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Neighbours Episode 1363 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1363
Australian airdate: 06/02/91
UK airdate: 07/02/92
UK Gold: 21/01/98
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Melanie tells Christina that Madame Zolga has predicted disaster for her and Paul's wedding.
Coffee Shop
Christina looks uneasy, but tries laugh off the news. Melanie informs her solemnly that astrology is an ancient science that they must listen to. Christina refuses to break off her engagement on the basis of planetary alignment. She looks worried though.
Josh's garage
Josh is setting up a rigged proximity detector so he can detect when his parents are approaching the garage(!) The phone rings and it's Todd! Josh is very shocked to hear from him. He tells him that he can't ring Cody because her parents keep answering. Melissa grabs the phone and tries to get Todd to come home. He tells them that he's got a job as a kitchen-hand in a pub. Josh wants to come and visit him but Todd says it's a couple of hours away by train. Josh says they're on holiday, so they can just tell their parents that they're going to the beach or something. Todd finally agrees but says that only Josh can come - not Melissa or Cody.
The Office
Christina comes in and tells Paul about the horrific horoscope reading. Paul laughs and says it's a load of rubbish but Christina isn't so sure - she feels like their marriage is jinxed.
Melissa comes round to tell Cody that Todd has been in touch with Josh. Cody is excited but she can't go with Josh because she has a dental appointment. Cody decides to write Todd a letter - Josh can take it with him.
The Office
Paul calls Melanie in and tells her off for upsetting Christina. Caroline suddenly realised that Melanie has got things wrong - Christina is a Scorpio, not a Libra. It seems that Caroline and Christina were born on different sides of a star-sign boundary. They're only separated by twenty-five minutes, but they still have different star-signs. Melanie says she'll have to go back to Madame Zolga to get a new chart drawn up!
Willises (outside)
Cody gives Josh the letter and makes him promise to make Todd come home. Doug overhears Cody saying, "Tell Todd that I love him!"
Doug comes into the house and tells Adam what he's overheard. When Cody comes in he demands to know if she knows where Todd is. She has to admit that Josh does - although not really, he only knows the nearby station. Doug says he's going to follow Josh and try to talk some sense into Todd.
Caroline and Christina come home and find a large box on the table. It contains her mother's wedding dress. Christina is horrified - she doesn't want to wear the family dress, she likes her own dress. Adam comes in and can't see the problem - the family dress is lovely. She decides she'll have a look at it. Caroline goes to change into it - being a twin is like having a portable mirror(!)
Train Station
Doug runs in and sees Josh waiting on a platform. He quickly runs down the underpass as the train approaches. The ticket inspector stops him however and the train pulls away without Doug.
DOUG: Thanks a lot(!)
Caroline is wearing the wedding dress and Christina admits that it does look very nice. I don't think so though, it's massive, and right up to the neck. Adam thinks Caroline looks great in the dress and they kiss. Just then Paul comes in, sees the dress and thinks it's Christina kissing Adam(!)
The twins are laughing over Paul's mistake. But the problem is solved - it's bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding, so she'll just have to go with the dress she ordered.
Cody is looking in her mouth with a torch. She's worried about Doug going after Josh.
Train Station somewhere
Josh and Todd have met up. Josh tells him that Cody really wants him to come home. Todd says he can't come home now, particularly after the stolen car incident. He'll just have to quit school. Josh tells him that he can't just give up his education - it would be a lot easier to come back to Erinsborough, and they can sort everything out. Todd is also worried about Jim sending him back to Adelaide. Josh says even Adelaide is a better option than being on the run.
JOSH: Please, just come back with me.
TODD: Look, I can't, Josh!
JOSH: What'll I tell Cody?
TODD: Just...just tell her I love her. I'll write to her too, I'll send the letters to your place though.
Josh's train pulls in and he shakes Todd's hand.
JOSH: Good luck, buddy.
Melanie comes round all full of beans - Madame Zolga's new horoscope for Paul and Christina is very good. Melanie has found a bridesmaid dress that she thinks is suitable, and so has Caroline. They show their choices to Christina and it turns out that they've picked the same dress! (What are the chances?!)
Josh's garage
Josh opens the door to find Doug sitting in there. He tells Josh that he followed him to the railway station.
DOUG: This has gone on too long. You know where Todd is. And you're going to tell me. Now.
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