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Neighbours Episode 1381 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1381
Australian airdate: 04/03/91
UK airdate: 04/03/92
UK Gold: 16/02/98
Guests: Bernie Wenham: Robert Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe is shelling his and Toby's catch ready for dinner. Joe asks Toby what's in his bag that Toby doesn't want to show him. He's very curious, but Toby says Joe just has to trust him - there's nothing in the bag for Joe to worry about.
JOE: OK, I trust you.
A man comes to the door and introduces himself as Bernie Wenham. He's a travelling salesman and Ryan realises to his horror via a flashback that it's Virginia's husband - the woman he fixed the tap for. He tries to say he's not interested in encyclopedias, but Bernie barges his way in.
In the living room, Bernie takes Ryan through his whole spiel about his books.
The Bush
Pam and Doug are staggering through the smouldering bush, looking for Cody.
PAM: Oh, she'll be right. She's a resourceful little thing - always getting out of scrapes.
DOUG: I wish I'd never let her leave the house.
Just then, a fire engine approaches. Adam gets off it and his face is serious - they've had bad news from a helicopter: they've seen a body in the bush. They're not sure if it's Cody.
PAM: It's not Cody. I know it isn't.
DOUG: Of course it isn't.
PAM: It's not my little girl.
Bernie is still giving Ryan his spiel about the books and then asks Ryan what his job is. Ryan starts, and then evasively tells him that he's in "communications" and doesn't make much money. Bernie starts talking about his own job and how he hates leaving his wife alone - you never know who's going to crack on to her.
BERNIE: The last one was a young postman. If I ever catch up with him he won't be delivering any more letters! Both his legs will be broken. Now I reckon you'd like to sign up for these, wouldn't you. Wouldn't want to take the risk.
RYAN: Risk?
BERNIE:(dangerously) Of missing an opportunity like this.
RYAN: Yeah...I'll take them.
BERNIE: Good on ya mate. Very wise decision! Very wise!
Bernie obviously knows exactly who Ryan is.
Joe tastes one of the yabbies and proclaims it to be delicious. Bouncer doesn't seen to fancy one, though!
The Bush
Cody, Adam and Doug are still searching for Cody. Pam is beside herself with worry, but eventually agrees to find out who the body they found actually was.
Ryan is just signing the forms for the purchase of the encyclopedias. Bernie says he'll be around tomorrow with the books.
BERNIE: You know, you can learn a lot from military history. Knowing your enemy, when to attack. Striking at his weakest point. Manoeuvring so he ends up doing what you want him too.
RYAN: Yeah, sure.
BERNIE: By the way. You can keep the kimono if you like. The commission on the books will more than pay for a new one. But in future, you stay away from my wife or you'll be needing to read those chapters on military history. Because I'll be coming after you with heave artillery.
Toby has finally tasted the yabbies and loves them. Joe asks Toby about the contents of the bag again, but Toby doesn't want to reveal it. Joe is still obviously very curious though and keeps glancing at the bag.
The Bush
Doug comes across Cody's cap - burnt to a cinder. Pam starts to wail again.
Joe and Toby are washing up. When Toby is out of the room, Joe looks in Toby's bag and finds what looks like an expensive tin of lollies. Toby comes back and is disgusted with Joe. Joe slowly opens the tin and sees something that makes his eyes widen. He slams the lid shut again.
The Bush
Doug is telling Pam that Cody still might be alright. Pam thinks they should just face facts.
PAM: We'll just have to get through it. God knows how. A child becomes so much a part of you, you can't imagine...
But just then, Cody gets out of a nearby fire engine, still holding the kitten. Pam and Doug launch themselves on her.
CODY: Does anyone have any food?!
Toby is upset that Joe thought he had been stealing again. Joe apologises and Toby agrees to forgive and forget. Joe opens the tin again and there are two frogs inside the tin! Toby and Ben are having a go at frog racing. Apparently these two are champion racers - and Toby has named them Madge and Harold!
TOBY: I thought you might want me to get rid of them.
JOE: What, two frogs named after me in-laws? Which one's quicker, mate? Harry or Madge?
TOBY: Depends.
JOE: On what?
TOBY: On how they're feeling, I guess. Sometimes one wins, and sometimes the other. But it's always one of them - they're real champions.
JOE: Which one's Harry and which one's Madge?
TOBY: The fat one's Harold!
Joe suggests that they have a quick race and bet the washing up for a week on it.
The Hospital
Doug and Adam are a bit worried that Cody might have smoke inhalation - it can lead to pulmonary edema. Cody has gone for an X-ray and Doug looks very worried. Just then, a doctor comes up and tells them that Cody is fine - they can take her home as long as she comes in for a checkup tomorrow.
Joe and Toby are racing the frogs. Harold is doing well, but Madge is very slow.
TOBY: Madge just can't be in the mood.
JOE: Oh, ladies are like that sometimes, Tobe!
Toby is looking forward to racing the frogs for money at school tomorrow, but Joe says he mustn't gamble - that should be left to the adults. Joe looks very thoughtful though!
The Willises have arrived home. Cody tells them the story about her ordeal. Apparently when the fire came through she couldn't outrun it, so she had no choice but to get into the creek itself until the fire passed over. She coughed and coughed and the only thing she remembers after that is people pulling her out of the water. She's going to try to be a better kid from now on, she's been given a second chance.
CODY: I'm going to take a really good look at myself. I'm going to make myself a better person.
PAM: Oh, yeah(!)
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