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Neighbours Episode 1365 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1365
Australian airdate: 08/02/91
UK airdate: 11/02/92
UK Gold: 23/01/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Matt comes round to see Joe. He tells him that Madge and Harold are fighting.
JOE: It'll be nothing serious mate, you know Harold. Madge probably forgot to dust the tomatoes or spin dry the cucumbers or something!
He invites Matt to join him for a few crisps. Joe chats to Matt about the calls Toby has been making - most of them were joke or insult lines, but one was a sex line talking about G-spots! Matt doesn't think it's too serious, Toby was probably bored by the stuff on the line. However, Toby has rung the line a few times and for several minutes at a time. He's thinks he'd better have a chat to Toby about it.
Adam is watching telly when Pam and Doug come in. They have had a wonderful time and are laughing about Pam taking a stranger's arm by accident. Adam thinks they should go out on dates more often - or better yet, on a real holiday. Pam looks thoughtful and says that there might be some money left from the sale of the land up the coast. Maybe they could even visit the relatives in Wales!
Robinsons, the following morning
Jim is still trying to track down Catherine Hennessey. He's managed to get her married name already - Simpson. But even in one area that's still an awful lot of people to call!
Paul comes in - he's in a very good mood. He's come to ask Helen's advice on a gift for the best man.
Harold is being very cold with Madge again. She is exasperated and makes him sit down.
MADGE: Harold, what's wrong? Why this sudden coldness? Why the separate rooms last night.
HAROLD: (silence)
HAROLD: ...Alright.
He says that he's been looking through Scott's papers and amongst them he found a letter that Madge wrote to her mother, shortly after she married Fred.
HAROLD: 'I think about Fred all the time, when I'm away from him nothing else matter except when I'll be with him again. He is the most exciting man I've ever known. Thank heaven...'
MADGE: So this is what it's all about, it it? You're jealous of a letter I wrote nearly thirty years ago? Good heavens, Harold, I was a silly kid!
HAROLD: I would like to finish. 'Thank heaven I waited for Fred. When Harold Bishop proposed, I might have said yes. Talk about settling for second best'
MADGE: Harold, that wasn't me, that was a totally different person.
But Harold is very hurt and walks out of the front door.
Joe is tackling Toby about the 00 phone lines. He asks him about the "puberty" line and Toby said it didn't say anything much. He runs off with Bouncer.
Pam has come to discuss holiday destinations with Dorothy. As Dorothy has travelled the globe, Pam thought she might be able to help out. They're thinking about a 6 week trip and calling in on the relatives in Wales.
PAM:(in a Welsh accent) I may be Australian, but I've always wanted to visit the valleys and catch up with the side of the family!
Apparently Pam's grandmother was Welsh and she picked the accent up from her.
DOROTHY: Do you speak any Welsh?
PAM: Oooh...a bit. Um...Wyt ti eisiau paned o de? - Would you like a cup of tea?
DOROTHY: I'd love one!
Dorothy goes to put the kettle on and asks Pam to teach her a little Welsh.
Coffee Shop
Doug, Adam and Matt are having lunch. Doug's telling Adam about a huge project he's got lined up. Paul comes in and tells Doug that he's got the deal on the guesthouse. The cost projections look good and Paul intends to market it as "Lassiter's Mountain Lodge". Doug will do the renovations himself based on his share in the business - but there's just one snag - he will have to fit it around his paying jobs, so it may take longer to finish. It could take up to a year. Paul doesn't think that's a problem - they can build up the marketing in the meantime. Doug is very pleased and says he'll get the money to Paul soon - they've just sold a plot of land up the coast.
DOUG: Wait until Pam hears about this! She's going to be knocked out!
Joe is pouring over the phonebill again when Matt comes in. Matt says that maybe Joe is taking things a bit seriously, but some of them are not good - teen trouble, prostate trouble, unwanted hair etc. After ringing some of the lines Joe is a bit worried himself - in fact, he's made an appointment with his doctor(!)
MATT: What's wrong with you?
JOE: Never you mind. What's between a bloke and his doctor's confidential.
Matt laughs at Joe and tells him that the next phone bill will be just as big at this rate. Joe looks horrified and slams the phone down.
Harold has finally returned. Madge asks him to come and sit down. She says she was just a silly teenager with stars in her eyes back then - she thought Fred was like a film star or a rock star - Mr Wonderful. It had nothing to do with real love. She's a grown-up woman now and knows what matters - Harold has integrity and humanity: Fred had none of those things.
HAROLD: Respect is one thing, Madge. Love is another.
MADGE: I respect you for those things of course, but I love the man they make you! Harold, if anything happened to you I would be devastated.
HAROLD: On the existing evidence, that does not seem very likely!
MADGE: I would - it's the truth! Now, listen, when you were first with Mavis, when you were younger, didn't you have that youthful passion? I mean, different to what we have now?
HAROLD: I suppose so.
MADGE: Well, there you go! We both felt like that about other people in our lives.
HAROLD: Well, no, there is a difference! I never thought of you as second best!
MADGE: It was stupid and wrong, I agree. But when I was young I valued superficial things - the car, the hairstyle, the smart talk! Harold, six months after I married Fred I knew I'd made a blunder. Now, I've been married to you a lot longer than that and I've never regretted one day of it!
HAROLD: Alright, alright, so now you've changed! But back then I knew Fred was superficial and I've not changed my mind. OK, fine. Now you've narrowed your horizons, you've trimmed your sails. But that doesn't make it a compliment for me.
He stalks off to his room.
Dorothy and Helen are chatting about travel. Jim tells Helen he's going out for a while - he's managed to get an address for Catherine Simpson. Dorothy is very interested in Jim's efforts but Helen is reluctant to say anything.
Pam is really excited about her and Doug's trip and has got a load of brochures from the travel agent. Then Doug come in and tells her excitedly that he's going into business with Paul for the guesthouse deal. He's been to the bank and there'll be no problem with the finance. Pam is upset about the holiday - she's been waiting long enough and can't wait another year. Doug is horrified and says he's already committed the funds and shaken on the deal. Pam is not amused.
Harold is sulking in the living room (for goodness sake!). Madge snatched the paper out of his hand but it's like talking to a brick wall.
Catherine Simpson's house
Jim rings the bell. Catherine Simpson herself opens the door. Jim explains that he's looking for a nurse that served with Maureen Donnelly in Vietnam.
CATHERINE: Could you tell me who you are and what this is about?
JIM: Oh, I'm sorry. My name's Jim Robinson.
CATHERINE:(shocked) Ohhh! I think you'd better come inside.
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