling to be invited inside. He says he wants to say goodbye before he goes to Adelaide. Dorothy says she won't let him, but he won't take 'no' for an answer. Jim follows her inside slowly. The place is a tip; the lights are off. Jim says he doesn't believe she's really ill, but locking herself away because of 'that toad', Colin. He says he's concerned about her, like the rest of her friends in Ramsay Street. 'Friends,' she says, 'I bet they are all laughing at poor, stupid, foolish, Dorothy.' She doesn't look at Jim; nor does she pay any attention to his protestations. She says she doesn't want his pretend concern: she wants him out of her house!
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