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Neighbours Episode 1364 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1364
Australian airdate: 07/02/91
UK airdate: 10/02/92
UK Gold: 22/01/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug demands that Josh tells him where Todd is.
Josh's garage
Josh doesn't know where Todd is - he just met him at a station. He can't tell Doug which one - it's "a matter of honour". Doug says his loyalties are misguided and they'll just have to see what Jim says.
Matt has just taken Gemma out for a drive. Madge tells them that she thinks Harold is avoiding her.
Harold comes in as Matt is leaving and he's very stand-offish with Madge and goes off to bed. Madge and Gemma are puzzled by his behaviour.
Matt has popped in to see Joe. He shows Matt the phone-bill which is huge. Matt has a look at it and says there's a lot of 00 phone numbers on the list. He says he'll have a word with Melanie about it.
Doug is ranting that Josh wouldn't tell him where Todd was.
The phone rings and Cody answers it - it's Todd himself! Cody pretends it's Melissa on the phone until Doug and Pam have gone into their bedroom. Then she switches to nagging Todd to tell her where he is. Eventually he gives her his address so she can write to him - "The Centurion Hotel, Main Street, Hillborough". Pam comes back in so Cody quickly puts the phone down. Cody almost lets something slip about Todd, but covers quickly.
Joe and Toby are playing Scrabble.
TOBY: O-U-G-H-T-N-A? That's not a word!
JOE: Course it is, mate! I'm always saying that to you - 'You oughtna done this, you oughtna done that'
TOBY: Well, it's not spelt that way.
JOE: How would you spell it?
JOE: Don't you know anything? That's how you spell OUGHTNA!
Matt comes back - Melanie has no ideas about the phone bill. Suddenly Toby looks very guilty and admits he's been ringing some numbers, just for fun.
JOE: Fun?! Fun that costs a fortune, mate, there's a couple of hundred bucks here! You oughtna done it Toby! You most definitely oughtna - and I don't care how you spell it!
Pam is changing Gemma's dressings. When Pam has gone, Harold goes straight to bed. Gemma suggests that Madge just asks Harold what's going on.
Joe and Matt are playing Scrabble now. Toby apologises about the phone calls - it was a number to hear a new joke every day. Joe gives Toby a hug and asks him to check with him before making calls in future.
MATT: I'd better be off then.
JOE: Aren't you going to finish the game?
MATT: Well, I really oughtna stay, know what I'm saying?
Joe asks Toby for the phone number for the joke line(!)
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Josh is chatting to Harold - he's hoping to get a job as a waiter soon. Doug comes in and corners Josh - he tells him he's going to talk to Jim soon. He suggests Josh talks to Jim first.
Madge has put on a face pack and is preparing for a romantic evening with Harold. Pam comes round and is surprised to hear that Harold is being cool and distant. Madge thinks Harold has lost interest in her.
Cody and Melissa are discussing Todd. Cody suddenly gets worried that Todd has met someone else.
A Park somewhere
Todd is walking through a park alone looking fed up. He takes out Cody's letter and reads it for the umpteenth time.
Madge is dressed up in a purple suit and jewellery. She's made a lovely dinner for them.
Harold comes in and Harold barely notices that Madge is dressed up.
GEMMA: Doesn't Aunty Madge look wonderful?
HAROLD:(without looking) Yes, yes, very nice.
He walks off leaving Madge in despair.
Pam has dressed up too and is waiting for Doug in a green suit. Doug is much more enthusiastic than Harold and is very pleased. He suggests that they go out for dinner - after all, they've had a rough time lately.
Matt gives Joe money for his share of the phone bill.
JOE: Thanks mate. All I have to do now is mortgage the house - that should cover Toby's calls!
Joe tells Matt that he rang the joke line last night and it was great - a really good laugh.
Josh's garage
Josh is really worried that Jim is going to kill him. Cody and Melissa think Josh should follow Doug's suggestion and go to see Jim first. Josh wishes that he could find Todd and Cody looks very guilty - she's the only one that knows Todd's address. She doesn't say anything.
Matt and Gemma have joined Madge and Harold for dinner. There's a bit of an atmosphere around the table. When Matt and Gemma have gone, Madge tackles Harold about what's wrong. He says that he's been feeling a little off-colour and wants to go and sleep in the spare room.
<<1363 - 1365>>
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