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Neighbours Episode 1383 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1383
Australian airdate: 06/03/91
UK airdate: 06/03/92
UK Gold: 18/02/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Aidan Devlin: Blake Collins
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gemma's ex, Aidan wants her back, and tells Glen he reckons he's still in with a chance.
Aidan, Matt, Joe, Toby and Sky are having breakfast that Melanie has left for them. The pancakes are rather horrible though(!) Doug pops around and Joe offers him a pancake(!) He bites into it and winces(!)
Doug tells Joe that Cody has recovered after the bushfire and wants to give Joe the money back for the alternator - he's got a hot tip for this afternoon. Joe tells him to forget horses - frog-racing's where it's at! There's a meeting at Lassiter's tonight.
JOE: Harry is a highly-trained amphibian.
They agree to meet up tonight.
Jim has brought Helen and Gemma some roses from his garden. He tells her he hasn't been getting on too well with Glen, but he'll keep trying. Helen invites Jim over for dinner tonight, but he's made other arrangements.
HELEN: Do I detect a mischievous gleam?
JIM: Oh, definitely.
He tells them he's spending the evening with Dorothy and Helen and Gemma laugh.
JIM: We're just two friendly neighbours with some time to kill!
HELEN and GEMMA: Oh, yes?!
JIM: Come on! Any thought of a romance between Dorothy and me is ludicrous!
They just keep laughing!
Dorothy is telling Ryan off for leaving military history books around the house. She tells him Jim is coming over for dinner and Ryan laughs.
RYAN: And will Jim be getting afters?!
Joe is doing a spot of digging and enlisting Bouncer's help(!) Doug comes over and say it's "dogs-ploitation"(!) They chat about the frog racing, and Doug reckons he's got his own frog challenger from his mate's pond. Joe's not worried though - he's intending to go into frog breeding too(!)
DOUG: See you at the track.
JOE: Right.
Bouncer is still digging.
Aidan and Gemma are looking through the paper for possible jobs for him. He tells her that he wants to find a place of his own to live soon - maybe a share house or something. Gemma suggests that he just stays with them at No.24 - they've got plenty of room. Aidan looks pleased.
Ryan comes in and finds Dorothy dressed in her dressing-gown and rollers. He's amazed at how much food she has made. He suggests letting him help out - he'll be her waiter. He's done the course and needs the practice in case he goes for a job.
RYAN: Unless you and Mr Robinson want to be...
DOROTHY: Not at all! I'm only too happy to have you as my slave. In fact, it'll be a nice finishing touch, having my own waiter.
Joe is giving his frog a pep-talk and telling him to breathe well. Toby tells Joe that if he can race him, so can he and tries to take Harry back. Joe is forced to admit that he's got money riding on Harry. Toby reluctantly allows Joe to race him, as long as he cuts him in. They negotiate 75%-25%!
Ryan answers the door to Jim, dressed in a waiters' uniform and bow tie. Jim is surprised to see Dorothy so dressed up and gives her a box of turkish delight. He's amazed at the trouble she has gone to to put together an Arabic meal and decor. She pours him a drink.
JIM: Salam!
JIM: I've seen it on the movies(!)
Matt tells Aidan that he doesn't have a problem about Aidan moving in with them, but they'll have to clear it with Madge when she gets back. Helen is off out, leaving Gemma to hang out with Aidan and Matt.
Jim and Dorothy are sitting on floor cushions and looking at some photos of Dorothy when she was travelling. She pours him another drink and he says it'll have to be his last. Ryan pours out some coffees, but spikes them with what looks like vodka. Then Dorothy gets up and puts some vodka in the coffees herself.
Gemma and Aidan are having an animated conversation about the past while Matt just sits bored in a corner. Eventually he decides to wander off home. Gemma decides to go to bed too. Aidan looks a bit disappointed.
Joe is taking bets on his frog and Doug advises him not to tell Paul about the frog-racing(!)
Helen comes in and they hastily cover the racing table with a cloth and Joe and some girls start dancing in front of it(!)
HELEN: What is Joe doing?!
DOUG: You know Joe, he's very sociable! Would you like a drink? We could have it in the beer garden! He bustles Helen off. In the confusion, Harry jumps out and climbs into Helen's mineral water.
HELEN: Ah...a new cocktail, I presume.
BARMAN:(desperately) We call it...Kermit.
She picks up the glass and Harry and carries him off to the lake. Joe begs her not to, but is forced to say goodbye to Harry rather than blow his cover.
JOE: Frog-napped!
Jim and Dorothy are still sitting on the floor cushions and seems rather drunk. Jim says that his lips are numb. Dorothy starts showing him some belly-dancing, and then puts some music on. They both start dancing while Ryan looks a bit embarrassed. Eventually they sit down again and have some more of Ryan's "strong black coffee"
Aidan has got up early to make Gemma a cooked breakfast. Matt comes in and says that Aidan has hidden talents(!) Aidan invites Matt to join them for breakfast, but he's rather put out.
Jim and Dorothy have both fallen asleep on the floor cushions. Ryan wakes Jim up and he is horrified to find that he has been there all night.
JIM: Oh, crikey!
<<1382 - 1384>>
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