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Neighbours Episode 1423 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1423
Australian airdate: 01/05/91
UK airdate: 01/05/92
UK Gold: 15/4/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Colin Burke: Robert Alexander
Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
- "Back Of The Breadline" by Hunters And Collectors
- "Say Goodbye" by Indecent Obsession
- "50 Years" by Uncanny X-Men
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Glen and Lucy almost kiss.
No 26
Glen pulls away from the kiss at the last moment, just before their lips touch. Lucy says she doesn't understand why Glen has pulled away suddenly. What does he want? One minute he's leading her on... He replies that it's not him, it's her.
GLEN: What do you want, Lucy?
LUCY: I don't know.
GLEN: We'd both better make our minds up fast.
He rushes off.
Lucy answers the door to Rosemary, who sees that something is wrong with her.
Harold's making a trophy case, very loudly hammering. Madge is complaining but he keeps reminding her it's bad for her throat to talk. He hammers his thumb and races off. Gemma laughs as Madge tells her it's because if he's forced to swear he has to shout it into his pillow.
Gemma's a little down because she thinks she just pushed Adam and Caroline back together but insists she's not letting a broken almost-romance get the better of her.
Dorothy's moving some of her artefacts when Colin comes in and asks her why. She wants to make the house suitable for both of them and King Tut has to go under the house because Colin doesn't like him. She's excited about getting some James Morrison tickets for the following night, but he doesn't look so sure.
Colin's just gone into the bedroom when Rosemary arrives looking for Helen. She refuses Dorothy's offer of a drink. When Colin comes out, Dorothy tells him that he and Rosemary must meet some time as she's sure he'd like her.
Sky and Melanie show off Sky's new kindy outfit. Joe's working at Lassiter's and thinks he may be in Rosemary's good books because he accidentally spilled the beans about the hotel. They laugh at the idea of Paul being scared of a 'wicked step-aunt'.
They discuss the reports of a savage dog and say how silly they'd been to think it just could be Bouncer.
No 26
Lucy tells Josh nothing happened between her and Glen so he should stop stressing out. He's pleased when she asks flirtatiously if he'll walk to school with her.
While he gets his bag, Lucy and Glen apologise to one another for the previous night and decide they need to talk, so agree to meet back at home at lunchtime.
Joe's manoeuvred the ladder into place and climbed up, when a teenage boy who's been watching comes and fiddles with the paint and brush at the bottom. Joe yells, he backchats and they have an argument. The boy runs off after removing the ladder, leaving Joe stranded on the balcony. He's looking for a way to get in when he hears voices and sees Colin and Rosemary in the suite. Colin tells Rosemary how much he's missed her and they agree to meet at 6.30. To Joe's relief she sees Colin down to the foyer.
Harold's organising Madge to take action photos of him in his full pool regalia, to give to Toby.
No 26
Lucy tells Glen it didn't work when they tried staying away from one another. Knowing he's her brother doesn't make any difference to the way she feels. He imagines what it would do to the family so they both agree how very hard it is but feel they have to try hard to break out of this.
Hotel Office
Joe tells Melanie that he's shaken because he saw Rosemary Daniels with Colin - and it was no business meeting. Melanie thinks someone should tell Dorothy, but Joe reckons he's no 'kamikaze volunteer'
Harold's practising his pool strokes while Madge finishes up. madge complains about the smoke in her working conditions. Gemma wants to go to see a band that evening and Glen asks if she'd like to come with him. She's thrilled.
No 26
Lucy's not very pleased when Gemma calls and tells her she's going out with Glen that night, but agrees to help her find some earrings to match her dress.
Out in the street
Joe's thinking it's none of his busines as he sees Dorothy and Colin getting ready to go off their separate ways, Colin to a 'meeting' instead of to the concert with Dorothy.
But he confronts Colin who's pretty hostile. As he drives off, Joe tells him 'Dorothy will make sure your Casanova bit never works again.'
Dorothy asks Melanie what's going on and Melanie replies that Joe knows Colin's going off to meet a woman at Lassiter's. Dorothy's angry with her and apparently disbelieving, but she asks for the room-number and drives off to check.
Rosemary and Colin are already undressed and organising drinks to take to bed when there's a knock at the door. Rosemary answers it only to see Dorothy.
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