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Neighbours Episode 1384 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1384
Australian airdate: 07/03/91
UK airdate: 09/03/92
UK Gold: 19/02/98
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim and Dorothy fall asleep after dinner. Jim is horrified to find himself still at No.30 in the morning!
Jim tries to retrieve his shoes, but unfortunately, Dorothy is lying on them, still asleep. He creeps out, rather sheepishly.
Ramsay Street
Jim creeps out of Dorothy's house half-dressed but unfortunately for him, Helen and Caroline happen to be having a chat in front of the Robinson house. He tries to hide, but they've seen him and come over.
HELEN: Jim! What on earth are you doing?!
JIM: I was just...
CAROLINE: Where are your shoes, Jim?
JIM: They must have...er...
HELEN: Are you alright, has anything happened?
JIM: No...er, no, I don't think so.
CAROLINE: You weren't attacked, were you? You hear of these things happening, but you never think it'll happen to anyone you know.
JIM: Attacked? No, I'm sure I wasn't attacked
HELEN: Then it was Dorothy?
JIM: Dorothy?
HELEN: Yes, well, you're leaving her house. I thought perhaps she was attacked, and she called you over for help...but you er...didn't have time to get dressed properly!
JIM: Look, I don't know what you're thinking, but whatever it is, it's not what you think!
To add to Jim's embarrassment, Melanie walks up the street.
MELANIE: Jim! Why didn't you tell us?! I think it's just fabulous, don't you think it's just the hottest?!
JIM: What's just the hottest?
MELANIE: You and Dorothy Burke! I think it's *fabulous* that you two have got together!
JIM:(stiffly) We didn't.
MELANIE: Come on, Jim, why else would you be leaving at this time of the morning?!
Jim rubs his head.
JIM: Melanie, could you possibly keep it down to a dull shriek?
MELANIE:(shouting) Why?! I think it's great!!
JIM: Well, it's not what you think.
CAROLINE: So you keep telling us.
JIM: It's the truth!
MELANIE: Come on, Jim, there's no need to be embarrassed, we're your friends, we're happy for you.
CAROLINE: Extremely happy. And look, whatever you want - fine by us.
JIM: What I want right now if to go and get some sleep, so if you don't mind, that's exactly what I'm going to do.
Jim stumbles off, leaving Caroline, Melanie and Helen giggling.
Cody has gone back to school. Caroline pops around to see Adam and Pam tells her that she's got her interview for the nurse re-training course today. Caroline suggests to Adam that he takes a study break to meet her for lunch, but he can't - he's doing rounds at the hospital with one of the doctors. He says he has to prioritise his studies at the moment and Caroline is not amused. She takes it as a personal insult and stomps off.
CAROLINE: Why don't you give me a call in two or three months time when you can find a window in your busy schedule?!
She stomps out.
Christina is on the phone to Paul and Melanie is on the sofa. Caroline storms in and rolls her eyes at the phone romance, telling Melanie that it makes her feel like throwing up. She tells her about Adam, blowing things out of all proportion. She doesn't think it's worth it - their relationship isn't going anywhere.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy sees Jim reversing out of the driveway (wasn't he meant to be getting some sleep?!) and goes over to him for a chat. Before she reaches him, he drives off and it's not clear if he saw her or not.
Dorothy comes around to see Helen, who smiles at her knowingly.
HELEN: Fun night?
DOROTHY: I had a great time! (rubbing her head) I wonder if I might have a glass of water, Helen?
Dorothy can't understand why she feels so bad this morning - maybe something went wrong with the herbs. If she wasn't sure what she'd had, she'd swear she had a hagover. Helen observes that Jim is in much the same condition.
DOROTHY: I have no idea what time it was when Jim left.
HELEN: Oh, I can tell you that, I saw him creeping home earlier this morning.
Dorothy lowers her glass of water in shock.
DOROTHY: He stayed all night?!
She says she can't really remember the last part of the evening, then start to laugh through her confusion.
DOROTHY: Oh, well, whatever happened, I haven't had such a good time since I don't know when. And it just proves one thing. There's life in the old girl yet! Here's to wantonness!
She and Helen chuckle together.
Adam is visiting a little boy who's in for an operation. He says he wants to be a test cricketer when he grows up. Adam has a look at his chart and sees the boy is in for an appendix operation. He tells the boy there's nothing to be scared of - he doesn't need to worry. But he's fed up because he's been dropped from the cricket team. Adam cheers him up a bit.
The Office
Caroline is still in a very bad mood and stomps off to the function room. Christina tells Melanie that she's had a great idea for the lyrebird logo - putting it on T-shirts, keyrings etc. Melanie isn't convinced - Paul knocked it on the head. But Christina reckons she can cut the costs and hopefully it'll all be done before Paul gets back from Chicago. She reckons she can easily talk Caroline into it.
Outside the Waterhole
Jim is sitting at a table wearing dark glasses. Helen is waitressing and giggles at him, and so does Christina, who wanders over. Jim really isn't feeling very well.
JIM:(grumpily) Typical of Ramsay Street, you can't keep anything secret!
He sees Dorothy coming and quickly runs off.
DOROTHY:(to Helen) Nifty little mover when he wants to be!
Helen explains that Jim is embarrassed - he's not sure what they actually did. Dorothy is pretty sure that they just fell asleep. She orders a black coffee.
Adam is visiting the boy (Andy) again - he's going off to surgery soon. Andy says he's a bit scared and Adam says that's perfectly natural. But when he wakes up he'll be all better with just a small scar. He's also brought Andy a cricket bat - maybe they could have a hit together when he gets out of hospital.
Pam comes along, having been to her nurse interview and Adam introduces her. Pam offers to sit with Andy for a little while, since Adam is busy with his rounds.
ADAM:(to Andy) Good luck with the operation, there's nothing to worry about, I promise.
The Office
Caroline comes back from sorting out the function room. She's had a very busy morning and will be glad when Paul gets back. Melanie gives her some cheques and letter to sign. Caroline picks up a cheque for T-shirts for the gift shop and isn't pleased that she wasn't consulted about it. Melanie tells her awkwardly that she and Christina are pulling her different ways.
CAROLINE: It is not difficult at all, Melanie,look, when Paul's away, I'm the one in charge around here - *not* Christina. So if she's got any more requests for the gift shop, you tell me about it first, OK?
Pam is waiting for Adam to come back from his rounds.
ADAM: Hi, how's he doing, is he out yet?
PAM: You haven't heard...
ADAM: Heard what?
PAM: Andy didn't survive the operation.
Adam is stunned.
ADAM: Didn't survive? No...that's impossible. It was a routine operation, it was a simple appendectomy.
PAM: There were...complications.
ADAM: It was his appendix, Mum, you don't die from having your appendix taken out.
PAM: It happens. Not very often, but there's a risk with any general anaesthetic, you know that.
Adam is speechless for a moment and goes into Andy's room. The bed is empty, with just the cricket bat left on it.
ADAM: What are they in this place, butchers or something?!
PAM: Adam, you know that isn't true. They did everything possible.
ADAM: Except keep the kid alive! I promised him he'd be alright. I lied to him.
He picks up the cricket bat
ADAM: He was a good kid. Didn't want much.
Ramsay Street
Jim arrives home, still wearing his dark glasses and practically runs into the house. But Dorothy is waiting on his front steps, holding his shoes. She accuses him of avoiding her and he admits he has been. He tells her awkwardly that he's ashamed of himself for letting things get out of hand, but Dorothy is almost sure that nothing happened.
JIM: I don't understand it, we didn't drink that much.
DOROTHY: We're both grown-ups, why all the fuss? I think it's a bit of a giggle, actually.
JIM: Well, I don't. Half the street's already sniggering about it.
DOROTHY: Well, let them, it's not the end of the world! And we certainly shouldn't let it interfere with our friendship.
JIM: I'm sorry, Dorothy, but if we go on seeing each other, even as friends, you know what this street's like. They'll have a field day.
DOROTHY:(starting to get cross) What are you saying? That we should cross to the other side of the street if we see each other?
JIM: No...
DOROTHY: Well, if you are, I think that's the silliest thing I've ever heard.
She pushes his shoes at him and walks off.
Christina is mad that Caroline refused to sign her cheque. Melanie tells her awkwardly that she has to report everything ordered to Caroline.
Caroline comes in at that moment in a really bad mood. Christina immediately tackles her about the cheque, but Caroline says she's already got more than enough stock. She goes off upstairs to get changed, saying that's the end of the matter.
Adam is very downcast about Andy's death. He's finding it very hard to accept - it never occurred to him that something like this could happen. Pam says it was just one of those things, there was nothing anyone could have done.
ADAM: He trusted me. I feel like I let him down.
Pam urges Adam to put what happened behind him, but Adam doesn't think he can. Doctors are supposed to be able to remain detatched, but he doesn't think that's possible.
ADAM: I'm going to have to go away for a while. Think about my future.
PAM: But Uni starts on Monday.
ADAM: I know...I know! But I'm not going back. I just can't hack going into a profession where people are going to die on me.
PAM: What about all the people you help?
ADAM: Oh, sure. What, like Bill lying there in agony after the fire. I just stood there and watched him - I froze. We're just going to have to face it, Mum. My medical career's finished.
He slopes off, very dejected.
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