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Neighbours Episode 1380 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1380
Australian airdate: 01/03/91
UK airdate: 03/03/92
UK Gold: 13/02/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy is on the phone to Winnie when Ryan creeps in in the dressing gown. Dorothy hangs up the phone to tackle Ryan. He tries to say the blokes at work did it at first, but then is forced to admit the truth.
RYAN: Look, my clothes got wet. I was trying to fix a tap for a lady I met on my rounds. But she forgot to turn the water off at the mains - so I got soaked. And then her husband came home early while my clothes were still drying.
DOROTHY:(laughing) Oh, come on Ryan, you can do better than that!
RYAN:(indignantly) It's the truth!
DOROTHY: And I suppose her husband was insanely jealous and built like a brick...powder room.
RYAN: Yes!
DOROTHY: Oh come on, I wasn't born yesterday. What really happened?
Ryan stomps off to his room.
Doug, Pam and Adam are watching the bushfire on the television. It doesn't look too good.
Doug comes in - Cody wasn't at the creek: she must have gone walkabout.
On the television, the fire has jumped nearer to the guesthouse - they can't get home until it passes.
In the wood
Cody is wandering around enjoying herself and comes across a kitten. The kitten is very nervous and suddenly she realises she can smell smoke. She doesn't realise it's a bushfire though.
Helen tells Jim that she gave someone too much change at the Coffee Shop today. She's put the money back from her own money. They chat about Todd and Jim is very worried about him.
Bill the caretaker is telling Pam that the guesthouse is in no immediate danger from the bushfire. Night has fallen and Cody is still missing. Doug and Adam come back, not having been able to find Cody. Doug heads back out with Bill.
In the wood
Cody is wandering through the wood, coughing from the smoke.
CODY:(to the kitten) Don't worry, Smokey. Daddy will find us!
Doug still hasn't found Cody and the firemen have sent him home - they'll keep an eye out for Cody.
Adam wakes Pam and Doug up to tell them that they have to get out - the fire is almost upon them. Doug says that the only thing they can do is stay indoors - there's no way out on the roads. Doug decides to go and find out if the fire brigade have seen Cody. He wraps himself in a blanket and heads off.
Coffee Shop
Jim comes in and tells Helen he's thought of a way of getting back the $50 - there's an excursion of 50 kids outside and their bus has broken down. Helen could whip up some sandwiches for them. Helen says she can't manage 50 rounds of sandwiches, but Ryan has come in and says he can get the supplies and do the sandwiches easily.
RYAN: Trust me, Mrs Daniels!
In the wood
Doug is looking for Cody, but he only finds Bill the caretaker. He's hurt his leg. Doug helps him back to the guesthouse.
The power has gone off now. Doug comes in with Bill. Adam says he can't help - he hasn't got as much as a first aid kit. Pam says they'll manage and starts ripping up sheets.
Coffee Shop
Ryan has lined up 100 slices of bread on a table. He set about buttering and putting honey, cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on the sandwiches. Helen looks a bit disgusted, but soon Ryan is cutting up the sandwiches with an electric carving knife!
RYAN: Ta-da!
HELEN:(genuinely impressed) Amazing!
Pam has attended to Bill's leg and they lie him down on a makeshift bed. Adam tells Pam that his mind went to jelly, but Pam says it's just experience. Adam promises never to tease her about "outdated" nursing skills again. They settle down to worry about Cody.
Jim has brought Dorothy a new chain for her bike - he's hoping that Dorothy will keep him company on his bike rides sometimes. Dorothy mentions that she's avoiding the archaeological dinner dance because she doesn't have a partner. Jim offers to come along with her. Dorothy agrees.
Coffee Shop
Ryan comes in with the money for the sandwiches - the kids loved Ryan's unusual combination of fillings! The sandwiches made $50. Helen tries to give Ryan $20 for his trouble, but he tells her to forget it - it was a favour. He says she might be able to help him with something though - his postie uniform. Could Helen collect it from a lady's house? Helen thinks the worst, and doesn't believe Ryan's tap story! She does let him write down the address though.
Jim comes in and tells Helen he's going to a dinner dance with Dorothy tonight, so he won't be there for dinner. Then he heads off.
HELEN: Jim and Dorothy!
RYAN: What have those two got in common?
HELEN: A great deal if you stop to think about it.
RYAN: They have?
HELEN: Yes, they could get along famously.
RYAN: You mean as a couple?!
RYAN: No, the evening's probably entirely sociable!
HELEN: Oh, totally sociable! Nothing at all to it!
She smiles, knowingly.
The fire has died down now. A fireman comes up and tells them that the fire is under control - but they haven't found Cody. But there's bad news - if Cody was at the creek, the fire went through there in a pretty big way - the whole gully was burnt out.
FIREMAN: I hate to say it, but anyone who got caught in the gully - they wouldn't have a chance.
Pam starts to wail.
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