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Neighbours Episode 1426 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1426
Australian airdate: 06/05/91
UK airdate: 06/05/92
UK Gold: 20/04/98
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim and Helen are talking about the Willises house and how the recession is striking too close to home.
Todd storms in and says that Paul should have bought Doug out of the guesthouse, then none of this would have happened. Jim explains that the building trade is in a downturn, there's nothing anyone can do.
Christina is making a cup of coffee and Paul tells her off saying it's "bad for the baby". They chat about the business at the Waterhole and Christina reminds Paul that Melanie did him a favour - he and Madge would have argued forever otherwise. Paul is still worried about Rosemary and hopes she'll be gone from Erinsborough soon.
They sit down in the living room, but only for a minute before Christina drags him off to the bedroom for more sex(!)
Cody is refusing to go to Mount Isa and Pam tells her off - they have to stick together when times are tough. Cody stomps off to her room. Pam is packing stuff up and tells Doug that she doesn't want Adam to come with them to Mount Isa - his studies are too important. Pam still doesn't think that throwing their stuff into boxes and taking off is the right thing to do.
DOUG: It's not the end of the Earth!
PAM: Feels like it to me.
DOUG: It's my responsibility to get this family back on its feet and that's what I'm going to do.
Harold has been invited on an adventure training course for selected Scouting leaders - he'll get to go abseiling, climbing, learn survival techniques etc. Madge thinks it sounds a bit dangerous, but Harold says it's mainly for the Venture Scouts - guys in their late teens. Harold will just be supervising, he won't have to do anything dangerous. He immediately starts jotting down things he'll need to take. Madge asks him who'll run the Coffee Shop when he's away and Harold says he could ask Pam.
Todd is sitting up in the night drinking a glass of milk. Helen gets up for a glass of water and jumps to see Cody at the window. Todd lets her in. They sit at the kitchen table and talk about the move to Mount Isa. She's going to have to go. Todd wonders if he could go with her - he could ask his mum.
CODY: I can't believe this is happening.
TODD: Neither can I. I mean, we've been together so long, I just can't imagine it ending like this.
They hug.
CODY: I love you so much, Todd. What are we going to do?
No.26, the following morning
Helen wonders how Dorothy is feeling - she doesn't feel she can drop round because of Rosemary's involvement in recent events. Jim comes in from cycling and Todd goes off for a run looking very dejected.
Jim has been thinking about the Willises - he could forget the money for the alterations to the house and give the money to Doug instead. The cash was a bonus anyway - and the Willis familiy are sort of linked to them through Todd. And he's sure DOug will pay him back - he's a good neighbour.
Paul is lounging around reading the paper. He suggests going sailing today but Christina would rather watch a romantic movie. Paul thinks her pregnancy is weird - her morning sickness has ended quite quickly and she hasn't had any cravings yet. She claims she's had a craving for ice-cream with pickles. Paul says he'll compromise - he'll go into the office for a while and then get a "nice, smoochy video" for them to watch tonight.
Ramsay Street
Doug and Pam are looking at the caravan which is parked outside the house. Madge and Harold come over for a look while Jim takes Doug into the house. Harold asks Pam to take over at the Coffee Shop for a while and she's forced to admit that she won't be there.
Pam comes in. Jim is just broaching the subject of giving them a loan from his engine money. Pam is shocked and Doug says no straightaway.
DOUG: There's no way we can accept.
JIM: Well, you can pay me back when you get back on your feet.
DOUG: That might be quite a while.
JIM: That's fair enough, there's no hurry.
DOUG: Look, thanks, Jim, I really do appreciate it. But I really do think it'd be better to start over. And Mount Isa is a good place to do it.
JIM: Well, it's your decision of course. But couldn't the two of you at least talk it over - at least sleep on it?
DOUG: Thanks again. But we'll be right.
PAM: Doug?
JIM: Look, the offer's still open if you change your mind.
DOUG: We can't accept. But I won't forget that you were there for us, Jim.
Harold has deduced that the Willises are in deep trouble financially. Madge wonders if Vera could take over the Coffee Shop, but apparently she's working at a cake shop. Gemma is at the animal park and Helen is too busy with the art scholarship. He might ask her anyway though.
Cody is going over to say goodbye to Bianca and the others. They agree to meet up at the lake at 6.30pm. Jim comes in and tells Cody they'll all miss her a lot.
In the living room, Jim tells Helen he tried, but Doug has his pride. Helen wonders if Jim could couch the money into some sort of business deal - maybe Doug could accept it then.
Madge pops around to ask Helen about taking over at the Coffee Shop, but has forgotten about her ankle injury. She wonders who else she can ask.
Madge and Harold talk about the Coffee Shop - she's sure they can think of somebody. Harold says he can't leave the shop in the wrong hands after last time.
Paul has got a special treat for Christina - it's a bowl of icecream and pickles. Christina is nearly sick as she is forced to tuck in.
CHRISTINA: Mmmm...words can't describe it!
There's further news - Paul has bought her a month's supply(!) Yuk!
Most of the house is packed up. Pam admits that she was tempted to take Jim's money.
PAM: Oh, Doug. We had such dreams.
DOUG: Look, love, it's just a hiccup. We'll be back on top before we know it.
Jim and Helen come around. Jim explains that Helen has had a good idea - a business investment. Jim will buy out half of Doug's investment in the guesthouse. It'll be strictly business and Jim will get to invest his money into a good thing. Jim will get plenty of say as a partner.
DOUG: Half my share, you say? It's a goer.
PAM: Helen, you're a genius!
HELEN: Just don't like to lose good neighbours.
DOUG: Thanks mate.
JIM: Put it there, partner.
They shake hands on the deal.
Lassiter's Lake
Cody and Todd are sitting on a bench, depressed.
TODD: Cody, you know that I'll never forget you.
CODY: Todd...
TODD: Yeah.
CODY: I want to always remember *us*, you know?
TODD: Yeah. Well, I said I'd never forget you.
CODY: What we have is something special and...you're the one. I want you to be the one to share my first time.
Todd is shocked.
TODD: Are you sure?
Cody nods.
CODY: I want you to know how much I love you.
They kiss.
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