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Neighbours Episode 1382 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1382
Australian airdate: 05/03/91
UK airdate: 05/03/92
UK Gold: 17/02/98
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Aidan Devlin: Blake Collins
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The Park
Jim and Dorothy are cycling and having a chat. Apparently they had a good time at the Archaeology Society Dinner-Dance but Jim had to save Dorothy from a keen geek(!)
Joe is making breakfast for Toby and Sky. Matt crawls out of bed in a bad mood and isn't impressed with Joe's cheerfulness. Joe tells Matt about the racing frogs and shows him the frogs. Matt isn't too keen on frog-racing.
Cody answers the door to Josh and Melissa - she's still coughing. Melissa really sympathises with Cody over her ordeal. Cody shows them her kitten.
Melissa and Josh tell Cody that the war on Mr Gibbs is over but don't tell her why. Apparently the elections for student council are today - but Cody won't be able to make it. She's confident of getting in again though.
Gemma is doing her leg exercises to music when there's a knock at the door - it's Aidan. He's come to see how his ex-girlfriend is doing as he's heard about the accident from Tom. He's brought her a present from Queensland - a fresh coconut! They reminisce about old times - they grew up together. He's thinking he might stay in Melbourne for good. Gemma is pleased.
Glen has fixed the sound system and is chatting to Joe. Apparently they need to get the takings up in the pub, and Glen thinks that satellite TV might do it - but Paul says it'll be too expensive. Joe suggests doing frog racing at the pub! He's not sure that Paul will go for it though, although there's no law against it. He suggests doing a trial race tonight to see how it goes.
Gemma and Aidan are hanging out and chatting about Aidan's job prospects. He's just going to see what happens, as there's no jobs up in Queensland. Matt comes in and is very surprised to see Aidan there. He looks at him with some suspicion and mentions the Valentine's card. Aidan says the card was just a running joke - he and Gemma have a competition to find the most revolting cards! Matt isn't pleased that Aidan is going to be hanging around for a while.
Jim is looking after Cody and worrying about Todd. Dorothy comes in with some schoolwork for Cody. Jim and Dorothy get talking about music and Cody looks at them, calculatingly.
Ramsay Street
Jim and Dorothy are continuing their conversation about music. Jim offers to lend her one of his albums.
As Dorothy drives away, Jim goes over to see what Joe is doing - he's making a frog-racing table! Joe shoves the frog down his shirt to hide him from Jim.
Melissa and Josh have called in on Cody after school. Josh says that maybe he could get his mother a kitten for Christmas. He asks Cody if he can give Smokey the kitten to his mother and she hands him over - Doug and Pam don't really want her to have him anyway. Josh heads off with the kitten in tow. Cody looks a bit fed up.
Aidan is going to stay over with Joe and Matt. He looks a bit confused at the frog-racing talk.
Josh and Melissa come back and tell Cody that Josh's mother loved Smokey. Cody looks rather upset. Josh and Melissa tell her that Debbie Langford beat Cody for student rep and Cody looks even more upset. She doesn't say a lot though.
The frog racing is getting underway. Aidan tells Joe that they need a race-caller and they volunteer Matt for the job. They all place their bets. Then the race starts. The frogs just sit there while Matt does the commentary(!) Finally the frogs start to move and Harold the frog wins! Everyone cheers.
Jim has brought Dorothy some albums. They are getting on very well and reminiscing about their old university days. Dorothy went on lots of protests back then, including one against Vietnam. Jim is surprised that Dorothy was a radical in her younger days, and asks her to tell him more. Dorothy says she could tell him over dinner tomorrow night if he likes.
Joe is doing very well in the frog-racing and the pub is full of excited punters. At the bar, Aidan orders some drinks from Glen and tells him that he used to go out with Gemma. She didn't exactly dump him, she just took up with Matt. Glen thinks Aidan is still keen on Gemma and wants her back. Aidan is forced to admit that Glen is right - and what's more he thinks he's still in with a chance with Gemma.
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