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Neighbours Episode 1424 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1424
Australian airdate: 02/05/91
UK airdate: 04/05/92
UK Gold: 16/4/98
Writer: Max Brown
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Colin Burke: Robert AlexanderRosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
- "Say It" by Big Pig
- "My Mistake" by Split Enz
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Rosemary opens the door to a scowling Dorothy
Rosemary says how pleased she is to see Dorothy and Dorothy begins to apologise for having the wrong room number when she catches a glimpse of the bedroom. She storms past Rosemary and speaks to Colin, who's cowering under the sheets, obviously with no clothes on, clutching a glass of champagne.
DOROTHY: Don't tell me, you fell in the swimming pool and you're waiting for your clothes to dry.
Rosemary asks whether they know one another and when Dorothy replies that it's her husband, Rosemary insists she didn't know. Dorothy says there's one too many in the room and leaves. Rosemary demands an explanation.
No 26
Harold and Madge call to pay the rent on the Coffee Shop, which clearly irritates Paul, who's hurriedly pulled on a dressing gown. Harold giggles as he says they've obviously called at an 'inconvenient moment' - Paul was obviously in bed. Madge starts to go on about her medical bills and the need for a more sophisticated air-conditioning unit. Harold supports her as she says that if she had better conditions her operation might not have been necessary. Paul insists that there will be no change, despite their insistence that the passive smoking there is a health hazard. Harold apologises for interrupting the er....but Madge has already left, saying Paul hasn't heard the last of it.
Hotel Room
Colin insists that he and Dorothy have only just got back together and he realised when he met Rosemary he didn't feel anything for her. As he makes all sorts of excuses, they argue and Rosemary insists he leaves, calling him a liar and refusing to listen to his plea that he has nowhere to go.
Willis house
Pam and Doug talk about their financial problems while she reads a letter from Brad in Los Angeles. He doesn't want her to take on work, but she can't anyway while the cab's off the road. She's looking forward to her nursing exams being over when their income will increase and he has the Robinson renovations to do but it may all be too late as the bank's being difficult and insisting on a lump sum payment now. he hugs her and says that in this way, they're practically millionaires.
Dorothy calls wanting to speak to both him and Melanie. Melanie's gone to work and he tries to put her off as he's nervous of what she'll say, but she thanks him and wants to apologise for doubting them both. He's very embarrassed throughout and says they'sort of care' about her as she's been good to them by speaking up for him in the custody battle for Sky and he'll never forget that. She goes off, very subdued, insisting when he asks that she's OK, but she obviously isn't.
No 26
Jim's happily opened his mail to find the cheque for his invention and tells Helen that he'll have enough left over from the renovations to do as she suggested and buy something frivolous for himself.
Rosemary arrives in a very depressed mood and is surprised that the Ramsay St grape vine has wilted and they don't know that her 'erstwhile lover' is Dorothy's husband. When Helen asks if Dorothy knows, Rosemary tells her that Dorothy walked in on them at the hotel last night. Helen says 'Oh no, poor Dorothy'.
Rosemary talks about feeling a fool but otherwise fine. Jim goes to the kitchen to talk to Doug about the renovations, leaving helen and Rosemary to agree that Colin certainly fooled them.
Madge tells Joe how sorry she feels for Dorothy but she doesn'think Rosemary would knowingly have an affai with Dorothy's husband and she plans to get the full story out of Helen. Paul, already a little angry, comes in to tell Madge that an irate guest has complained that she asked him to put out his cigarette and he sees a no smoking sign on the counter. He insists that she can't have a no-smoking area in a bar, but she just tells him the area around the counter is one already. Frustrated, he leaves, telling her the bar must be put back to how it was and he'll return to check.
No 26
Jim and Doug agree that the plan looks straightforward and they won't need an architect. Helen tells Rosemary it wouldn't be a good idea to talk to Dorothy and explain. Just then Dorothy arrives, very angry and the three have an argument because she won't believe that both Helen and Rosenmary didn't know what was going on.
ROSEMARY: If you didn't realise your husband was a liar and a cheat, how did you expect the rest of us to know?
Dorothy storms off.
Willis house
Joe calls looking for Doug and tells Pam he can't work out where Bouncer gets to. He mentions that his friend was very happy with Doug's work. He leaves when the phone rings.
Pam's a bit cold towards the caller at first but then starts to smile as it proceeds. She says 'That will be great, Mick' and beams as she hangs up.
Hotel office
Rosemary tells Paul something has come up and she's leaving for the states earlier than planned. She hasn't quite finished the report and won't respond when her tries to pump her for news of the content. Paul tells her how important the report is and the franchise will ensure the future of the hotel - she of all people should see how important that is. he's baffled when she says heavily that the way she feels at the moment she wouldn't care if Lassiter's burned to the ground.
Harold's helping out by putting ashtrays on the tables when Paul comes in and says to him that he's pleased to see that common sense has prevailed. Paul moves up to the bar and comments that he's pleased to see that this issue about no smoking seems to be over. Madge turns and he sees that she's wearing a gas-mask. He orders her to take it off immediately but her muffled voice refuses. He gives her an ultimatum - take it off or leave the premises, but she mutters something about union rules. Harold tries to suggest that she's going too far, but she argues that she's going to bring up the issue of smoking at the Municipal Council. If Paul wants strike action, that's what he'll get. Paul says between clenched teeth. 'You try - you just try'
Outside Dorothy's and in the house
Dorothy listens and moves slowly towards the window to close it when she hears Colin outside pleading for her to let him show how much she means to him. He insists he's changed and moves around looking for an entrance, even sticking his head through the pet door, demanding she open the door. She just stands impassively inside. Finally the door opens and he says 'Darling, I knew you'd come round' - but she throws a roughly packed suitcase of clothes at him, knocking him down the steps.
Willis House
Doug's telling Pam he's fed up because he had to listen to Jim talking about his money, but they agree he doesn't know about their problems. She tells him about Mick's call and they get very excited because he's coming round to pay them.
Dorothy looks down as Colin collects his scattered clothes. He's just yelling that he's not going until she's given him a chance to explain, when Jim arrives and tells him to go. He argues but Joe shows himself and the men escort him away.
Dorothy just watches very sadly through the window.
<<1423 - 1425>>
Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1424
Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1424
Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson

<<1423 - 1425>>
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